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Soldier Remix Ft. Tony Yayo And Lloyd Banks
50 Cent

Soldier Remix
By 50 Cent


[50 Cent and DJ Whoo Kid talking]

(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT!
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT!

[50 Cent]
It's a fact homie, eagles don't fly in flocks
But the eagles I got own sixteen shots
Like beefin', homie I ain't sayin' a word
I'll run up on your punk ass squeezing the bird
Now what New York niggas know about country grammar
Not much, but we know how to bang them hammers
When I pull out that thing, you better break yourself
Or win a trip to ICU, and you can take yourself
If you lucky motherfucker, I'm solider I told ya
Push ya shit back, put my knife through ya six pack
Gat bust, adrenaline rush, blowin' the dust
Five point O, burnin' the cluth, while I'm burnin' the dutch
You thought them other niggas was hot, I'm turnin' it up
This the blueprint, nigga are you learnin' or what
You done told me you respect me, now tell me I'm the nicest
Admit it nigga, I'm a mid-life crisis

(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (I got the rep of a villian, the weapon concealin')
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (full of controversy until I retire my jersey)

[Lloyd Banks]
It's like niggas rate the respect of who gat bigger
Banks been blowin' on purple stuff before that fat nigga
Pennies make dollars, and dollars make death threats
I'm doin' remixes to bulletproof the Lex next
Duck nigga, everdays war
I'm heavy on sports, to my draw like NBA's store
Don't make me send the piece at you
I'll have your man walk around with another rest in peace tattoo
Look creampuff, you can get killed here
Nigga you ain't invincible, even Superman in a wheel chair
I've always been a picky man, but I ain't a flat-out star
So I'mma fuck all fifty fans
Look, whether you like it or not, right in ya spot
All in your grill, wearin' the crown, airin' em down
We're in the pound puttin' fare in the clown
I'm running with gangstas, don't make one of em shank ya

(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (I got the rep of a villian, the weapon concealin')
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (full of controversy until I retire my jersey)

[Tony Yayo]
I'mma ride with my rap shit and my body armor
Ride like a Taliban suicide bomber
Four five six feet, I off ya feet
I kill ya with a pillow when you fall asleep
Your records can't sell, your company is buyin' em
Give it up, Burger King is hirin'
You shoulda been a cop, cause you snitch a lot
Talkin' to the jakes, you bound to get shot
I used to watch Big Bird and Scooby-Doo
Now I'm choppin' big birds and them bundles too
For that Master P money, that shoppin' spree money
That coke, that dope and that ecstasy money
I'm tryin' to build empires across the state line
So move like vampires, never see me in the day time
I jump out with a nina and a mack
I have you like Khia, my neck, my back

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Destiny's Child   Thug Love Remix   Thug Love"(feat. Destiny's Child   Thug Poet   Tia Told Me   Till I Collapse   Till I Collapse (Remix)   Till I Collapse Freestyle   Till I collapse Remix   Time To Shine   Tired Of Being Broke   To All My Ni**as   To All My Niggas   To All My Niggas (Remix)   To All My Niggas (Remix)"(feat. Eminem, Notorious ...   To All My Niggas Remix   To All My Niggas"(feat. Notorious B.I.G.   Tony Yayo Explosion   Tony Yayo Explosion"(feat. Tony Yayo   Too Hot   Too Hot (Feat: Nas & Nature)   Too Hot Ft. NaS And Nature   Too Hot"(feat. Nas, Nature   Too Rich for the Bitch   Touch Me   Touch The Sky   Touch The Sky (featuring Tony Yayo)   True Loyalty   True Loyalty Featuring Lloyd Banks/Tony Yayo   True Loyalty"(feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo   Try Me   Tryna Fuck Me Over   Tryna Fuck Me Over (ft. Post Malone)   Turn Over   Turn Over Featuring Oliva   Turn The Lights On   Twisted   U Heard Me   U Not Like Me   U Not Like Me (Bonus)   U Not Like Me [*]   U Should Be Here   United Nations   Valley of Death   Victory 2004 (Album Version)   Wait Til Tonight   Wait Till Tonight   Wait Until Tonight   Wait Until Tonight (Single)   Wangsta   Wangster   Wanksta   Wanksta (Remix)   Wanksta (Remix)"(feat. Flipmode Squad   Wanksta (Soundtrack Version)   Wanksta [*]   Wanksta [*]   Wanksta [Multimedia Track]   Wanksta [Soundtrack Version [Explicit]]   Wanksta Remix (Dirty)   Wanksta*bonus*   Wankster   Wanna Get To Know Ya   Wanna Get To Know You   Wanna Lick   Wanna Lick (Feat. Lil' Kim)   War Angel   Warning You   Warning You (ft. Skylar Grey)   Wasted   Watch Yo Back   We All Die One Day Ft Eminem, Obie Trice, G-Unit   We All Someday   We Both Think Alike   We Don't Give A Fuck   We Gonna Hit Yo Ass Up   We Up   We Up [Album Version (Explicit)]   Westside Story   What Do You Got   What If   What Up Gangsta   What Up Gangsta   What Up Gangsta?   What Up Gangsta? Part 2   What Up Gansta   When Death Becomes You   When I Pop The Trunk   When It All Goes Down   When It All Goes Down Freestyle   When It Rains It Pours   When The Guns Come Out   When You Hear That!   Where Are You   Where You Are ( Mj Tribute)   Who I Rep Wit (feat. Nas And Bravehearts)   Who U Rep BaWit   Who U Rep Wit   Who U Rep With   Who U Rep With"(feat. Bravehearts, Nas   Whoo Kid   Whoo Kid Freestyle   Whoo Kid Freestyle"(feat. G-Unit (uncredited)   Whoo Kid Kayslay SH'T!   Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit   Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!   Window Shopper   Window Shopper (*stupid Girls Remix) Feat/ Pink   Window Shopper [Instrumental]   Window Shopper [Multimedia Track]   Winner Circle   Winner's Circle   Winners Circle   With The Lights On   Words From Em   Words From Eminem   Work It   Work It (Remix)   Y'all Niggaz Ain't Fuckin Wit Us   You A Killer..Cool   You A Shooter   You Ain't No Gangsta   You Already Know   You Heard Me   You Know   You Like Me Better Rich   You Should Be Dead   You Took My Heart   You Will Never Take My Crown   Your Life's on the Line   Your Not Ready

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