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Poet Laureate Infinity

[Vocal 1]

I got bored with four beats to the measure

Professor speech compressor terminated his tenure to explore a more rewarding adventure

Take a closer look at the bars

You'll see I'm not behind them or in front of them, I'm one of them

Started with a hundred, The Game spit 3 I said Fuck It!

I'm a have to show these niggaz something

Too easy, who'd believe me if I said that it wasn't?

The rhyme is a weapon I bust it the Brotherhood got me covered

OP orders with coordinates where to drop mortars

I drive forward Sandstorms make my eyes water

Skull is a submarine hull

Dolphin phones screen calls from places as far away as A.G.C.R.

The rhymes are raw, deeper than yours, you crawled before you walked but

didn't think about you thoughts before you talked

We spit for sport - I won you lost

but you paid them off to nail my corpse to a cross

This is The Greatest Rhyme Of All Time supposedly

1000 Bars it will probably always be

Mentally top heavy, not many can rock with me, 10

Hip Hop could not bench me so they plot to suspend me

I said Nobody benefits, Everyone perishes

I tell them this, They say Here....it's time for your medicine

Imagine being fined over a rhyme? For stepping over the line?

When I inspired Hova & Nas

I listened to '44 4's' 22 times

I Gave You Power God stop my heart if I'm lying

You like Red or White Wine? Let's talk about it I'm buying

Let's talk about the children of Zion, excuse me if I start crying

The Art Of Rhyming? I've mastered it certainly, 20

surely I'll celebrate capturing it for my Taxidermy

From the streets of New Jersey to Germany

To jungles in Angola where most the meat poachers heard of me

The Ice Truck Killer will be observing me perform surgery

Ritual Widow Murder - searching for her urgently

Mix the blood so it don't coagulate

The sex magic won't work if the bitch masturbates

I put her on cloud 9, look at her face

A cumulus lenticularis - a capsule in Space

You will become acquainted with my cryptic language, 30

and my mystic manners, Rip spit bananas

Systematic Global geographic systemic Neo-synapsis

Reload the graphics notice I spit it rapid

Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility

Most emcees try to clone me lyrically

My cell chemistry is a mirror of who I am physically

but my true symmetry is energy

The Will of Claude Ashur, The skill of Germaine Father Author

Poor Pauper Pastor

more than a rapper, 40

My body is a human machine my dreams filter in between

Just wait until I build my machine

Kill you with weed vapour, then a Taser

then a Laser, then a Maser, then a Phaser

Then something they call Scalar

That is not dead which can eternally lie

and with strange aeons even death may die

But why? Coup de grâce for the coup d'État

In a man made lodge the Moon Rays replace God

I think I've had about enough of your tough talk

Come over here take my cuffs off, I promise you we'll just talk, 50

No biting allowed just bark, Don't run just walk

Battle Rap there is no such art

Emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words Actions & Reality

This is not fantasy

If you question me, you will be detained indefinitely

Your name will be added to the Black List Registry

I'm a scruffy old man, with bloody cold hands

on my arm is a tattoo of a sullied old brand

If I am not myself, then how would I be?

If I do not look tell me how will I see? 60

The Law Of Attraction is attracted to me

The Laws Of Poetry in action is practiced quite actively

I look at my face more than anybody else

I still can't recognize myself

I don't need anybody but myself

when I'm rhymin' like this I don't need no help

But.....Thank you for your purchase, these verses have perennial purpose

But on the other hand these rappers are worthless

at least from MY interconnected introspective perspective

the more pretentious, the more apprehensive the sentence, 70

You are lazy and you wanna' be the best? You crazy!

The Best Train EVERYDAY of the week

My lyricism amplifies every letter written

Rip The Jacker spitting inside a Zero Vector System

Brain waves reveal High Yield E&D Fields

Chew emcees like I'm eating a meal

A bunch of fake niggaz tryna keep it Pseudo Real

A bunch of fake King Midas' with fools gold grills

My microphone was found where the Mayan Sun Stone was

The Period of Purification in my Poems, 80

Mad Max beyond Thunderdome under Red Rock

It's no use if you can't use what you got

buried in a mass grave covered in bones

my cell phone number's placed on their tombstones

Your girl Gertrude promised me her servitude

she better do it I don't wanna have to hurt you dude

I'll eat from the same portion as you

just in case you try to poison my food but I want you to

I'm a Deer Hunter all year if I could spare summers

fucking your whore of a mother in front of her queer husband, 90

wide lens wide mattress she's an actress this is Monster Ball practice

I'm Big Billy Bob Black Angus

You and I can sit and look at each other

Tossing Knowledge back and forth like we was throwing books at each other

I don't care if we're not the same colour nigga I'm your brother

I don't care what you say nigga you're a nigga lover

All cultures come from One Mind

The Universe is not far behind, Waves Bars & Rhymes

motivated by the Stars that shine

only lower density life forms get lost in time, 100

I don't care if I make history, I wanna be a part of INFINITY

Look at what your SUN GOD did to me

I am energy, I am he spiritually and mentally

The fools who threw away my jewels offended me

As we walk through the archived files of all styles

The East Wing Isle goes on for 5 miles

More rappers than fans, more vans wrapped than vans

Hip Hop will continue to expand

Poets should be rappers, rappers should be lyricists

The current industry model collapse imminent, 110

This is Hollywood Hip Hop

Celebrities adopt little snot nosed bugaboos from off the block

Larry King Live, Earthquake right outside

I looked that squarely shouldered man square in the eye

Poetically Paralyzing, Where Are You? Are you hiding?

No! I am sandbag diving

Do not evade question

Please explain to your viewers how there are Space Weapons bigger than Zeppelins

How is it so?

Tell the people, they need to know

And if you don't think so, you're a talk show hoe, 120

The grown up who showed up drunk with his own cup stoned as fuck

who could tell me that this poem is luck

You say I'm crazy I say SO??? tell me something I don't know

something my psyche profile doesn't show

I don't have all the answers I am not in the know

I can only see what is above and only from below

the substratum of reality through the thick cloud canopy

How can it be Canibus? Answer me!

I approached the podium, and delivered my encomium

nobody applauded the atmosphere was ominous, 130

they feared I would spit, they don't like when I bust

the mucus dried up to a pear like crust

From a very cold place called Faraday Base

right next to the South Poles longest Ice Strait

Food supply low, they speak of going above ground to find mo

I cry out NO...do not go!

Where the fuck are you going?

400mph wind belts blowing, think for a moment

we got to wait it out, that's what the training's about

we have to survive, that's what Germaine is about, 140

Arctic geography is conducive to astronomy

and the study of celestial bodies, follow me

The sheer size of the Academia implied by the rhymes

lead them to believe I was lying

I blasted thru the limestone with water mixed with a dissolver

then I signalled the remaining cave crawlers

Dig a hole for the collateral carnage, Battle the hardest

take out Hip Hops trash & garbage

tunnel boring and jacking, water main tapping

I sat there drafting a new drainage plan laughing, 150

tough, pliable, relatively reliable

The vocation of this undertaking is very viable

My lyrical is chemical radioactive residue

I can't rest until I accomplish what I was sent to do

The gross oversimplication of a Jamaican

in a basement tracing over diagrams for a tape deck

that evolved into a spaceship, that hasn't been made yet

cause I haven't been paid yet, not even one pay check

I walked through the valley of humiliation

but Hip Hop started hating, I tried to save them they wasn't patient

160 Responsibility entrusted

There's only one way for me to prove that I love it

that's why I'm busting

If you pursue revenge, dig many graves

be sure to add your name to the list that you've made

Musically still producing, I got a couple new things cocooning

But Poet Laureate is my New Shit!

Distinguished English and Sophisticated senses

in sync with the Talisman I received from the Tempstress

with these lyrics I consecrate the spirit

whenever I spit it, concentrate you can hear it, 170

I've almost perfected this

I'm one word away from excellence, when I find it I'll begin testing it

The phenomenal beast astronomer priest

when the poles shift the Sun will not rise from the East

Wilder than the wilderness, I'm bout to show you who wildebeest WILLIAMS is

you better be filming this

A blast so cataclysmic, it warps the time and space within it

the hours become minutes, the minutes become infinite lyrics

Poet Laureate spit from the spirit, from the Sirius Star system

To observe the Gods, my thoughts graduated to the Stars, 180

to infinity, listen to the bars

The Kapellmeister in the Battle Grinder, created by King Osirus

my psychic wall larger than Chinas

The thirst to rhyme at first hurts like a laborious childbirth

and sounds like Chinese fireworks

several million years into the past

a primitive future in a world without oil and gas

Focus on two standards when assessing the threat

Number 1 is capacity, Number 2 is intent, 190

The Flood was not an obstacle

I made a raft out of empty milk gallon bottles, for survival

Always remember, meet me in Denver

Colorado Springs in the Vandenberg welcome center

Four and a half foot beings with big black eyes

tried to trap me and extract my rhymes all the time

I perform a requiem on the Eve before Hip Hop ends

and make amends on behalf of my friends

Canibus grab the mic like an energized amulet

then spit a rap that you can't forget, 200

Oprah Winfrey don't like rap

All I got to say about that is She probably don't like Black

I don't blame her, she don't understand it's only entertainment

she'd probably feel different if she wasn't famous

She Traded Places, and her opinions started changing

as Randolph and Mortimer increased her wages

That alone could make a person racist, if not racist with colour?

then material wise how we treat each other

The head of a lion, the legs of an eagle

the wings of a dragon, not the sigil, this is for real though, 210

I sit down and think, when I write I can smell the ink

I bow before the desert wall of the Sphinx

The ideas have come from God, even I am stunned

1000 Bars from the real Iron Lungs

I heard Hip Hop was dead, that's not fair

who I talk to?, go he there Nasir

Poet Laureate Infinity


Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity


[Vocal 2]

I procured a small piece of the treasure, collections from a former era

dating back to forever, the warrior became protector

Quoted from the book of the law, I don't govern them, I summon them

speaking in tongues again

Started with a trumpet, woodwinds, strings, then the conductor brings the

drums in, fingers trigger the drum kit

Other emcees be nervous or something

Rhymes in abundance, Hip Hop Justice, Rappers are captured and punished

Drawn and quartered, liars are denied water, you still alive?

I repeat in a revised order

My skull is a submarine hull

Screen doors protect the motherboard core from extreme heat warp

My mind dives deep beneath yours

Poseidon Trident Seahorse bubbles form I scream with extreme force

Marinaris Trench detour to Ultima Thule, Let me explain what my sonar saw

Upholding the Holy Rosary, patrolling the Open Sea

at U-Boat speed beneath the Tsunami, where I'm supposed to be, 10

industrialists, civilians women and children directly

military chiefs, aristocrats in the buildings

membership is based off your raw intelligence

400 screen video editing with hard evidence

The clinical Professor of rhymes from Pepperdine

co-signed by GlaxoSmithKline designs

The Universe provided the lighting to see what I was writing

the results were blinding, Lyrics Timing

shut the fuck up and stop whining

Instinct controls how you think before deciding, so keep vibing

Swimming naked in the open, a shark begins to circle me, 20

instead of trying to murder me, it tried to flirt with me

I got away nervously, talked about it purposefully

next time I see it, it's going to have a word with me

I guess it wasn't meant to be

Under an assumed Identity I resumed PsyOps on the enemy

USA made, field grade steel face

Moving at a Canibus pace in the proto subspace

I am not here to negotiate eliminate

the face on the photograph we have in our database

No emcee could rhyme like this, there's no challenge, 30

His Poet Laureateship pontificates balance

This lyrical pyramid was discovered by accident

I know I could build it faster if I block and tackle it

Judge me fairly, compare me

to Dante Alighieri's Purgatorio theory

Assigned to train and equip to spit who's ready?

I'll need a volunteer, do I have any?

Next year I'll get my SPINGS a master space badge

after that I'll stop flying fixed wing aircraft

Most of you will never understand what I mean 40

My dreams are broken into storyboard scenes

worm screw elevators, descending to the bottom of the volcano's crater

the Devils Chamber

That is not dead which can eternally lie

and with strange aeons even death may die

The leaders lies got me reassigned, my loyalty was redefined

they will not be allowed to see the rhymes

What ought to crawl has learned to walk

One ought not to think is what Rumsfeld thought, 50

I'm a take you for a walk through a beautiful place called Honey Swamp

we'll shoot hoops at Mosquito Lagoon Park

The whirlpool of gravity traps me

still allowing me to circle the M51 galaxy

Rap for me reduces the stress dramatically

Negative time produces antigravity

Inject the gas into the centrifuge mass

the Teleological Dynamic will enhance

watch me wet up you weed then bust up you teeth

make you run for your life like there is a buss up the street, 60

The Dr. and I would meet, at 29 palms Joshua street

I always had a lot to debrief

Killing my health, Killing myself

rebuilding myself, nobody feel what I felt

modifying the weather from behind a weather shield

writing with a feathered quill, getting more ill

The woman who is there for, she will take care of you

with Nexium, Avodart, Lipitor, and Theraflu

Rap Music Profession Immunosuppressants

One question per second, One answer per session, 70

Hip Hop made me, Hip Hop praise me

Ain't nothing changed me since 1980

Involuntary catalepsy, BATTLE ME BABY!!!


murder, murder, murder, kill kill kill drills

Williams was real ill, but now I chill

An asteroid field where every rock shaped like my seal

I do it for the civilians, I do it for the soldiers

Raptors, Comanches, STRYKERS, Cobras

Back at the TOC with GW PRESCOTT 80

Grid location missile lock lift up the block

I gotta spit 'til the story is told

it's a gift, this story is a part of my soul

We shouldn't keep fighting, the Earth is our home

If we destroy Mother Earth, where will we go?

Starving in destitution, Dying for retribution

Why would you wanna' blow a hospital? You stupid?

Why would you not force yourself to make better music?

Our now fruitless creations used to be in abundance

like something harder than Tungsten, break your arm if you punch it, 90

I ride on a flatbed chariot, 4 ostriches carry it

I control their movements with lariats

Polygraphs flutter, the Lovecraft Craft Lover

Quoting my favourite Inventor, I see excitement coming

I raise my hand, lightening bolts stream from it

I see excitement coming, I see excitement coming

Unsatisfied, I decide to redefine rhyme

to create product of an applied mind

They say we're divided I say we're small minded

right after I said it I moved to a small island, 100

There was no contingency plan given to me

Tell the motherfucker send his transcripts to me

Swear your allegiance the tuition is free

to be a mini me version with minor abilities

7.83 hertz from the Earth magnified

Signal Intelligence emanating from your mind

At the Observatory summit of Mt. Graham

looking through this starlight scope in my hand

Beautiful longitudinal musical lyrics

Fragments of Olympian Gossip is my vision, 110

If A is a success in life

then A must equal X plus Y plus Z no doubt

If work equals X and play equals Y

then Z must be equal to you shutting your mouth

Surprisingly got The John Campbell award for writing

by summarizing that rhyming can be dehumanizing

From the Kinetic to the Energetic

To the magnetic, ultra, electro, and uncensored resonance

I need to be alone

you cannot comfort me like my poems

1000 BARS put me in the zone, 120

The Pope shook, they ransacked Rome and burnt books

I ran back home to hide mine in the woods

Salute, I would like to propose this next toast

to maturation barrels I carved from French Oak

The minerals where they grow determine the stability of the flow

I might get drunk and boast

Corruption is necessary, but tell me who's the beneficiary

which one of us will sing Hail Mary?

Hip Hop supposed to be about endurance

But every time you rhyme not just when I'm touring, 130

Acupuncture point or plus, is not enough

I need more pain so I can pretend to be tough

The facts too acute to repute, or debate

My face, is a slim sleek gas mask shape

My dream was identical seven nights in a row

I saw a sideways 8 wrapped around a microphone

The window is closing, from the other side it looks like it's opening

where am I trying to go with this?

Fire and Ash fallout, that's what it's all about

we must construct a shelter, and then build a wall around it, 140

All the parents want to do is look at the body but

it won't happen 'til AFTER the official autopsy

a good psychological environment for science

I'm memorizing visualizing peace and quiet

Father Author Poor Pauper has poor posture

As filthy as the collar of a dirty grave robber

This is my unacknowledged special access project

Time reversed waves in nonlinear optics

The coral reef is changing from green to amber

Scientist scramble to come up with new answers, 150

The truth is well within my sphere of pursuit

but I'm unprepared to take action just like you

The innate need for Canibus to be professional

make it difficult indeed for me to connect with you

Greetings and Salutations, my equations are inundated with information

Electro Cranial Stimulation

Burn skin off face, burn face off skeletal plate

Plasma Ray Gun is just one explanation

Man Made Membrane roofing remediation

Any and ALL entry points have immigration, 160

One meter beside the Hubble outside the bubble, the effects of gravity on my

muscles were quite subtle

I do what I want to do, I have always been that way

because I have always thinked that way

Attach the piezoelectric transducer to your computer

Poet Laureate is the future!!!

Pulsating Lights and Sounds surrounds spirits

Bio Oral Beats, layered underneath lyrics

250 thousand cycles per second, for Dolphin hearing

The Electrical Optical Coupling Gear is effective, 170

88 Kilometres above the planet

my rhymes harness a power beyond your understanding

The Gods began to call me, I looked up

Stars fell towards me and scorched me to a metaphor freak

The authentic Command Doctrine of George Washington

himself, GW I'm positive it's him

I proof read my writtens, eat a chicken with the skin missing

spend the whole night out binge drinking

Executive Director of Civic Participation spitting

First it was vote or die, Now it's don't vote, Why? 180

Weed is now legalized are you high?

Rhymes compartmentalized seperatized to prevent bootlegging pirates

be my guest keep trying

The bird chirps dying in the dirt because the earth is hurt

but not before I start cursing first

Not so fast Mr. Iconoclast

if you don't leave the bottle outside you can't pass

Gather the evidence, then give it to the President

don't reprimand him, ask him for help next, 190

A lamp with no electrode will not glow

we need some new bright ideas that we did not know

You cannot fold under the political pressure

You must take prudent and precautionary measures

I think of rhymes in my mind when I autograph sign

I can't wait to sign an autograph for the last time

A Luciferian web, everyday we are burying dead

every colour in America bled

Empirical evidence of the greatest collection of Canibus sentences

you'll never reach the end of it, 200

Fire and forget, rhyme for respect

I didn't get that so I wrote Poet Laureate

The Hubble Space Telescope images changed Bis

And nothing on this Planet can dissuade this

They left me dehydrated by the Nile River naked but I made it

with passion of a Microphone Patriot

Music is my bread and butter, why should I suffer

My publicist said she could get me the TIME LIFE cover

the spin off from the Press should be able to feed you

But I declined 'cause I'm familiar what greed can do, 210

I can not lose or win

I would only like to be remembered as the dark skinned Lizard King

Into the bottomless pool of Poetry I plunge

Let it be said, let it be written, let it be done

Publicly coming forward with my metaphors to share

about the space serpents flying around in the troposphere

Poet Laureate Infinity


Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity


[Vocal 3]

I spit at a thousand KIPS - Kilo tons of Pressure

every letter is measured in such a way you will remember

December, 21st 2012 is the code

it was placed on the Sun Stone to puzzle them

Starting with some numbers, the code crackers start crunching

I better have some results by the months end

Really , Deep Blue computes deeply and does it

What is the answer to Universe? Read me the numbers

In the summer the Polar Manitoba's melted by lava

a team of ER doctors climbed aboard the chopper

My skull is a submarine hull

I empty the ballast tanks I could smell the shit from the sea gulls

The Rear Admirable participated in battle every war, and at least half of my

crew were injured every tour

We thought close support from the Navy Carriers and Air Force would give us

all what we needed, we were wrong

Canibus is notably known Globally

my verbal sorcery somehow talks to the beat

Lyrically you not ready, dress right dress

not messy, my muscle memory make me bomb squad steady

you can't contend with this when I let it rip

Eyes, ears, nose & throat specialist Professor Bis

The sublime chakra one thru nine

thru the spine induce the rhyme

Internal fire produces the high

Recite 33 3's 33 times

for 24hrs, 21 thousand Nautical miles

ahead of my lifetime I write and recite rhymes

Deja Vu in the booth is the truth, when you apply it, 20

devine design, a miracle of Metallurgy

every clergy member from Mecca who heard of me worshipped me

From the shores of Normandy to the Turkish streets

To the bluest oceans glowing on the Persian beach

Nuclear Biological Chemical emergency

I purchase the beat then mix my spit with the mercury

The DJ grabs the acetate out the crate

Mix the dub plate, the BPMs fluctuate

Nobody can hold me back, my flow bloviates to a spiritual shape

as I co-create rap, 30

Cold callous chronic chemical imbalance

smoking a chalice in the Rabbit hole with Alice

The target appears in brackets, I attack it

access then egress then quit this rap shit

Commander of the symphony when man meets ministry

finishing my Archeogenetic Rap Facility

they can't battle me so they'd rather embarrass me

by being mad at me they commit microphone heresy

I am still the Master

as handsome as my unborn Grandson, Rip The Jacker

call me grandpa, 40 as odd as it may seem

the microphone fiend is God of the Hip Hop regime

Planet Rock Supreme

Kill you with green Lasers, evaporated weed vapour, Electromagnetic Scalar

Then something they call a Maser

That is not dead which can eternally lie

and with strange aeons even death may die

Meteors fall from the sky, The Mars God looks at my eyes

controlling my heart, controlling my mind

Oh Lord, Tell me what to do, Tell me oh Lord

I have mastered the art of rhyming I am so bored, 50

My pain my joy my thoughts I've passed them on thru songs

Respond to me and I will answer to your call

Emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words Actions & Reality

That's how it has to be

In front of me, on both sides and in back of me

I hear them talk about battling me in the whispering gallery

The chain of command blames the unseen hand

The Galactic Plane has a Galactic Plan

I look up in the sky to see if God is judging me

suddenly I feel Fatima and Medjugorie come to me, 60

sitting down at the mixing board/round/banquet table comfortably

they begin to study me, by showing me worlds I would love to see

My body did not melt beyond the Van Allen Belt

I was transformed into a spirit with no shell

I could move about freely, I rose & I fell

The coldness of heaven is like the coldness of hell

Metaphoric Sun Worship, pulling me with planet like inertias

words blinking like the text edit cursor

my sentences are sometimes too sensitive to make sense of it

layer upon layer upon layer unedited, 70

You lazy & you wanna' be the best? You crazy!

The Best Train EVERYDAY of the week

Propulsion system is gravity driven, white hot thermal

external vision, Every lyric got a wormhole in it

Saint Germaine is real, Germaine is a sage for real

My sigil is the double headed eagle seal

Normal life is not real, we are cogs in a wheel

we work we hurt we search we feel

The microphonist that utilizes the study of Conics

circular motion in both the para- and the hyperbolas, 80

Tiger Woods knows this, everytime he plays golf he shows this

A true master at the masters in focus

In my time of need, I am not alone

I was told in a dream by Cthulhu from his tomb

Try to hurt me, I'll murder you, lay you down vertical

made your life purposeful, germinated the earth with you

My black goggles, are covered with Bat Guano

I'll hang from the ceiling and watch you, act hostile I'll pop you

Rap Music and those who listen to it don't owe me nothing

I don't want nothing from you, not even your judgement, 90

The Philosophic maverick the massive knowledge magnet

underwater sea lilies are the source of my magic

Matricidal motherfucker homicidal hustler

Filibuster, never been a Wikipedia lover

If I were you I wouldn't waste time reading that rubbish

it might turn you into a media puppet, but fuck it

Leviathan divides the suspect zero sign

therefore I rhyme for all time

Metaphor and Rhyme is poetry by design

but poetry continues outside the timeline, 100

Unnatural battle ability, the enemy tried to imprison me

but they would've been better off killing me

theoretically Shiaperrelli has mentored me

With motifs of illuminated speech and wizardry

Over The Horizon Radar Rhymes

Patent number 4686605

Sound pours out of the ground across the land

Jethro Tull was mauled by the God called Pan

Creative writing and rhythm, grammar and composition

don't ignore me, ignore the fool who tells you not to listen, 110

to you it shouldn't sound like I'm quitting cause I'm not

if I am to continue it's up to Hip Hop

Weary of body and mind, tired of swimming against the tide

why swim or walk when I can glide?

Zero Gravity exercising, requires expert timing, for Sky Diving

My call sign is Flying Wing

an impossible profession

St. Germaine was made to explain the lesson with a 1000 Bar message

Now you may go

You have graduated, now you may know

tell the world exactly what you were shown, 120

Sho nuff, sesame street poems brought to you by Sears Roebuck

Countdown 48 more months

Does it amaze me? NO! Does it phase me? maybe a little yo

gotta' find a way to generate doe

Promoter won't pay me what I want for a show

why do it for free when I'm worth my weight in gold?

Mind Body & Soul inseparable, incredibly

proto plasma recycles the matter perpetually

Hip Hop became boring, lyrics seem more like a vestigial organ

but they should be more important, 130

the diaphragm, the thymus

activate the latent powers that reside inside us with 13 chakras

You get the Guantanamo Bay, The Alcatraz Way

You heard what I say? These pigs gotta' pay!

I steady my approach, this supposed to be a NO FLY ZONE

Black Sheep Squadron with strobe light hoes

The Hurricanes eye's open

Gale winds blowing, Moses on a row boat floating in the ocean

I figured out, how to save water in a drought

If we save the right amount I know we can make it out 140

the ever expanding mind commanding body do you copy?

the Quantum biology biopsy

My austere designs are so ahead of their time

even when you press rewind your still left behind

Father Author Poor Pauper, breaths to draw Prana

in a yoga pose tryna get close to yo mama

Your ear cartilage has been targeted, The bombing will commence

Don't be a bitch nigga you started it

On the Sabbath I write preplanning for the Planet

drawing mathematics, suspended in space as holographics, 150

Scientifically Quantifiable megalomaniacal

viable style it's like trying to ride a Bull

The lyrical inimical is miserable because I've built a citadel

of syllables that made me invincible

Am I a mad man or a mason? A Patriot or a Pagan

West Coasting in a 64 with Rose Gold Daytons

the propulsion system matrix is poorly calibrated

I'm waiting on the parts special order replacements

Battle rap is just aimless entertainment

2nd round K.O. was one of they favourites, Fuck all the haters 160

My luck was crushed, I felt like they fronted

my heart kept pumping, I had to do something

I turned the page, wrote a turn of phrase

Verbal X-Rays, they say I don't burn I blaze

Don't look at it like winning or losing, in '98 it was amusing

But Poet Laureate is my New Shit!

Time keep on slipping the Ripper keeps ripping

but right now my image stands still in a prism

my light reflects like a mirror, I choose to share it

The Precession of Earth is nearing, I'm preparing 170

Assessment and Planning things, should I put mustard on these sandwiches, a

fathers job is so challenging

My pupil size increase, constriction and velocity decrease

You can't Emcee take a seat

What are you building Bis? Is it a flying Silver Disk?

If you ever leave you'll be missed

I tear thru the Galactic drift, I travel 10 digits in 10 minutes

Now that's some shit! You think that's fast? Nah....

That's faster than you think, By the time you blink, the whole Universe


A word to the wise, try to keep your eyes in the skies, 180

and try to keep your ears on my rhymes

A magic reminder that the fire will not expire

Pyrus Sidonious gives me energy when I'm tired

The Sun is so bright my eyes hurt, I'm forced to look downward

Now I see inside the Earth

I Thank Mother Gaia for bearing us green grass

but it won't last we're killing her with greenhouse gas

You said the best shouldn't have to ask for respect

is that correct? Yes could you please speak up, I SAID YES! 190

I hold Hip Hop responsible

Every magazine writer that wrote bullshit in their articles

Gone 'til November? I'll be gone forever

I made these bars so you could ALL remember

the illest MC to put it all on the line

my career was crucified but I'm still alive

Sky scraper spaceships, wide crater dry lake beds

resistance is futile they said

I bear clutch the pen, my girlfriends jealous again

so intimate when I write it's a sin, 200

My electromagnetic rap flytrap

there's no way Earth you can get around that

this is a no brainer, stop the complaining

If Hip Hop is dead I'm here to save it

pages upon pages everything I've created

the bar was below basic, I had to raise it

I did it for my Fathers, I did it for my Mothers and my Brothers

I did it for the world to discover

My poetry is peaceful, aggressive but regal

progressive to the people, I hope the words reach you 210

Dr. Watson and Crick found an 3rd strand in the DNA helix

so your not what you think

Metronome Man will never take commands from the drum

The beat is my slave and it will behave as I want

Cheers! I spill beer on my bear skin chairs

I shed tears I loved Hip Hop all these years

Poet Laureate Infinity


Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity


[Vocal 4]

Nobody do it better, there ain't a truer Ripper

I did this separate imagine what we could do together

Inspired by GOD, inspired by the suffering

was it done by a prophet? It must of been, who was it then

Rip The Jacker, hot but cold blooded

many utter the name but very few love him

33 is the number that enlightens the Brothers

insight to the fullest, that could brighten the dullest

The ramifications are awesome, what should we call it?

I call it my unacknowledged special access project

My skull is a submarine hull

in a cave below ground with a painting of Cthulhu on the wall

Necronomicon grimoires, open the doors

the vortex that reaches from here to beyond,10

The power to control thoughts however remotely

through a term I'd like to call Pulse Detonation Poetry

The results from SETI, very interesting

I briefed the committee they told me to stop the testing

My team was credited, we turned over the evidence

but not before I could leverage it, for promotion to President

Cover me, 8 point sighting device for the eyes

FIRE!!! Transition if you go dry

Close your eyes, ritualize, spit your rhymes

without trying you can shift your mind

Canibus altered the sequence nucleotides

Neuropetides only get high off mature Wine

Start timing, Atomic Clock keeps time perfectly, 20

Mrs. Guutoff my band teacher always would work me

Polyester pants, big fat ass

I loved that woman so much, I paid attention in class

My Spanish teacher Mrs Booker had an ass too

Why am I talking about this to you?

One day this will be known for now I must wait

I still love them both, and I never forget a face

at the time I used my Beta waves more than my Theta waves

Then there was greater way I learned at a later date

The rate of learning began burgeoning and wouldn't let up, 30

Mommy noticed my vocabulary I developed

Telencephalon olfactory lobes I had to practice

when a woman has her period I smell it on the mattress

It got to be difficult for any woman to live with me

I know my history, but what could that mean specifically?

The story of Bruce Lee, I died in my sleep

I was weak, it happens with every girl that I meet

A Clairvoyant Technique

using X-Ray refraction, Not only can I see into the future

I can see past it, 40

But I don't know what it means I pass the DataStream along to my team

they say it's more than a dream

Killing caused by poisonous vapours, Lasers, Tasers, Masers

Electromagnetic Scalars

That is not dead which can eternally lie

and with strange aeons even death may die

Listen to the rhymes, the rhymes equal pie

If I had a piece of the pie I could buy Dubai

Rip The Jacker was born, the bow was drawn

spit a 100 bars before you could run 100 yards, 50

I seen a mushroom to the north, from my porch

it was odd, every dog in the neighbourhood barked

you wanna stand there and talk?

the blast wave gonna' tear more than your roof off, nigga C'mon!

It is my understanding, that when I'm high I'm channelling

But when I'm out with the family I am animal handling

Observe a man who has a third DNA strand

or a 5th or a 6th, this is way more advanced

I remove the veil from in front of me, suddenly

the roots of my discovery uncovered skulduggery, 60

I am not innocent, but you cannot punish me

cause I know what the world wants to see, tragedy

What is Germaine determined to ascertain for his self?

Few of the same elk have known what I felt

there's a Proverb that goes One should know thyself

before one can know the world so I showed myself

The unidentified submersible, looked like a giant turtle half circle

Yo, I need to stop smoking purple

requested selected elected, but that's only impressive to the experts

who know how to manipulate my message, 70

You lazy and you wanna be the best? I repeat

Don't talk about consciousness when you are consciousless and weak

If I die and YOU happen to wake up, I'm still alive

please explain my complete life story to my children

Photo stills of the cryospill

Solarized film revealed there was a biofield

Fuck a record deal, my training is real

Look at the sword I wield, you will taste my steel

Phase I, sign the MOU, pursue more voters

There's three more phases that I think you should know, 80

Phase II, build the force, Phase III, sustain Ops

Phase IV, transition of Border Patrol Cops

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si-Do

these are the tones that will activate the ohms

no telling if it will bring out the best or the worst in you

It would be a miracle if I was merciful

Are you food for the moon? Or are you in the mood for doom?

furniture moves when I walk into a room

STRYKER BRIGADE Driver, sometimes I was GUNNER

Check points required all the concentration I could muster, 90

Special Weapons And Tactics, Professional Assassin

I don't know what he does for a living ask him

I kneel before Congress and beg for money

submitting specifics about the operation I'm running

you gotta' love it, what was it called? The G8 Summit

Never heard of it, no details are public

the relative radiance of the rhyme makes it shine

increasing the star wattage with longer cycle time

Yeah, I bust the rhymes but I customize the lines

and by the looks of things I did it just in time, 100

I marched from the Halls of Montezuma to Tripoli

physically this mission objective is killing me

I submit to the will of the creator willingly

The possibilities present a probable infinity

I looked into LL's eyes we both cried

Meteors immediately fell from the skies

I've apologized but I can't change who I am

I can change future, can't budge the past

Them pretty ass lyrics is for bitches with acrylic

only fake niggaz catch feelings over silly shit, 110

SPORTS locked and loaded, zero you in from the pillbox

Williams! How many kills you got?

the uniforms match so we all look the same from the sky

they only time they notice the difference is when we die

Is dying a wise thing? What about trying?

What about our family members back home crying?

man made weapons Star Ship Captain etc

George Lucas showed me a full size replica

We circled for a fly over in a black KIOWA

5 soldiers including me and a pilot called Noah

he passed over a top secret dossier folder half opened, 120

I noticed the words MOSES and CONUS

MOSES is a new weapon system secret code

CONUS is the continent of the US, I suppose

the jump light lit up, Master Chief said Let's Go!

All right men this is what we train for

Williams you gotta go first, if you say so, HALO, High Altitude Stay Low

Gale Winds blowing, this might be the death of me

The AIRBORNE unit in the back of me jumped out next to me

Gold chords from the organ cut down your swordsman

tell everybody to shut the fuck up when I'm talking, 130

[not in current version: fuel mix rich, human hydrogen slush

the rhymes are too Christ Complex like for them,]

The 1000 Bar race at an unrelenting pace

Just in case Humans ever get to World War 8

Do you believe in fate? Then how do you know?

When you finally get there, where will you go?

This ain't no joke, you think I'm joking

Everything frozen, melted, destroyed, broken

Only the chosen find a way out

Everybody move out! Stay off the main route, 140

Satellites watch me they think they got me

right hands turn left shoulders around but it's not me

Atmospheric Re-entry a flying sighting, looked like lightening

striking blind, what it struck was frying

comparative image sharpness between all artists

I don't think you know what you're about to get involved in

I'll give a quadrillion dollars to be a partner

if you are still worshipping money, you are Godless

Sulphuric Nitric Acid eats through the Labyrinth

The foundation is cracking, we must take action, 150

Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth B.I.B.L.E.

I take shelter in an old Missile Silo

Hip Hop is blackened pot placed next to a kettle

with my logo in it, a rigid rehomogenized metal

Millions of you are unfamiliar with what I'm saying?

discuss it with your Chemistry Professor he will praise it

Tri Quad Quintangulate where did the signal originated?

Try to find out more information

The internal atheist outside the MATRIX

Sophia Stewart offered me a pill and said take this, 160

She asked me if I was followed, I told her I wasn't

I didn't know the spy that sold me out would be my own cousin

A populace uniformed is a populace of slaves

Washington didn't say it quite that way

But it's something like that, you get the point I'm assuming

Poet Laureate Exclusive New Shit!

the message said We should meet somewhere clandestine

Professor keep heading East to the Best Western

Do not loose your bearings, keep checking your direction

Start Session point 666 arc seconds 170

The budget is huge, I have doubts about spending it

concerning Cyclotronic Resonance, patents are pending it

Canibus aka The Spitzberg Beast

Gave his Bicentennial Speech on Emerald Peak

You'll need a first aid kit for the verse I spit

I am cautiously meticulous but artfully brisk

A change is beginning every molecule is spinning

lyrics imitate the art, art imitates lyrics, can you hear it?

Signals bounce back and forth like a mirror

with flawless error, like that forever

Surface the air radar tells me where they are, 180

are they far? I patiently watch the sweep arm

We can find them but they can't find us

just below Mach 3 the rhymes ionizes

I'm hooked on Hip Hop, I can't live without it

you can mix this song a thousand ways I don't doubt it

The daughters of man locked in prison camps

with the sons of mothers that are too weak to dance

At least we notice damage, what do we expect

The coming super storm is gonna wipe us off the map 190

But that is not possible, that's sounds completely illogical

You must've been kicked the fuck out of school

Always remember the Reptilian agenda

No Pulse Rendered in the earthquake's epicentre

I found fluoride in my water supply

at the time I felt a total apathy towards dying

the ungrateful dead reoccurring images playing in my head

I was told to memorize what I was said

With this salt I consecrate this water

may whatever it touch receive Hallowed LIGHT from THEM

With this sacred water I consecrate this Talisman so that 200

it will make ME POET LAUREATE otherwise I'll be so depressed, oh well no

regrets, I been toe to toe with the best, I KNOW the LEDGE

I accept all cultures colours creeds and races

Life is Life no taxonomical classification

No corruption no disruption no destruction no budget no nothing

It's never that easy you just gotta trust it

A leader I feel beleaguered to teach the truth

the Youth will refuse to follow if they don't believe you, 210

there is strength in numbers there are numbers in strength

Nothing good comes from hatred, Love's the missing link

Even if I am in a minority of one

the truth is still the truth no matter how it's spun

My mind is prepared, Hip Hop is impaired

If you disagree with me then yours isn't there.

[Vocal 5]

I rock rhymes for your pleasure, you listen at your leisure

I only record it once you listen to it forever

The fish hook stuck in your jaws, the feedback was not positive

human Hominids fishing for compliments

Started with a nugget, the budget snowballed into something

above ground running not underground covered

Breath easy, regulate the pace see if they love it

The Poet Laureate puppet with a message from THE OTHERS

The aura describes the forces

I'm too involved to divorce it, my internal compass points me northward

My skull is a submarine hull, calling whales with whale song

creating basketball size hailstorms

Water World under water war protected by the Jericho wall

with surface permutation of the permafrost

My war birds are grounded, their wings have been burned off

I'm not concerned though, it's only the first lost,10

Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry Poetry

Poet Laureate infinity now you know it's me

Yeti riding a Triceratops with Elephant netting

Attending Black Widow weddings dressing in gossamer webbing

Pretending, experimenting, they call me a heretic

A derelict cherubim seraphim protecting America

Height, weight, eye colour, skeletal structure was designed

I circle my flight instructors in the skies as they fly

22 times, to show them I have plenty new rhymes

Poet Laureate will prove it to you all in due time

Don't be upset with Canibus yet, the kid just want respect

You been a success but what do he get?

Politics and Perjury bring out the worst in me, 20

But I don't take it personally, even though it's hurting me

The key maker turns the key, those observing me keep cursing me

they aren't worthy of a word from me

I spit the truth Rip the mic Rip the booth Rip you too

Rip the Jacker is proof I Ripped through

It drives me insane when a woman wears lace

the current gene structure is 46 pair based

her heart rumbling and thundering like Captain Nicole Malachowski from an

airbase, on a clear day

Ok I'm a pervert, It's time to fess up, 30

I might be looking for a leg up, but I won't touch

Closet sadomasochist sexual pacifist

I like to role play but I only play masculine

Victory over injury a victim to misery

The myriad of my metaphors make me a mystical mystery

I'm a giant in the industry just over 5 ft

Even my photo ID don't look like me

[the adverse disparity conflicts with clarity,]

The NASA contractor with a satchel of answers

I passed up the Nobel Peace Prize for my passion, 40

Democracy Rules Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M.

Another fucking acronym, just what I need

Killing me with phrases that were designed to put me into dazes

As worthless as my junk mail is

That is not dead which can eternally lie

and with strange aeons even death may die

The Squid Faced God is difficult to describe

Those of weak heart and mind shouldn't even try

In a town near Kadam and Kakrak Jahlalabad

I pray in a hut constructed from Sago Palm, 50

Astoria Oregon Fisherman Poets got lost

Looking for Paradise, it only exists in the heart

'Cause emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words Actions and


But what is attracting me?

The overseer of poetic antiquity

The Victoria and Albert Museum kept them for me

Pythagoras, Dionysus, Loki and Pan

They have enlightened me thru song to understand

The multiplex meshing multiple messages is too much for me

Truly there is too much to see, 60

I'll mix one for you, then one for me

I'll mix some for the street, mix 'til my thumbs bleed

A stationary pulley drawing from a wishing well

The Genie gave me more than three because I listen well

conflicted and confused but completely compelled

to celebrate my birthday alone in the year 2012

I hope I am not alone, that would be terrible

If I am celebrating then that would be a miracle

in a newly ordered world living in shit

no matter how good or poor your English is, 70

You lazy and you wanna be the best? You crazy!

Poet Laureate is reserved for the name G

e-r-m-a-i-n-e, Will I am, the name that my mother gave me

the world came to know me as Sir William

the man of steel with a Smallville build with the illest

Some of my thoughts align with Einstein himself

I wanna know God's thoughts too, the rest are details

Lyrical Fitness is no secret of course but

The secret to creativity is hiding your sources

Preserve the sanctity of the Soldiers in IRAQ, 80

Do not blame them and hold their humanity hostage

Pray for the families that want them home

Pray for the families abroad that have lost their homes

Who have lost their faith, who have lost their hope

Who have lost their point, who have lost their own

Yo! calm the fuck down, I shouldn't have to curse at you

[Chow time, green eggs and ham for food,]

Hydrate as much as possible, drink a lot of juice

Fucking bummer, no armour inside the Hummer

Gotta hug a motherfucking sandbag for cover, 90

Now I'm self employed, still gotta pay taxes

Cashless, bankrupt, ain't got no assets

from the gutter to the gallows no media coverage

'Cause I don't want it, that's why I'm rarely seen in public

President Poetry, the popular obedient Pundit

that's right, you can take this job and shove it

I dictate a scribe that causes the court stenographer to die

brewing hot tea with honey and lime

How is my driving? Run you off the road smiling

1-800-RoadRage, Start dialling, 100

The snake will grow feet and stampede you to your defeat

You are weak, you lied to us all in your speech

Symbiotic indeed, the host bleeds

parasites attach to feed fulfilling antiquated needs

Rock climbed the slope shaped like a stop sign

In record clock time, Hot Lava lock rhymes rock slide topside

How does one ever really perfect such a craft?

You're obliged by your curiosity to ask

Cubism and Futurism writing amusing lyrics

My opinion of your opinion is you can't be serious, 110

Test driving my principle findings

By designing a new style of rhyming you can take home and try out

A 100 Bars per hour sometimes I doubled the writing secret signature timing

was the hardest part to figure out

Agonizing, the pain of the migraine biting my brain

and everything inside it I can't explain but I'm trying

I heard this before, I can't remember who said it

We hear from 1000 to 20 thousand cycles per second

Straight out the freak show no pre show

Limited oxygen when I rhyme fast you breath slow

VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules by the Book, 120

You should know this even though it concern the showbiz

Because when in Rome........Walk as a Roman

Obviously you can see you've made the wrong choice

Fraternize but don't do it in the wrong tone of voice

A bad boy with bad toys made from new alloys

Readapted from a crashed asteroid

My shelter is not far, you can borrow what you need

The bunker doors sequestered beneath the tall tumble weeds

After the Matrix, Agent Smith continued his movement

the same bullshit, that humans are major pollutants, 130

Assemble the Gatlin gun, spin it see if it spun

Weapons check correct, I'm done - next one

My rap room is an 8 by 14 underground base

Hyper cube microphone booth in a vacuum of space

Extraterrestrial Isotopic ratios

A broke Scientist in his Lab with no place to go

All these conscious rappers ain't saying nothing

Matter fact they have no constituent function

Mix this record different, You'll hear me call names out

it's played out but there must be alternative routes, 140

The Geneva Protocol Advocates are so sloppy

A human being is not anybodies property

Reading body language in a Zero Gravity environment

is much easier said than done, if your trying it

Attending the Opera with a Pompous Ego Monster

I can barely take my eyes off her big old knockers

integrated in an existing clothing ensemble

My Saratoga Suit is Military Garment

The Quarantine Isolation Unit is where I house it

My team and I salvage the work of Dr. Fritz Albert, 150

If the prototype works, there's no telling what I will do

I'll have to get a new Plane a new Pilot and a Crew

Creatively I have never been to this level

First I'll put you in a sideways 8, then a pretzel

Password please have patience verification

I repeat, What's Your Character String Verification?

Infrared spectral observation from the Space Station

Before you take a break, I'll need you to list and name them

Dock the Kliper Craft at the preliminary designation

Tracing the Detection of Submicron Radiation, 160

Do not leave the Orbital Boom Sensor System running

I heard something called nothing that the Cosmonauts were coming

The rhymes are in place, General George Case

and Peter Pace said we had absolutely no time to waste

Next time we meet this whole song will be a new mix

For all the Rippers out there who need a new fix

My Father is Jamaican, My Mother is British

Raised to be civic, in the household we spoke Yiddish

ELF 100 cps, Elephant Hearing

I'm heading for the clearing, Storm Clouds appearing, 170

On the back of an Elephant with advanced intelligence

Like Nikola Tesla, shit!, damn that's a smart Elephant

Cease fire breach, riot and loot for 3 weeks, don't you see

Broke niggas never promote peace

Susan Malveaux will interview the polygamist Mr. Bis

Undisclosed in his home by the cliffs

I rip shit consistent spit persistent

The sickness, spit with conviction, promote lyrical fitness

I'm lost...... What version is this?

Mozart with a flowchart putting together parts of an unknown art, 180

but coming from my own heart

Burning a disk, initializing, rhyming and visualizing

Reaching 1000 Bars and climbing

Martial Law Research, an all expense paid trip to the dirt

several miles deep underneath the Earth

The Boston Visionary Cell designed my new Lab

Paul Laffoley engineered a magnificent draft

Extraordinary men, who meet to review and recommend

I attend the Gubernatorial that never ends, 190

We just got a SASO, we call this one the Black Hole

I'm glad I'm the last to go

Zionism the answer to your uncensored question

Guy de Rothschild and his bloodline brethren

Playing the guitar singing folk songs, speaking my mind

Nobody could really understand the reason I rhyme

Infrared direct hit, target bled, proceed to inject the syringe with meds

that subsequently pinch your leg

You feel like your an inch from being dead

but you alive instead, you're really dead your just living in my head,200

Fire for effect, smoke out then rest

Give me a wedge formation, roll out like this

I will spare no sin, walk in with a scarecrow grin, looking crazy

cause that's what you made me

Classified payloads with no frequency safe modes, no safety

And I still made time for the ladies

Ceiling visibility unlimited

a lyricist river fish surrounded by nigga shrimp

I'm a killer pimp

Somebody Hip Hop don't need me

Nigga I grew up in D.C., I love Lil' Weezy, 210

Me and Baby got the same name

We probably got the same blood in our veins, liquid propane

At the top of the Temple Mount Mosque I look at the Sun

I just a few words for everyone

Everybody bow your heads and say this prayer


Poet Laureate Infinity


Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity

Poet Laureate Infinity


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Luminati)   R U Lyrically Fit?   Real Shit   Reebok Commercial Part 1   Reebok Commercial Part 2   Right Now   Rip Is Alive   Rip Iz Alive   Rip Rock   Rip The Jacker   Rip Vs Poet Laureate Snippet   Rip Vs Poet Laurette   Rip Vs. Poet Laureate   Ripperland   Salute   Say It Ain't So   Second Round K.O.   Second Round Knockout   Second Round Knockout (Extended Version)   Secrets Amongst Cosmonauts   Sharpshootaz Blastin' Caps   Shogun   Shout Out to Lost Boyz   Shove This Jay - Oh - Bee   Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee   Showtime at the Gallow   Showtime At TheGallow   Sinflation   So Into You   Some Shit   Spartibus   Stan Lives! (Skit)   Stomp On Ya Brain   Stop Smokin   Stupid Producers   Take 'Dat   Talk The Talk   The Art Of Yo   The C-Quel   The Cypher Of Agartha   The Cypher Of Bread & Butter   The Dragon Of Judah   The Dungeon   The Emerald Cypher   The Fusion Centre   The Ghost Of Hip Hops Past   The Goetia   The Golden Cypher   The Last Christians   The Messenger's Message   The Mic Disease   The Primary Axiom   The Principle of Equivalence   The Rip Off   The Rude Boy Oscars   There Has He Been   This Ain't the Movies   Title 17 USMC   U Didn't Care   U Don't Cee   U Know Who   Uni - 4 - Orm   Uni-4-Orm   Vitruvian Canman   Watch Who U Beef Wit   Watch Who You Beef Wid   Watch Who You Beef Wit   What's Going On   Who Owns You?   Who Stopped Ya?   Worthlessness Purpose   Wreck Room   Ya Teef Iz Yellow   Ya Teef iz Yellow (ft. Pakman)   Ya Teef Iz Yellow (Skit)   Yeng Meng   You Can't Fuck With The Canibus Man

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