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Infamous Mobb
Big Noyd

[Featuring Prodigy Of Mobb Deep]


We gonna dim the lights.


The Infamous Mobb

Big Noyd on his job

Yo son you know what the deal is yeah, spark the lye. Do my thing kid.


Big Noyd in the house for the motherfuckin' 380.


Rappin' Noyd takin' the world over

Universal the Mobb soldiers we explode like super nova

And implode your whole sculpture

We make quota and cook up some big boulder

We gettin' older time flies we gettin' older

You play the sofa while we excel over the sky rocket

You flee we gonna drop it

Now reminise over that time you felt some hot shit

We cash profit or for cracks we rock chop it and shot pop it

Desperate attempts to try to stop it

And you be callin' it quits or rappin' Noyd kick that locked up shit

Big Noyd:

I peep wild bucks comin' to jail switch they sex up

It's fucked up niggas get banked up others hang up

The thugs in population be reppin' steppin' for the phone piece

You ass you get splashed in the dome piece

Can't hold your own either

Pack up or get jacked up that's why I strap up with my back up

Against the wall when it's time to brawl

I'm throwin' blows at devils like Prodigy

Livin' underneath the roof with 50 thieves

And the ? is bound to get cha

Latin Kings wearin' greens runnin' teef from the island of the Sing


Representin' Queens to the fullest I hold my own watchin' my dome

While I jones for they home they call me a klepto

Cause I be leavin' niggas wet though

Dead and stinkin' constantly fully blown leakin'

I'm black half Puerto Rican hypothetically speakin'

Monocones gettin' blown sleepin'

I stay strappin' never yappin' that it can't happen

But when you bring it come prepared never scarred captain

Don't never sain knuckle down spit our bangers do our thing

Till one of us be bleedin' then be headed to the bing

I'm not bionic I'm just a convict puffin' chronic

Protectin' my way nigga dig it's irronic

Enought to make you bust make you want to cuss

Nigga what the fuck you ain't tough shit ain't sweet shit is serious

You must be delerious you kidding me talking bout you gettin' me and

rippin' me

Rather grab a mo and rip it slow like a penetentary

Nigga please I been in and out the joint since '93 what

So what the fuck you think you tellin' me nigga what what what


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Lyrics by Big Noyd

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