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Dinosaur Jr.

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Lyrics by Dinosaur Jr.

  Almost Fare   Alone   Be a Part   Blowing It   Budge   Bulbs Of Passion   Can't We Move This?   Cats In a Bowl   Crumble   Does It Float   Does It Float (Live)   Don't   Don't Pretend You Didn't Know   Drawerings   Entertainment   Even You   Everybody Lets Me Down   Fade Into You (Mazzy Star cover)   Feel The Pain   Flying Cloud   Forget the Swan   Freakscene   Gargoyle   Gargoyle (Live)   Get Me   Get Out Of This   Gettin Rough   Goin Down   Goin' Home   Good to Know   Good to Know   Gotta Know   Grab It   Green Mind   Hide   Hide [John Peel Session][#][*]   Hot Burrito #2 [*]   Houses   How'd You Pin That One On Me   I Ain't Sayin'   I Don't Think   I Don't Think So   I Don't Wanna Go There   I Know It Oh So Well   I Know You're Insane   I Live For That Look   I Told Everyone   I Told Everyone   I Walk For Miles   I Walk for Miles   I Want to Know   I'm Insane   In a Jar   In a Jar (Live)   Just Like Heaven   Keeblin'   Keep The Glove   Knocked Around   Knocked Around   Kracked   Left\/Right   Let It Ride   Lightning Bulb   Little Fury Things   Loaded   Lose   Lose (Live)   Lost All Day   Lost All Day   Love Is...   Mick   Mind Glow   Mirror   Mountain Man (Live)   Muck   Never Bought It   No Bones   Not The Same   Not You Again   Nothing's Goin On   On The Brink   On The Way   Out There   Outta Hand   Over Your Shoulder   Pebbles + Weeds   Pierce the Morning Rain   Poledo   Pond Song   Pond Song (Live)   Puke + Cry   Quest   Quicksand   Raisans   Raisans (Live)   Recognition   Repulsion   Repulsion (Live)   Rude   See It on Your Side   Seemed Like The Thing To Do   Severed Lips   Severed Lips (Live)   Show Me The Way   Sideways   SludgeFeast (Live)   Start Choppin'   Stick a Toe in   Sure Not Over You   Tarpit   Tarpit (Live)   The Leper   The Little Baby   The Lung   The Lung (Live)   The Post   The Wagon   There's No Here   They Always Come   Throw Down   Thumb   Tiny   Turnip Farm [*]   Watch the Corners   Water   What Else Is New   What If I Knew   What If I Knew?   What Was That   Whatever's Cool With Me   Whenever You're Ready   Yeah Right   Yeah We Know

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