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Gutfest '89 [Edit]
Digital Underground

Ok, we're on the air live from Lake Merit in Oakland, California

We'll have exclusive coverage of Gutfest '89

I'm Ted Casey, and we're gonna go down live right now with Bill


Bill's on the scene, and he's gonna tell us what's going on. Bill?

Thanks, Ted

Yeah, you can hear, they're just having a ball and a hell of a time

Down here at Gutfest this year

Uh, you can hear behind me now, that's uh, I think they're called Blue


Just one of ten, ten bands that are playing down here at Gutfest this


I think some of the other bands playing will be

The Who, The Clash, uh, Digital Underground

There's been rumor's that EPMD

Might come out and play here at Gutfest this year

Other people in the line-up are

Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea

Miles Davis is part of tomorrow's jazz line-up

And tonight they're doing rock and blues

There's supposed to be more, uhh music from The Who later on tonight

And then Thursday's show is gonna close with Digital Underground

Is gonna close the show. So, hey, I'm outta here, I'm gonna go have

Some more food, some more good music...

How's it going, guys, you guys come to Gutfest every year, or what?

Oh yeah, Gutfest is the best thing to happen to California since 1968

So, uh, where are you guys from?

San Diego..]

Gutfest, Gutfest

It's a show, not like you've ever seen befo'

In the park, from noon 'til after dark.

There will be blondes, and also girls of bronze,

And girls who come from other contries 'round the world

Now, you will see a big display of ladies in a cage,

Butt naked, and they're showing off their curves and sexy ways.

So pack a bag, and come on down, if you can find the time.

We just would like to say welcome to Gutfest '89.

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

The festival is on the lake, the hotel's up the block.

It's clean, they've got good rates and they've got lots of rooms in


Tell them you're here for Gutfest, you'll get ten bucks off per night.

Bring your camera and your condoms, 'cause we're going to do this


More girls then you have ever seen are on display right now,

Girls with breasts that go va-voom and booties that go pow!

Black girls, white girls, candy stripe girls, girls with lots of back


It's safe to say more healthy guts then you can shake a stick at.

I trooped in, now let the Gutfest begin,

It seems like sin, my head's startin' to spin,

Thinkin' what I'm about to clock, all stops are being yanked out,

I'm knockin' stank out the box, every chance I get,

Because I waited and waited, to make this trip.

Yeah, one big stupid butt nest,

And I'm'a get mine at this Gutfest.

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

You'll see tourists and you'll meet people from all around the world.

At last year's fest I kicked it with a real cute Chinese girl.

Sometimes after the shows at night, or in the afternoon,

Some guts come up and give you skull right in your hotel room.

Most nice girls do not give good brain, for others it's a racket.

Some guys leave Gutfest out of luck and go home with a packet.

Heavy, slim, big, large, girls with lots of gook,

Cover girls and model types, girls who've got the look

Young butterfly, tulip petal, mahogany devine,

A thick bitch with big legs, yeah, it's Gutfest '89.

Gutfest, Gutfest,

Gutfest '89, Gutfest, Gutfest

Gutfest '89 why'all, crazy guts, crazy guts

Gutfest '89, Gutfest, Gutfest, and you don't stop

Gutfest, Gutfest, G-f-G-f crazy guts.

Yo shmoove, peep this: Posdnuous check it out, check it out

Gutfest '89 G-f-G-f-G-f-G-f crazy guts

It's just Gutfest '89 G-f-G-f-G-f-G-f crazy guts

I got this plan, see, and it involves whipped cream, bananas,

One girl stands behind me, the other in front...

Well, I never tried this stunt before, but I'll tell you what,

We'll bust the cherries, then we'll sprinkle some nuts on top,

Then we'll do the splits. Now what have we got?

G-f-G-f-G-f-G-f crazy guts

Heavy, slim, big, large, girls with lots of gook,

Cover girls and model types, girls who've got the look

A red bone with good muscle tone, a young cocoa delight,

Wood-panel brown girl who is down, more game then Icy Mike,

Young butterfly, tulip petal, mahogany devine,

A thick bitch with big legs, it's Gutfest '89.

Ah yeah, Gutfest, Gutfest, Gutfest Gutfest

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

Crazy guts, crazy guts, it's Gutfest '89

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