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Soulja Boy

[Featuring: Agoff]


No instruments

Yaw read no nigger

Cash everywhere



Forty million salary

Just like the NBA

All white every day

Like I’m in the KKK

Came with the door

With no instruments

I’m swimming

Young Soulja Boy

Gives a fuck

I keep it pimping

Hate on me

Chewing at my enemies

Right down ocean drive

And Agoff is with me

Sinter is empty

Looking like I’m on him

Everywhere I go

Splash cash like I want it

Fuck what you heard

On my turf

That’s the west side

Cause I came out the ground

Just like the oil

Niggers don’t want

Their motherfucking thermo

Five hit your never list

Tell the hoes we’re spending click

Ocean Gang

Twenty twelve I’m splash

What the fuck you heard?

Came with the cash bro

Money on my chain bro


Everywhere is easy

Yeller diming busy

Make that shit look easy

I’ll freeze it

I’m frozen

Third eye open

Came with the forty clip

Like I post her

Oh your sister wants my face

On the poster

I swag on my shoulder

They case is

You’re gone nigger

Rustling, hustling, grinding, jogging

Working, working, moving, cooking

Plug it, plug it

It’s nothing, it’s nothing

I love it, I love it

Love it, I love it

Shots out to Agoff

This is no instrument

Came out the water with that fifty clip

Soulja I told you

Fifty stars, American flag

Goddamn, I came here

Alien on my pants tip

Versace, watch me

Shush, shush, it’s nothing

Ain’t even planning

Ain’t even playing

All that I know

Twenty twelve we going to make it

Rubber band wrist

Just made it

Soulja, Soulja, jogging, jogging

Working, hustling, moving, moving

Grinding, grinding

Shots out to Agoff

What’s all the keeve

This is no instrument

Agoff ain’t got to prove shit

I hustle hard

I don’t got to talk about the money

Cause I got it boy

Five star general

Ocean Gang

Got the money niggers

Can’t fuck with

Now I’m on some harder shit

Cali life, live it

Hustle everyday

Do this shit

Bitch is pimping

Man I’m from a hole

Another motherfucking dimension

Came out the water

And I don’t even got a mansion

Bitches on my dick and shit

I don’t give a fuck them nigger

Talking heat and leaks and shit

Bitch I’m still positive

Ride alright until the end

Hustler hustling, jogging, jogging

Working, working, moving, moving

Soulja, Agoff, Soulja, Ocean

Hustling, moving, jogging, jogging

I came with the master plan

Forty records I understand

Young Soulja Boy

Goddamn man I’m busy man

Been a fan

Yeah I know you like this

Yeah I know I’m high stoke

Try to get like us

It don’t even matter

I be posted up

By the lake hallows

Still penetrate

Don’t make me demonstrate

Goddamn I been on this … kinky

Goddamn I been on the trade

Where you lay

Goddamn its Agoff

Go ahead and take off

Don’t want a nigger to cook

The play saw

Goddamn the play saw

Just like a horse shoe

I’m on you

Young Soulja Boy came out

Just like forty two

Goddamn I’m thirty three

Goddamn I’m twenty one

Riding round with fifty

On my neck

List a golden one

Holler, holler

Pimp pop his collar

Bitch on the strove

Rigging word

I get dollar

Moving, working, Agoff, Agoff

Soulja, Soulja

Go ahead and take off

No instruments, no instruments

Look kiss is filthy rich

Soulja Boy got fifty bricks

No instruments

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