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Einstein's Takin' Off
Ugly Duckling

Andycat: When young

Dizzy: Einstein

Andycat: Was a kid

Dizzy: With a bid

Andycat: He had some 1200's inside his crib

Dizzy: And an mpc, under his sheets

Andycat: To make beats, accomplishing incredible feats

Dizzy: While other kids played games like Chinese checkers

Andycat: Rod pounded the pavement to find these records he used

Dizzy: He makes hits with the flick of a wrist

Andycat: Einstein's taking off

Dizzy: Let me put it like this

There's not a Benadryl pill that could stop the itch

Or a scratch when my dj gets up in the mix

He grips the cross fader with his nimble fingertips

And flips it back and forth, no transform switch

Andycat: And the needle never skips?

Dizzy: Well it did one time,

When a fan got hype and bumped the tables from behind

Einstein: So please give me some room when I'm going for mine

Dizzy: Einstein's taking off

Andycat: Take off Einstein

(Hook: Young Einstein on the turntables)

When it gets to the end, tell him do it again!.....

When it gets to the end, tell him do it again!....

Young Einstein.... Don't try to play me.....

I like to make funky beats and record 'em....

The scratch.... Th-th-the scratch...

We'll be on top.... So long!...

Young Einstein.... Don't try to play me.....

I like to make funky beats and record 'em....

The scratch.... Th-th-the scratch...

I got two great partners standing by me....

Andycat: Take the freeway from Canada to tj

And I know that you won't find another dj

Dizzy: Slash

Andycat: Super record digger

Dizzy: Slash

Andycat: Drum major

Dizzy: Slash

Andycat: Producer

Dizzy: Slash

Andycat: Ugly Duckling making a splash

He lifts loops from the original lp's

Would never think of sampling a beat break cd

And when we come to do your show, turn off the dat's

Save 'em for those other acts, Einstein's got the wax

For the turntables, he'll reverse it, scratch,

Cut it in half...... And reattach it

And keep it spinning from the beginning to the duration

When (Young Einstein) is in (deep concentration)

Yo Diz!

Dizzy: Wassup?

Andycat: We almost didn't tell 'em

How Rod explores record stores like he was Magellan

Dizzy: Searching for the beats only he can find

Andycat: Einstein's taking off

Dizzy: Take off Einstein


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