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Privacy Glass

Privacy glass, down halfway, reflections cast
On office buildings as I pass
Bitch feeling some kind of way
Sitting right next to me thinking 'bout what's next with me
Intimidated by the playaness, ain't no how to say the shit she texted me
Like When you tryna take it to the house?
I'm like Baby girl, we can get to it right now
Enough room in this red label, fold up them oak tray tables, get down
Raise that dress up, oh you ain't got nothing on?
You knew you was gon' fuck me, huh?
Girls waiting on you so they all vexed at the crib
Hit you with that 20 questions when they see you stepping out of this
(What that is) privacy glass

And I usually don't ride like this
But lately I been on some whole other shit
And I usually don't ride like this
Privacy tinted, professionally driven

Talking 'bout breakfast at a boat lunch
Anchor the yacht, park them sports cars
This shit ain't for them, this is all ours
High off life, I'll die if I ever fall off
Ho see that vision and know I ball
Cause ain't no such thing as halfway Jets
Impostor ass niggas is kicks, they Payless
I'm baggage claim
The driver hold a sign with my name, LAX
This ain't no rental, I shipped it before I got here, ahead of time
Now I'm blue Ferrari on the 405, redline
Kush clouds, sunshine
Good times, inspired these dope lines
They stronger than coke, colder than froze
Baby don't know if it's for her ears or for her nose
Do what you feeling, they can't see us in here

And I usually don't ride like this
But lately I been on some whole other shit
And I usually don't ride like this
Privacy tinted, professionally driven

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Lyrics by Curren$y

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