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Left Pimpin
Lisa \

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Yes my fine gentlemen friends

Okay, we're gonna turn to the chapter in Eyenetics

Called Left Pimping

Everybody turn to Left Pimping

Now as you can see

It's located in a region near your man

Called untitled space

If it's your man

Then why the hell is he chillin' in my ride (why)

He told you he was faithful

The nigga must have lied (precisely)

The nigga must have tried

Just to abide

Your commitin' stride

He put that shit aside

When I spread that like fungus (lesson number one)

If size came with age

He's far from the youngest

That brother's humongous

Oh how the hell his tongue is (number two)

Adoring cunnalingus

How I run this ruckus (how I bring it like this)

It's jammin' like Smuckers

Fuck this

Wonderin' why he ask for cash

When holidays arrive

But time is money

And his pockets don't survive

I'm quite the investment

Hot and incandescent

Cristal eporvesence (Y'all do Moet)

Makes my smile go crescent

I be big pimpin'

Try to stop my intentions

I think you're whipped


You be

Trippin' trippin' trippin'

On how your man be dippin'

Stop slippin' slippin'

Stay Left Pimpin'

You'll be wishin' wishin'

Lippin' lippin' lippin'

Stop bitchin' bitchin'

And do the Left Pimpin'

Trippin' trippin' trippin'

On how your man be dippin'

Stop slippin' slippin'

Stay Left Pimpin'

You'll be wishin' wishin'

Lippin' lippin' lippin'

Stop bitchin' bitchin'

And do the Left Pimp

My pops said

Once you give a chick

All the dick you stuck

So I give 'em half

And try to stay one step up

Now you gotta know that I carry

My game tight

I'm tryin' to meet ya, feed ya,

Fuck ya the same night

Beat it now the daylight

Mean tongue want me to see what it taste like?

I know you do

But I'm a pimp first

Watch what you ask for

Half Hispanic chicks call me Cockerspaniel

Samples ain't free (uh uh)

Born Brett Pimp

For some of this here

You gots to pay me

Don't' love y'all broads

Let y'all tongue massage this dick

Also balls

Give you back shots and big 4-door cars

Love how your head bob up and down like see-saws

See Ma I want you to understand somethin'

A man's compelled to be with more than 1 woman

As long as I keep u cummin' you shouldn't complain

You do you, I do me

Simple and plain

Fam mover

Hit hard like Zab Juda

Mack come on

I wrote the script with Mack Jr.


Did I forget to mention (listen up now)

Don't mean to be bitchin'

But I'm short of Benjamin

If you a lame hoe

Lend ya man

So my regimen produces regiments

Of many men

Of many skins

From Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian kin

If your body right, mind right

Pockets can't be tight (write it down)

Where you goin' tonight?

Where the moon is bright

Fly away hoe

Take flight

Outta sight

'cause money on the side helps from outside

Reside in the ride chauffer

Well I'll drive

With rims that be nice

More Benz than rice

System's too nice

Them new purple headlights be too bright

Engine of might

That scream like a bitch

About to lose they life

All these things come about

Due to the clout

These niggas I scout

Standin' strong and stout

I bring out a spout

'cause there's no drought

When the loot flow out

(Come on)



(Left pimpin')


Now as we bring this class to a close

There is one last thing that we must review everybody

Alright, it's called the Left Pimp Dance

Now what you're gonna do is you're gonna put your left foot in front

Leeeeeean to the left

And dip

Come on y'all dip

Do the Left Pimp

Come on

Everybody dip

Do the Left Pimp

Yeah yeah yeah


Do the Left Pimp

Come on

You ain't skippin' you ain't pimpin'

Come on

Do the left pimp


You ain't kickin' you ain't pimpin'

Get it up

Do the left pimp

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