Roulette The Most Popular Casino Game in 21st Century

Some of you may know this game, some of you may also play it. However, do you ever think what actually this casino game is? If you still try to find the explanation, then follow this explanation provided by GGPLAY. Make sure you read it slowly, because it’s not only explanation, but also a guidance.

What is Roulette?

Roulette, its coming from French means little wheel, a gamble that a player bets in a compartment with red or black number of spinning wheel. Some people call it a small ball (spun around to which it turns) can stop in it.

Bets are placed on the table followed by the wheel compartment. This game is one of the most played in any casino in the world. The game itself is a banking game, and the bets are placed against the bank.

As a big stakes game, its popularity has been replaced in the United States and some of the Caribbean islands by someone, especially craps, blackjack, and poker.

Sensational accounts of casino game's origins include its discovery by the 17th century French mathematician Blaise Pascal, with French monks, and by the Chinese, who were reportedly sent to France by Dominican monks.

In fact, the casino game is originated in France in early 18th century from the hoca and portique. Therefore, it is first said to have its present “name” in 1716 in Bordeaux.

Following several modifications, casino game reached the layout and arrangement of the wheels that are currently around 1790, after that it quickly gained a position as a game, especially in European casinos and gambling houses. Between 1836 and 1933, casino game was not allowed in France.


The casino game table consists of 2 sides, the wheel and the betting layout, better known as the casino game layout. There are two types of casino game tables.

One game has a one-bet layout with a casino game at one end. The other has two layouts with a wheel in the middle. The wheel rotates horizontally in online betting.

The upside of the layout design made on green baize is the room that holds the numbers 0 (European type) or the numbers 0 and 00 (American type, although wheels were also used in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries).

The main part of the design is divided into 36 rectangular rooms with sequential numbers, alternating red and black colors and arranged in three columns of 12 rooms each, starting with 1 on the top side and ending with 36 on the bottom side of online betting.

Matched under the numbers there are three empty spaces (in some layouts this is followed by "2 to 1" and is next to the player's table). On these two sides or as far as one side of the column is a rectangular room followed by "1st 12", "2nd 12", and "3rd 12" in the American layout.

In European, these meanings are 12p, 12m, and 12d. Six spaces return followed by red (pink), black (noir), even (pair), odd (damage), 1-18 (low, or manque), and 19-36 (high, or pass).

Where Roulette is Originated?

The Casino game wheel is met by a French physicist, inventor, and mathematician who goes by the name Blaise Pascal. Previously, Pascal did not try to make casino games. In 1655, Pascal tried to build a perpetual motion machine.

A perpetual motion machine is a machine that works without drawing energy from an external source. The laws of physics say it can't be, but being an inventor, Pascal attempted to challenge the odds. The trial didn't work, but the process gave birth to one of the most popular casino games of all time.

Add 0 Version

The happy reality, 0 was not on the Casino game wheel until the middle of the 19th century. The This casino game wheel that Pascal invented has remained the same throughout the years.

It all changed in 1842, when Francois and Lois Blanc devised a This casino game wheel with a single 0 on it, private to King Charles III of Monaco. This is a big deal because adding 0 gives the house the advantage of the bigger house.

With his empire facing some financial problems, Charles formed a casino and brought the This casino game wheel to the masses. The wheel generated a lot of revenue for Monaco, and quickly became an important icon for Monte Carlo's high-class gambling culture in online betting.

In addition, the single 0 This casino game wheel hit the market at the same time that France banned gambling, making Monte Carlo even more popular when playing online betting.

Coming to America

Casino game cannot be separated from American consequences. In the 1800s, Casino game crossed the ocean and headed for the US coast. To give the house an even bigger advantage, 0 doubles are added to the Casino game wheel. So it meanw that instead of 37 numbers, American  can have 38 numbers.

Chinese Conspiracy

Many people believe this game is based on an ancient Chinese board that involved 37 animal statues into magic squares for a total of 666 number.

Unfortunately, no one has been able to get detailed info on how the original Chinese game was played. Many monks are thought to have changed the layout, turning squares into circles and adding private slots for the number 0.

The problem with this story is that if French casino game first had slots 0 and 0 double - then all the 'ancient Chinese game' theories are probably incorrect. However, it's absolutely true that the number on the modern casino game wheel is 666 - which is pretty vague.

Killing Time in Rome

Shield Used as a Gambling Tool Being a soldier in ancient Rome was not a happy task from any point of view.

Despite their short life expectancy, they also have to deal with seeing their comrades and friends relentlessly injured and killed in battle. This is more than enough to lower the personality of some soldiers, thus reducing their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Ancient Greeks

The Greek army had a fair gamble to try without dodging arrows and spears. One particular game is very similar to modern casino game.

Soldiers would draw an icon on the inside of the shield, then place it downwards on the ground and place an arrow beside it. Then they will spin the shield and bet on which icon will stop in front of the arrow.

How Roulette Works?

The casino game wheel consists of a rotating disc with the sides around it rotating around the bottom of the bowl. A ball is rotated around the outside of the bowl until finally the ball and the wheel stop with the ball in one of the sectors.

The divisions around the wheel are numbered from 1 to 36 in a seemingly random scheme alternating red and black. Not only that, there is a green sector with the number 0.

On the American table there is only the second extra green sector which is allegedly 00 and the following large number which makes roulette vs America a worse assumption financially than the European game of online betting.

Before rolling the ball, people place bets on numbers that can be seen by placing chips on the betting mat, the exact area of ​​the chip that proves the bet made.

Casino games are of French origin, and at traditional tables, the French meaning is still used in both English-speaking and betting rooms.

However, in most US tables, slightly dissimilar English meanings and pedestal styles are used. GGPLAY provides you the much easier way to understand abput how to play the game.

Roulette Betting

Much of the interest in Casino game comes from the number of different bets that can be made and the associated odds. The basic bet is the same for all modern forms of Casino game. Here is a list of all available bets classified by odds regarding the bet (both English and French meanings listed):


Red/Red: red numbers, Black/Noir: black numbers, Even/Pairs: even numbers, Odd/Odd: odd numbers.

Low stakes / Manque: numbers 1 - 18 (Manque is French for "not successful" and is used because the ball does not cross 18).

High stakes / Passes: numbers 19 - 36 (Passe is named so because it has "crossed" the midpoint).

2 to 1

First dozen / Premiere douzaine: numbers 1 - 12 (On the French-dressed pedestal, box marked 12P).

Middle dozen / Moyenne douzaine: numbers 13 - 24 (On French-look pedestal, box marked 12M).

The last dozen / Dernier douzaine: numbers 25 - 36 (On French-look pedestal, box marked 12D).

Column bets / Colonne: 12-digit column (Private box at the end of one of the three twelve-digit columns).

Longer Betting

5 to 1-Line Bet / Sixain: 6 numbers (bet on the cross edge of 2 rows of 3 numbers and bet on those 2 columns).

8-to-1-angle / race bet: 4 numbers (bet on a 4-digit square cross).

11 to 1-single or cross street / race bet: 3 number lines (1/2 of the line will end up in a 3 digit uninsured column).

17 to 1: split bet / and square: some numbers (bet on the line that divides the two numbers that can be insured. 35 to 1: straight / and square: one number (bet on the box, The correct number. Bet allowed at zero)

Bets on numbers 6 or less are called "inside bets". Bets on 12 or more numbers are referred to as external bets.

Types of Roulette

The types of this game itself come across the world and so many versions. Here GGPLAY will give you the elaboration.


You know that, you're familiar with the rules, and you've accepted casino game vs America as the standard. To be fair, it's not a bad alternative.

In terms of all the games available in most casinos, regular casino game is one of the top choices in terms of odds and low house advantages. However, when you factor in the online options, it doesn't look that appealing.

Just because it's a good alternative doesn't mean it's the best there is. First, GGPLAY can examine in detail this vs. personal casino game.


European is not much different from American Table game, but there is one particular discrepancy. The argument against the European game being more popular among the gambler group is because the house advantage is half over what is in its American counterpart.

Unlike American table game which has 38 pockets total, including two 0's, European table game has 37 pockets and only 1 single 0 area.

Double Ball

The first time it was in Vegas, double ball table game took the treatment up a few levels, you guessed it, tossed another little white ball to match.

This game actually started as an experiment by the casino (only a few who had peddled it). The idea is that it provides a bit more fun than the standard vs. game, and that it can attract new players to give it a try.

The game is usually played on a European wheel, which means that the low house edge seen in European table game is also applied to double ball table game.


Instead of betting on just one ball and wheel combination, you get eight wheels for betting at once in roulette. Now, one major point to pay attention to is that you place the same bet across the active wheels, so you don't make eight bets per spin, which gets really intense after a few spins.


Real money table game has a relatively low house edge. For casinos, that means they have to keep betting players on more turns to get the betting volume needed to make good profits. This is the philosophy behind the slot machine industry which is low-key, but really profitable.

Fast table game is different from the traditional setting of peddling video games - or at least some players place their bets on the video board.

The wheel is not virtual, and there may or may not be a real person spinning it all the time. In some cases, the ball can be ejected electronically, even if it touches the steering wheel, it is free to go anywhere.


This game, which is as functional as it sounds, includes a familiar table game system but on a 13-number wheel instead of the standard 37 (for Europe) or 38 (for America).

One thing that should be noted that makes mini-tables a bit different, except for their shrinking numbers, is the fact that bets that don't cover 0 can only lose by half if the ball finishes with 0. In regular table game, you can lose everything.

Basic Rules on Playing Roulette

Before each spin, players have the opportunity to place bets around the casino table. Players can bet on personal numbers or most combinations of numbers.

After the ball lands on the bag and stops there, the dealer can call the winning number and the color of the bag from which the ball came out.

The marker is usually used to cover winning bets, then all losing bets can be removed from the table. The dealer can pay all winning bets and, after all payments are complete, players can place bets for the next round.

Basic Game

How you decide to play table game can depend on several factors, at least your money and your betting strategy. Simply put, if you don't have a few things to play with, it wouldn't be wise to risk a large amount of your money altogether: if you think the table game wheel can't come up with red 5 times in a row, you've never played table game.

In other words, don't rely on specific bets that come in 'sooner than later'. This may sound obvious, but remember that the results of a specific wheel turning are not swayed by anything that ended in the beginning.

Placing Bet

If you play table game in a casino, there are all kinds of betting rooms where you can place your chips. One of the things that limits you is the number of chips and the available space.

If there are several players participating, it may be difficult to physically find space to position your chips. You are free from everything when you play at an online casino, be it virtual table game or live dealer games.

Calculating Chances

There are basically two types of bets you can place on table game: inside and outside. Outside bets have a bigger chance of success because your odds are closer to 50/50, while inside bets have a bigger chance but the impact is bigger.

If you've heard stories about people peddling all their possessions, traveling to Vegas and putting everything on the spin of the table game wheel, you can bet that they positioned everything in black or red.

As an option, they can bet on Even/Odds or 1 to 18/19 to 36 (also known as High or Low), which will provide odds similar to red or black, but are seen as less romantic. 'All on black' sounds louder.

Other bets you can place are 1st Dozen, 2nd Dozen or 3rd Dozen, which offer 2 to 1 odds, according to which you can be offered Column 1, Column 2, Column 3.

Six lines are six two-line numbers, corners are four numbers in a block, and streets are three horizontal numbers.

Basket is 0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, 3 and Split are two vertical or horizontal numbers, the odds of which will go at 17 to 1. That leaves just a Straight Up, where you bet on one number but are rewarded with very good odds. out of all - 35 to 1.

Edge of The House

The casino must have its share, because nothing in life exists for free, and the cut is there when the ball hits 0. When that happens, the roulette makes the cut.

When you play American table game, there are two 0's to find (that's why it's sometimes called double 0 table game) and thus the house edge increases. The 0 and 0 double sit reversed both on the American table game wheel and the average is followed by a green.

The happy reality: on the other hand, when you play European game in casino, sometimes called French game in casino, you don't automatically lose when the ball hits 0.

Otherwise the ball is classified as "in jail" and your bet is still in place for another spin. If this doesn't work to win, the chips come to the casino. The casino may profit when the ball comes in at 0 or 0 double, but players are still allowed to bet on this state.

Deciding Strategies

If you refuse to take risks, or at least with a high level of effect, it makes sense that you want to avoid deep bets because this has the lowest chance of success. Create your own strategies on GGPLAY.

While you don't need to remember odds and bet names to be successful at game in casino, it's best to have a rough idea of ​​your payback predictions when playing online betting.

Don't make scatter bets and expect the best-master your strategy and expect every turn. Find your right tactics, and the rewards can be great.

Bet and Payout

Single number bets pay 35 to 1. It's also called plate up. Double number bets pay 17 to 1. It's also said to be split. A three-number bet pays 11 to 1. It's also called a street. A four-number bet pays 8 to 1. It's also called a corner bet. Five number bet pays 6 to 1. Only 1 detailed bet covering the following numbers: 00-1-2-3. A six number bet pays 5 to 1. Example: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, also called line.

Twelve numbers or dozens (1st dozen, 2nd , 3rd ) pays 2 to 1. Column bet (12 consecutive numbers) pays 2 to 1. 18 numbers (1-18) pay even money. 18 numbers (19-36) pay even money. Red or black even pay money. Odd or even bet pays even money. GGPLAY will provide more convenience way to play this game.

Tips on playing Roulette

Here GGPLAY provide some useful tips so player can always win and grab the profits they want. These simplest tips are ready to create more chances and more victories. Curious? Here, we go!

Tip Number 1

Always play free Game in casino and always bet on outside tables.

Tip Number 2

Always bet on the odds outside of Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low, Column or Dozen. The returns are marginal here but they will help you win the game.

Tip Number 3

Always check the first round or Game in casino session as they will help any player when making predictions for their spin. For example, if a group of 10 red numbers is to be played, players are more likely to prefer betting on red numbers in online betting.

This Game in casino Guide is the most important aspect or guide of many Games in casino Procedures and is generally used by most players who win steadily on online betting.

Tip Number 4

This is important. Exercise makes a man prime. Start with a free table to master the game, remove your doubts and then when you are optimistic enough, start placing your bets on the table where you play to win

Tip Number 5

Reserve whatever you win. Example: You start with the same amount of IDR 700,000. After a few hours of playing you have a total of IDR 1,400,000 which is equivalent to a profit of IDR 700,000. Take the amount or amount you won to your bank account.

You can't lose the game, you can only draw. This is the most important Game in casino strategy for every casino player. Always put the money you win and play in your original insured amount.

If you lose your bet quickly, control your urge to make more deposits in the future. This Game in casino Guide is essential for any game, always bet the amount you think you can afford to lose.

Tip Number 6

Always start by checking your table before playing. You need focus. To constantly win the most money, you have to remember that you are not competing with the casino. Concentration, just to make a profit.

Tip Number 7

Always check these terms before playing. Play only European Casino games Tables and never Play American Casino games Tables. Double 00 on the American Table increases the casino's profit margin and your chances of losing at an even faster pace on online betting.

Tip Number 8

When you play online, you have to be careful. Always play with popular casinos that publish their payout comparisons. Always play with casino with Random Number Generator.

Tip Number 9

This is only for traditional casinos. Before starting your shift, turn the wheel repeatedly to check for bias if any. Most likely if the special wheel produces more odd numbers than even or vice versa.

Tip Number 10

Always bet vs make from this Casino games suggestion. Take care of them when playing the game because they can really help you when playing and win most of the money.

FAQs about Roulette

1. What is Roulette?

This game came from French: "little wheel"), a gamble in which a player bets in the compartment with the red or black number of the spinning wheel, a small ball (spun around to which it turns) can stop in it.

Bets are placed on the table followed by the wheel compartment. This game is one of the most played in any casino in the world. This game is a banking game, and all bets are placed against the bank—that is, the house, or the owner of the game.

2. Where Roulette is originated?

There is much information about this casino’s game origin. However, many people believe that the game is coming from France. Before its finally spreads all over the world.

3.How Does Roulette Work?

This game consists of the activity of rotating disc with the sides around it rotating around the bottom of the bowl. A ball itself is rotated around the outside of the bowl until finally the ball and the wheel stop with the ball in one of the sectors.

4. What Are The Types of Roulette?

There are various types of the game such as: America, Europe, multi-wheel, fast, double-ball, etc.

5. Basic Rules on playing Roulette

Players have the opportunity to place bets around the casino table. Players can bet on personal numbers or most combinations of numbers. The dealer can call the winning number and color from the pocket he came from.

The marker is usually used to cover winning bets, and then all losing bets can be removed from the table. The dealer can pay all winning bets and, after all payments are complete, players can place bets for the next round.

6. What is The Best Tip to Win Roulette?

Always play free games and always bet on outside tables. Always start by checking your table before playing. You need focus. To constantly win the most money, you have to remember that you are not competing with the casino. Concentration and focus just to make a profit.

7. Where is The Best Site to Play Roulette?

If anyone asks this question, the answer is GGPLAY. The online proper site to bet and play online betting. The most trusted site to play is GGPLAY. No more hesitation, betting your money and you will grab your profits. Join with us, now, only on GGPLAY!