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Lyrics by Delerium

  Dark Visions   Ghost Requiem   Keep on Dreaming   Made to Move   Seven Gates of Thebes   A Poem For Byzantium   ’Til the End of Time   After All   After All (Andrew Sega Remix)   After All (Feat: Jael/Lunik)   After All [Satoshi Tomiie Dub]   Angelicus   Aria   Aria [Multimedia Track]   Certain Trust [Instrumental]   Chrysalis Heart   Colony   Consciousness Of Love   Daylight   Days Turn Into Nights   Days Turn into Nights (Teen Daze Remix)   Duende   Duende [Bleak Desolation Mix]   Duende [Spiritual Collapse Mix]   Enchanted   Eternal Odyssey   Euphoria   Euphoria (Firefly)   Euphoria (Firefly) [Album Version]   Euphoria (Firefly) [Edit]   Extollere   Fallen   Fallen (Feat: Rani)   Fallen Icons   Fleeting Instant   Flowers Become Screens [*]   Flowers Become Screens [Multimedia Track]   Frostbite   Glimmer   Hammer   Heaven's Earth (Key South remix)   Heaven's Earth   Incantation   Incantation [Edit][Mix]   Inner Sanctum   Innocente   Just a Dream   Keyless Door   Light Your Light   Lock Down   Lost and Found   Love   Love (Feat: Zoe Johnston)   Magic (Feat: Julee Cruise)   Monarch   Music Box Opera   Myth   Nature's Kingdom   Nature's Kingdom II   Orbit of Me   Orbit Of Me (Feat: Leigh Nash)   Paris   Ray   Returning   Run For It   Run For It (Feat: Leigh Nash)   Self Saboteur   Self-Saboteur   Send Me an Angel (Reely Chill Mix)   Send Me an Angel (Streets of Fandango Remix)   Seven Cities /Speechless /Silence [Acappella]   Silence   Silence (Michael Woods)   Silence (W&W vs Jonas Stenberg Remix)   Silence [*]   Silence [Airscape Mix]   Silence [Airscape Remix Edit][Edit]   Silence [Airscape Remix-Edit][Edit]   Silence [Airscape Remix]   Silence [Airscape Remix][Edit]   Silence [Airscape RXM]   Silence [Album Mix]   Silence [Album Version Edit][Edit]   Silence [Album Version]   Silence [DJ Tiëeso Remix]   Silence [DJ Tiësto in Search of Sunrise Mix]   Silence [DJ Tiësto in Search of Sunrise Remix]   Silence [DJ Tiësto Mix]   Silence [DJ Tiësto Remix]   Silence [DJ Tiesto Edit]   Silence [DJ Tiesto in Search of Sunrise Mix]   Silence [DJ Tiesto in Search of Sunrise Radio Edit...   Silence [DJ Tiesto in Search of Sunrise Remix-Edit...   Silence [DJ Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix]   Silence [DJ Tiesto in the Search of Sunrise Remix]   Silence [Dj Tiesto Mix]   Silence [DJ Tiesto Re-Mix]   Silence [DJ Tiesto Remix Edit][Edit]   Silence [DJ Tiesto Remix]   Silence [DJ Tiesto RMX]   Silence [DVD][Mix]   Silence [Edit]   Silence [Michael Woods Mix]   Silence [Michael Woods Remix]   Silence [Multimedia Track]   Silence [Radio Edit]   Silence [Sanctuary Edit]   Silence [Sanctuary Mix Edit][Edit]   Silence [Sanctuary Mix]   Silence [sanctuary mix][Edit]   Silence [Tiësto in Search of Sunrise Remix]   Silence [Tiësto Mix]   Silence [Tiesto in Search of Sunrise Remix]   Sky (tears From Heaven)   Sky [Tears from Heaven]   Stargazing   Stay   Still Kill   Stopwatch Hearts   Stopwatch Hearts (Feat: Emily Haines)   The Way You Want It To Be   Too Late, Farewell   Touched   Truly   Truly [Brother Brown Dub]   Underwater   Wisdom   You & I

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