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Pimp Council
Disturbing Tha Peace

All rise, order in the court

The honorable judge muthafuckin' Too Short

Presidin' over Superior Players Court

First case is the State vs. Fate Wilson A.K.A. Baby Flex

You bein' charged wit home invasion and hoe slaughter

For fuckin' another nigga's bitch

Listen close to what I say, dog, it might hurt ya

I be cuttin' ya girl while you be goin' to work bruh

When she first called my conscience was like, Hell naw, Fate don't

But she said, I'm only around the corner, and popped her li'l punt

Apartment 5701, told her I was eatin' right now

Be over there when I get done, got there, knocked on the door

She opened up the door half naked, lookin' exquisite

Ackin' mad 'cuz I ain't spoke to her since the last time a nigga hit it

She said, Don't worry forget it since 'cause we only have 30 minutes

'Fore her man came home for lunch, so I bust my nut and raised up with

Five minutes to spare, her man unaware, I saw him in traffic

Beeped the horn and threw a deuce in the air, yeah, I'm a playa

But I feel guilty 'bout cuttin' a broad

I need counsellin' dog, 'cuz it's guilty as charged

Simply because I felt victim to lust and

Knowin' all the while it was my cousin' girlfriend I had been fuckin'


The court finds you guilty as charged

Your sentence is PUI school

For pimpin' under the influence, nigga

Next case

Oh, we got us a repeat offender in the house

Jenny Jones A.K.A. Shawnna

Same ol' charge, wanted in 8 states

What's yo story this time?

Oh yes, yo' honor I see we talkin' again

I have no representation now shall we begin?

I know you seen my face before but hold on my friend

It's niggas gettin' away with doin' the same shit I did

I can't do no bid, I got a mortgage and my kids in a forest by the bridge

And I drives a Rolls Royce in a porridge with dem grills

So you understand I was tryna pay me some bills

When I was flippin' outta state while I was takin' a chill

Shootin' deem and a couple friends, spend a couple ends

Took the top off of the drop and let the bubble spin

Niggas got off in my knot and let them troubles in

So I decided to put that shit in my own hands

None of these hoes can fuck me, only God judge me

That man told me he love me and he flash money

My only crime could just be livin' it filthy

So let me hear it on mo' time, not guilty

Bailiff, take her into custody

Oh, no, not my baby

Hell naw

Next case

State vs. Velvet Jones A.K.A. Ludacris

You bein' charged with impedin' ho traffic

Spendin' too much time tryna fuck one hoe

How do you plead Mr. Jones?

Man, I'm the pimp of all pimps and y'all comin' up short

Calm down before I hold yo ass contempt of court

Ya honor, just be cool, let me approach that bench

And sprinkle seasonin' on yo ears on how I choked that beeutch

Well, did she promise you the pussy, mayn?

She certainly did I got empty McDonald's cups in my car and my crib

She owe me sumthin', bitch betta show me sumthin'

Wrap her legs around my waist and start to throw me sumthin'

I'm simply the meanest, you lookin' at the stroke of a genius

The only verdict made should be the subpoena uh this penis

No objections or appeals, let's cut us a deal

And I promise to tell the truth if my partner don't squeal

She's awfully cautious, said the jury makes her nauseous

And she said she'd suck my dick if I dropped the charges

Oh, no, time to make ya kidneys shift but didn't you fuck her best friend?

Oh, I plead the fifth

Yeah, that sound like some shit you'll say

Ol' pimp ass nigga

Due to lack of evidence, I'm droppin' the charges

Don't let me see you in here again

Let this be a lesson learned, if you don't know your player rules

You liable to violate the game and get sent away for a long, long time

Remember never hate on a real player

It ain't gon' get you nowhere, mayn

It's a lotta hoes out there player so

Ain't no reason for you to fuck ya best friend

Or ya cousin or ya brother's girl

Get ya own bitch, mayn, you know what I'm sayin'?

You runnin' around here

Violatin' major player rules

You 'bout to get the muthafuckin' book thrown at yo bitch ass

Fuckin' 'round in this court

You know what I'm sayin'?

It's all about the money, baby

If it ain't about the money, it ain't about shit

To all you niggas runnin' 'round here

Corny than a motherfucker

Just tryna fuck a bitch 'cuz you wanna get a nut off

Think about that money first, mayn

What is that bitch doin' for you?

What are you gettin' outta the situation?

Tryna give a bitch sumthin'

What you gon' give her sumthin' for, some pussy?

It's trickin', mayn, don't be a beeutch

Be a real pimp, nigga

Make that hoe pay you for every thang you do

Every thang you do you gotta get money, mayn all day, all night

I wouldn't fuck a bitch for free

Just like I wouldn't rap for free, motherfucker

Yeah, you know my favorite word, beeutch

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Lyrics by Disturbing Tha Peace

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