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Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
Jethro Tull

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Lyrics by Jethro Tull

  10.08 to Paddington   Back-door Angels (Stereo Remix)   Best Friends   Bungle in the Jungle (Stereo Remix)   Flight from Lucifer   Forest Dance #1   Forest Dance #2   Forest Dance, No. 1   Forest Dance, No. 2   Ladies (Stereo Remix)   Lifebeats /Prelude   Magus Perdu00e9   Only Solitaire (Stereo Remix)   Overseer Overture   Queen & Country   Queen and Country (Stereo Remix)   Re-Assuring Tune   SeaLion (Stereo Remix)   Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day (S...   The Foot of Our Stairs   The Silver Cord   The Story of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles   The Third Hoorah (Stereo Remix)   Two Fingers (Stereo Remix)   WarChild (Stereo Remix)   ... & The Mouse Police Never Sleeps   ...And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps   17   17 [*]   4.w.d (Low Ratio)   4.w.d.   4.W.D. (Low Ratio)   A Christmas Song   A Winter Snowscape   A Better Moon   A Christmas Song   A Gift Of Roses   A Hand Of Thumbs   A Minstrel in the Gallery   A New Day Yesterday   A New Day Yesterday [DVD]   A New Day Yesterday [Live]   A New Day Yesterday [Video Track][Multimedia Track...   A Passion Play   A Passion Play (Edit #8)   A Passion Play (Edit #9)   A Passion Play (Entire Song)   A Passion Play [Edit #8]   A Passion Play Edit #8   A Passion Play Edit No. 8   A Raft Of Penguins   A Small Cigar   A Small Cigar [*]   A Song For Jeffrey   A Song for Jeffrey [DVD]   A Song for Jeffrey [Live]   A Stitch In Time   A Time For Everything   A Time for Everything?   A week of moments   A Winter Snowscape   A Winter Snowscape [*][Instrumental]   Acres Wild   Aeroplane   Alive And Well And Living In   And Further On   And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps   Animelee   Another Christmas Song   Another Harry's Bar   Another Harry's Bar   Apogee   Aqualung   Aqualung [Live]   Aqualung [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   Astronomy   At Last, Forever   Audition   Automotive Engineering   Awol   Back To The Family   Back-Door Angels   Bad-Eyed And Loveless   Baker St. Muse (the full thing)   Baker Street Muse   Batteries Not Included   Beastie   Beggar's Farm   Beggar's Farm   Beltane   Beltane [*]   Bends Like A Willow   Bends Like a Willow [Cradio Edit]   Beside Myself   Best Friends   Big Dipper   Big Riff & Mando   Big Riff & Mando   Big Riff and Mando   Birthday Card At Chrismas   Birthday Card At Christmas   Black And White Television   Black Mamba   Black Satin Dancer   Black Sunday   Black Sunday [DVD]   Black Sunday, Pt. 1   Bourée   Bourée [Instrumental]   Bouree   Broadford Bazaar   Broadford Bazaar [*]   Broadford Bazzar   Broadsword   Budapest   Bungle In The Jungle   By Kind Permission Of   Calliandra Shade (the Cappuccino Song)   Calliandra shade the cappuccino song   Cheap Day Return   Cheap Day Return [Live]   Cheerio   Cheerio [DVD]   Christmas Song   Circular Breathing   Clasp   Cold Wind To Valhalla   Commons Brawl   Coronach   Crash-Barrier Waltzer   Crazed Institution   Crew Nights   Critique Oblique   Cross-Eyed Mary   Crossfire   Crossword   Crossword [*]   Cup Of Wonder   Dangerous Veils   Dark Ages   Dharama for One [Live]   Dharma For One   Dharma For One (Live)   Dharma for One [DVD]   Dharma for One [Live]   Different Germany   Doctor To My Disease   Dogs In The Midwinter   Dot Com   Dot Com [Live]   Down At The End Of Your Road   Down at the End of Your Road [*]   Down at the End of Your Road.   Dr. Bogenbroom   Drive On The Young Side Of Life   Driving Song   Driving Song [*]   Dun Ringill   Dun Ringill [Live]   Ears Of Tin   El Niño   El Niño   El Nino   Elegy   End Game   Epilogue   European Legacy   European Legacy   Fallen On Hard Times   Far Alaska   Farm On The Freeway   Fat Man   Fat Man [Top Gear BBC Radio Session] [*]   Fire At Midnight   First Post   First Snow On Brooklyn   Fly By Night   Flying Colours   Flying Dutchman   Flyingdale Flyer   For A Thousand Mothers   For A Thousand Mothers [Live]   For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me   From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser   Fylingdale Flyer   Fylingdale Flyer   Fylingdale Flyer [DVD]   General Crossing   General Crossing   Glory Row   Glory Row [*]   Glory Row [#]   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [Instrumental]   Gold Tipped Boots, Black Jacket, and Tie   Gold-Tipped Boots, Black Jacket And Tie   Grace   Greensleeved [Instrumental]   Griminellis lament   Hard Liner   Hard Water   Heat   Heavy Horses   Heavy Horses (Edited Version)   Heavy Horses [Audio Only][Multimedia Track]   Heavy Water   Holly Herald [Instrumental]   Home   Hot Mango Flush   Hunt By Numbers   Hunt by Numbers [DVD]   Hunting Girl   Hymn 43   I am Your Gun   I Don't Want to Be Me   I Don't Want To Be Me   I'm Your Gun   I'm Your Gun   In the Grip of Stronger Stuff   In The Grip of Stronger Stuff [Live]   Inside   It All Trickles Down   It's Breaking Me Up   It's Breaking Me Up   Jack A Lynn   Jack A Lynn [*]   Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow   Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow   Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow   Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow [*]   Jack in the Green   Jack in the Green [DVD]   Jack-a-Lynn   Jack-In-The-Green   John Barleycorn   Journeyman   Jump Start   Jump Start [Live][*]   Just Trying To Be   Just Trying to Be [*]   Kelpie   Kelpie [*]   Kissing Willie   Kissing Willie [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   Ladies   Lap Of Luxury   Lap of Luxury [Multimedia Track]   Last Man At The Party   Later That Same Evening   Later, That Same Evening   Law Of The Bungle   Left Right   Lick Your Fingers Clean   Life Is A Long Song   Life Is a Long Song [DVD]   Life Is A Long Song [Live]   Life's A Long Song   Lights Out   Like A Tall Thin Girl   Living In The Past   Living in the Past [*]   Living in the Past [DVD]   Living in the Past [Live]   Living in the Past [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   Living In These Hard Times   Locomotive Breath   Locomotive Breath [Instrumental]   Locomotive Breath [Live]   Locomotive Breathe   Look At The Animals   Look Into The Sun   Looking For Eden   Lost In Crowds   Love Story   Love Story (bonus track)   Love Story [*]   Love Story [Live]   Love Story [Stereo Mix]   Made In England   Man Of Principle   Mango Surprise   March The Mad Scientist   March the Mad Scientist [*]   March, the Mad Scientist   Mayhem Maybe   Mayhem, Maybe   Mayhem, Maybe [*]   Minstrel In The Gallery   Minstrel In The Gallery (Edited Version)   Minstrel in the Gallery [Digitally Edited from Ori...   Minstrel in the Gallery [Edited Version][Edit]   Minstrel in the Gallery [Live][*]   Minstrel in the Gallery [Video Track][Multimedia T...   Minstrel in the Gallery/Cross Eyed Mary   Montserrat   Mother Goose   Moths   Motoreyes   Mountain Men   Move On Alone   My God   My God [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   My God/Cross-Eyed Mary   My God/Cross-Eyed Mary [DVD]   My Sunday Feeling   My Sunday Feeling [DVD]   Night In The Wilderness   No Lullaby   No Lullaby [Incl. Flute Solo]   No Rehearsal   No Step   Nobody's Car   Nobody's Car   North Sea Oil   Not Ralitsa Vassileva   Nothing Is Easy   Nothing Is Easy [Top Gear BBC Radio Session] [*]   Nothing Is Easy [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   Nothing To Say   Nursie   Occasional Demons   Old Black Cat   Old Ghosts   One Brown Mouse   One Brown Mouse [#]   One Brown Mouse [Audio Only][Multimedia Track]   One For John Gee   One for John Gee [*]   One White Duck   One White Duck / 0^{10} = Nothing At All   One White Duck / 0=Nothing At All   One White Duck/0=Nothing at All   Only Solitaire   Orion   Out Of The Noise   Overhang   Overhang [*]   Pan Dance   Panama Freighter   Paparazzi   Paradise Steakhouse   Paradise Steakhouse [*]   Part Of The Machine   Passion Play   Passion Play Extract   Pavane   Pavane [Instrumental]   Photo Shop   Pibroch (Cap In Hand)   Pibroch (Pee-Break)/Black Satin Dancer [Instrument...   Piece Of Cake   Pied Piper   Pigeon Flying Over Berlin Zoo   Play In Time   Post Last   Postcard Day   Protect And Survive   Protect and Survive [DVD]   Protect and Survive [Live]   Pussy Willow   Pussy Willow   Quartet   Quartet [*]   Quatrain [DVD]   Queen And Country   Quizz Kid   Radio Free Moscow   Rainbow Blues   Rainbow Blues [*]   Raising Steam   Rare And Precious Chain   Reasons For Waiting   Requiem   Rhythm In Gold   Ring Out Solstice Bells   Ring Out, Solstice Bells   Rock Island   Rocks On The Road   Rocks on the Road [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   Roll Yer Own   Roots To Branches   Roots To Branches [Live]   Rosa On The Factory Floor   Round   Rover   Rupi's Dance   Rupi's Dance   Rupis dance   Saboteur   Said She Was A Dancer   Sailor   Sailor (unreleased)   Salamander   Sanctuary   Saturation   Scenario   Seal Driver   Sealion   Sealion 2   Sealion II   Serenade To A Cuckoo   Set-Aside   She Said She Was A Dancer   Silver River Turning   Singing All Day   Singing All Day [*]   Skating Away   Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of The New Day)   Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day   Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day   Sleeping With The Dog   Slipstream   Slipstream [#]   Slow Marching Band   So Much Trouble   Solitaire   Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You   Something's On The Move   Son   Song for Jeffrey   Song for Jeffrey [DVD]   Song for Jeffrey [Live in N.Y.]   Songs From The Wood   Songs from the Wood [Video Track][Multimedia Track...   Sossity   Sossity, You're A Woman/Reasons For Waiting [Live]   Sossity; You're a Woman   Sossity: You're A Woman   Sparrow On The Schoolyard Wall   Sparrow On the Schoolyard Wall   Spiral   Steel Monkey   Still Loving You   Still Loving You Tonight   Stitch In Time   Stormy Monday   Stormy Monday Blues   Stormy Monday Blues (Live)   Stormy Monday Blues [Live]   Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles [Video T...   Strange Avenues   Strip Cartoon   Strip Cartoon [*]   Stuck In The August Rain   Summerday Sands   Sunshine Day   Sweet Dream   Sweet Dream [*]   Sweet Dream [Audio Only][Multimedia Track]   Sweet Dreams   Taxi Grab   Teacher   Teacher [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   The Chequered Flag (Dead Or Alive)   The Christmas Song   The Clasp   The Curse   The Dambusters March   The Dog-Ear Years   The Habanero Reel   The Hot Headed English General   The Jasmine Corridor   The Little Flower Girl   The Rattlesnake Trail   The Secret Language Of Birds   The Secret Language Of Birds, Pt. II   The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles   The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles [Enh...   The Third Hoorah   The Waking Edge   The Water Carrier   The Water Carrier [DVD]   The Whaler's Dues   The Whistler   The Witch's Promise   The Witches Promise   Thick As A Brick   Thick As A Brick - Extract   Thick as a Brick (Excerpt)   Thick as a Brick (Live at Madison Square Garden 19...   Thick As A Brick (Part One)   Thick As A Brick (Part Two)   Thick as a Brick (Reprise)   Thick as a Brick [DVD]   Thick as a Brick [Edit #4]   Thick as a Brick [Edit No. 1]   Thick as a Brick [Edit No. 4]   Thick as a Brick [Edit]   Thick as a Brick [Extract]   Thick as a Brick [Video Track][Multimedia Track]   Thick As A Brick Edit No. 1   Thick as a Brick/Farm on the Freeway   Think Round Corners   Thinking Round Corners   This Free Will   This Is Not Love   Tiger Toon   To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be   To Cry You A Song   Toad In The Hole   Tomorrow Was Today   Too Many Too   Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll, Too Young To Die   Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die   Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young To Die (Edited...   Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die!   Too Old To Rock And Roll   Too Old To Rock N Roll: To Young To Die   Trains   Truck Stop Runner   Tundra   Tundra   Two Fingers   Under Wraps   Under Wraps (both parts)   Under Wraps (both parts)   Under Wraps #1   Under Wraps #2   Undressed To Kill   Uniform   Up The 'Pool   Up To Me   User-Friendly   Valley   Velvet Green   Velvet Green (live)   Velvet Green [Live][*]   Walk Into Light   War Child   Warchild   Warm Sporran   Watching Me Watching You   Watching You Watching Me   We Five Kings [Instrumental]   We Used To Know   We Used To Know [Live]   Weathercock   When Jesus Came to Play   When Jesus Comes to Play   White Innocence   Wicked Windows   Wind Up   Wind Up (Quad Version)   Wind-Up   Witch's Promise   Witches Promise   With You There To Help Me   With You There To Help Me/By Kind Permission Of [L...   Wond'ring Again   Wond'ring Aloud   Wond'ring Aloud (Live)   Working John, Working Joe   Wounded, Old And Treacherous

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