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I've Got A Secret

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Lyrics by PokéMon

  2B A Master   All We Wanna Do   Biggest Part Of My Life   Blah Blah Blah   Brother My Brother   Catch Me If You Can   Chiisaki Mono   Comin' To The Rescue   Do Ya Really Wanna Play   Don't Say You Love Me   Double Trouble (Team Rocket)   Dreams   Each Time   Everything Changes   Flying Without Wings   Free Up Your Mind   Get Happy   Hateshinai Sekai (Boundless World)   He Drives Me Crazy   Hey Pikachu!   Hyaku-Go-Juuichi (One-Hundred-Fifty-One)   I Keep My Home In My Heart   I'm Giving Santa A Pikachu This Christmas   If Only Tears Could Bring You Back   It Was You   It Will All Be Mine   Jigglypuff's Song   Just Like A Rainbow   Kaze To Issho Ni (Walk With The Wind)   Makin' My Way   Meowth's Party   Mezase Pokémon Master (Wake Up, Pokémon Mast...   Mezase PokéMon Master! (Aim To Be A PokéMon ...   Minna De Arkou! (Let's Walk Together!)   Miracle   Miss Independent   Misty's Goodbye(Ep. 'Gotta Catch Ya Late...   Misty's Song   My Best Friends   Never Too Far From Home   Nobody Don't Like Christmas   Nyasu No Partii (Meowth's Party)   Nyasu No Uta (Meowth's Song)   Ok!   One   One Heart   Oyasumi, Boku No Pikachuu (Goodnight, My Pikachu)   Pichu Brothers Theme   Pikachu (I Choose You)   Pikachu's Coming   Pikachu's Goodbye   Pikapika Massaichu (Admist The Sparkle)   Pocket Ni Fantasy (Fantasy In A Pocket)   Pokémon (Swedish)   Pokémon Christmas Bash   PokéMon Harahara Riree (PokéMon Nervous-Nerv...   Pokémon Johto   Pokémon Kareokemon: Pikachu   PokéMon Theme French (Udtalelse)   Pokémon Theme Full   Pokemon - Theme Français   Pokemon 4ever -- Movie Ending (Celeb-R-A-T-E)   Pokemon Advance (Spanish)   Pokemon Advanced   Pokemon GS   Pokemon Johto - Movie Version   Pokemon Master E No Michi (The Path To A PokéMo...   Pokemon Master Quest   Pokemon Master Quest (Spanish)   Pokemon Song   Pokemon Theme   Pokemon Theme (Swedish)   Pokemon Theme Johto Champions (Finnish)   Pokemon Theme Uk   Pokemon World   PokeRap   Polkamon   Pool - Juuichisai No Natsu (Pool - The Summer I Wa   Raiburu(Aim To Be A PokéMon Master)   Rakkii Rakkii! (Lucky Lucky!)   Rapurasu Ni Notte (Riding On Lapras)   Roketto Dan No Eien Yi (Team Rocket Forever)   Somewhere Someday   Song Of Jigglypuff   Sur La Route De Jadielle   Suteki Na Collection (Wonderful Collection)   Taipou:Wairdo! (Type:Wild!)   Talk A Walk   Tankentai Wo Tsukurou! (Let's Form An Explora...   Team Rocket Motto (Swedish)   The Chosen One   The Extra Mile   The Game   The Power Of One   To Know The Unknown   Together Forever   Toi Et Moi (You & Me)   Tonight (Gotta Make A Statement)   Two Perfect Girls   Type:Wild - English Version   Under The Misteltoe   Viridian City   Ware Wa Collector (I Am A Collector)   We're The Best At Being The Worst!   What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?   Winter Is The Coolest Time Of Year   With All Your Heart   Wonderland   You & Me & Pokémon   You Can Do It (If You Really Try)   You Just Can't Win

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