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Lyrics by Feeder

  20th Century Trip   21st Century Meltdown   7 Days In The Sun   8:18   8.18   Anaesthetic   Bad Hair Day   Barking Dogs   Beautiful Boy   Bitter Glass   Bring It Home   Broken   Bruised   Bubblehead   Buck Rodgers   Buck Rogers   Bug   Bullet   Burn The Bridges   Call Out   Calling Out For Days   Can't Dance To Disco   Can't Stand Losing You   Can't Dance To Disco   Can't Stand Losing You   Cement   Cement [CD-ROM Video]   Cement [CD-ROM Video][Multimedia Track]   Change   Chicken on a Bone   Chicken on a Bone [#]   Child In You   Children of the Sun   Choke   Circles   City In A Rut   Cockroach   Come Back Around   Come Back Around (Cis Version)   Come Back Around [Lyric Screen][Multimedia Track]   Comfort In Sound   Crash   Crash [CD-ROM Video]   Crash [CD-ROM Video][Multimedia Track]   Crash [DVD]   Crashmat   Crowd of Stars   Day in and Day Out   Day In Day Out   Decend   Descend   Divebomb   Don't Bring Me Down   Don't Bring Me Down   Dove Grey Sands   Dove Grey Sands [Acoustic Session]   Down By The River   Dry   Dry Acoustic   Eclipse   Elegy   Emily   Feeder-Emily   Feel It Again   Feeling A Moment   Find The Colour   Fires   Fly   Forever Glow   Forget About Tomorrow   Forget About Tomorrow [Video/Enhanced]   Forgive   Forgiven   Frequency   Getting To Know You Well   Getting to Know You WLL   Godhead   Godzilla   Guided By A Voice   Heads   Heads Held High   Helium   Here In The Bubble   Hey Johnny   High   High 5   High Acoustic   Hole In My Head   Home   Home For Summer   Honeyfuzz   Hunter   I for You   I Need A Buzz   Idaho   Insomnia   Itsumo   Just A Day   Just a Day [*]   Just The Way I'm Feelin'   Just The Way I'm Feeling   Left Foot Right   Living In Polaroid   Lose The Fear   Lost and Found   Love Pollution   Miss You   Moonshine   Morning Life   My Perfect Day   Opaque   Oxygen   Pain On Pain   Paperfaces   Picture Of Perfect Youth   Pictures Of Pain   Pictures of Pain (Two Colours Version)   Piece by Piece   Pilgrim Soul   Polythene Girl   Power Of Love   Purify   Purple   Pushing The Senses   Quick Fade   Quiet   Radiation   Radioman   Rain   Remember The Silence   Reminders   Renegades   Rhubarb   Rubberband   Rush (B-Side)   Rush (Live)   San Diego   Satellite News   Sattelite News   Save us   Sentimental   Seven Days In The Sun   Seven Days in the Sun [DVD]   Seven Days in the Sun [Radio Edit]   Seven Sleepers   Sex Type Drug   Shade   Shatter   Side by Side   Silent Cry   Slider   Slow Burn   Slowburn   So Well   Sonorous   Space   Space Age Hero   Spill   Standing On The Edge   Stereo World   Suffocate   Suffocate (Single Version)   Summer's Gone   Summer's Gone   Sweet 16   Swim   Tangerine   Tell All Your Friends   Tender   The End   The Power of Love   The Power Of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover...   This Town   Tinsel Town   Tinseltown   Tomorrow Shine   Tracing Lines   Tumble And Fall   Tumble and Fall [the Video Diaries]   Turn   Tv Me   Under The Weather   Undivided   Victoria   W I T   W.I.T (Women In Towels)   W.I.T.   Waiting For Changes   Waterfall   We Are The People   We Can't Rewind   We Can't Rewind   We The Electronic   White Lines   Who's The Enemy   Who's The Enemy?   Who's The Enemy   Whooey   Wishing For The Sun   Woman In Towels   World Asleep   Yesterday Went Too Soon   You Are My Evergreen   You're My Evergreen   You're My Evergreen

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