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Dope House Family (Chopped & Screwed)
South Park

[Juan Gotti: Verse 1]

Razaville Texas Houston to McAllen

Deep in San Anto, screw Rich y Valles

Rollin' throughout Dallas, Boritos & Corpus

Odessa, Laredo, the locos in Austin

Texas made Mexicans north of the border

Land of the free, smokin' weed with my Gordo.

Muthafuckers laid back in yo' Cadillac

Let me jump in this shit like back to back

Stay real for life, roll down south

For the wreckshop, for the hometown crowd

My alias is that Go-Hard-Mexican

Flowin' through your veins like medicine.

Wanna be down? On the H-Town

Real ballers fight for the rebound

B-Town to muthafuckin' G-Town

Creep around everybody G'd out

Can't see how you can dawg me out

Make me out, take me out

Deep south, my hood got more slack

Than 88 cowboys ridin' on horse back.

Top that! The Mexicans all that

Strike like a snake & attack like a bobcat.

[Baby Bash: Verse 2]

Hoe ass niggas, there ain't nothin' worse

They do it for panurch, but I do it for the purse

& I'm still on the search, sometimes I go to church

7 deuce old school Cadillac with the skirts

& I speak for muthafuckers on the couch & the flo'

Cause a Mexican like my self is out for the dough

But you already know, if you got big pelota's

Anybody now a days, might be the chota's

A young Baby Beesh, he don't fuck with police

& he'll beat the dop shit out your nephew & niece

If they ever get the snitchin' yellin' tellin' & singin'

I'm a call the whole squad & some heads gon' be ringin'

I'm Dope House stout, fuck a set up & no hear though

It's real talk, real breath, make it clear hoe!

[Chorus: Carolyn:]

Throw your hood up

All my G's represent

Turn up your deck

Dope House click came to wreck.

[South Park Mexican: Verse 3]

Money & the power, glass on the Prowler

Blaze up a blunt as I tell you all about it

Kill'a out the Hill'a, crawl like caterpillar

Pour a .44 up in my grapes as for real'a

This for my gangsta's 45 stainless

Throw yo' set up, let me see your sign language

Sell a crack rock, steal a laptop

Jack for a key & sell that bitch for half off

Rollin' with my comrades

Buddy & we all blast, everybody bought Lac's

Everybody got stacks, some of us puff Black's

Some Newports

Tap tap Too $hort, even chop New York

If it ain't screwed up, I don't wanna hear it

Lac on pancake, while I'm pourin' up the syrup

In the pen-agena, Hillwood represent'a

Home of the rock, inside a broken antenna.


[Coast: Verse 4]

I throw my set rounds, I been at up's & down's

Anybody plays about it, my lady has sounds

Homey from the Nawf side & I'm all about mine

Money paper chasin' stack it up, I gotta count mine

Cause I...

Was raised in a broken home, the groceries gone

Mama snortin' coke to the dome, but hold the foam

She left Coast alone, I'm slowly grown

& learned how to hold the chrome, My hope is gone.

Fuck bein' broke! Come on

I'm finna take ya to the spot where the homie's roam

We surely don't take no shit from nobody

So don't trip on nobody, get a clip in your body, uh

This the gut of the ghetto, Catholicism is in prison

We been with our religion, where I'm livin'

We been a victim, see we ain't just suspect's here

We leavin' proof, that there ain't been no justice here

My hood.

[Chorus: Carolyn:]

Throw your hood up

All my G's represent

Turn up your deck

Dope House click came to wreck.

[Lucky Luciano: Verse 5]

Came to wreck it. Huh?

Look up in the sky. Is it a bird or a plane?

Naw Superman is arrived here to save the damn day

Flyer than a pelican, leanin' off medicine

Johnny pay checks slash player made Mexican

There's my introduction, now let me start stuntin'

Blue & yellow diamonds on teeth, baby I'm bubblin'

Up like crack, Luck strike back

Wreckin' all these mic's got my money on stack

Hold up, come dust me off pass me the weed alright

Now mix me up some zip but baby don't put too much Sprite

I'm a tip stacker, swang a big Lac'a

Watchin' Andy Milonakis in my den on big plasma

Addicted to Henne & that strip club shit

Tell them hoes of the jump I'm a pimp you dumb bitch!

Sent to wreck & get a check

Turn up your deck, this dope

We iced up & priced up & crawlin' in Benzo's.

[Powda: Verse 6]

7: 24' I be sackin' them digits

Cause I'm a hustle 'til I die & I'm in it to win it

Makin' my paper independent, got 7 years in it

Dope House platinum eyes, nigga that's when we finish

Man it's a dirty game but yet I shine so clean

Nigga whatever you need & puff, now holla at me

Whether I'm hustlin' on the side or I'm droppin' these verses

I got a service for you hoes, just watch me disperse it

& I be hurtin' 'em when I pull up in a big body

They be followin' me, stockin' like the paparazzi

So fuck a hater they just mad, they can't shine like me

I got the 15's 10 inch reclined on screens

& I'm a fine dime piece, I be sharp as a crease

Quick to get it poppin' like water in hot grease

& it ain't nothin' new, it's just the same old shit

Another day, another dollar, another case to catch.

[Chorus: Carolyn:]

Throw your hood up

All my G's represent

Turn up your deck

Dope House click came to wreck.

[Rasheed: Verse 7]

Philly to South Park met him at Hillwood

Graduate 88, H-Town we still hood.

Remember me in the Hustle Town?

I let the Mary Go Round put the hustle down

If yous' a Jane user

Throw your hands in the air on this track SPM is the producer

Riddla' standin' On Da Roof

Drop the flows in the booth

& drop the top on the coupe

Ain't no stoppin' the dude

My team makin' currency

Got 'em screamin' Dope House out in Germany

Rasheed number 1 soldado

Puffin' on an avocado

With my foot up on the throttle

& a bottle of the Bourbon 'cause I swerve in the low-low

Solo' fo' sho' homies gettin' more dough

Sleepin' is for dreamers on the block like block

Throw your hood up, throw your hood up

Let it drop!

[Grimm: Verse 8]

Cadillac driver, up & down the slab maine

Cousin, man is nothin' but supreme in my gas tank

Tippin' on the fast lane, chuggin' on some top flight

Grindin' shinnin' blindin' like a spot light

Swangin' on them cops like Cuttie that's Graimmie

Yeah they might want us, but they won't get behind me

Now I'm doin' 90, all gas no breaks

Fuckin' with your boy, get your punk ass hoe faced

Drop you like a dope case, faster than a pony kick

Nigga beat your feet, kick some rocks with that homey shit

Most the time we loadin' clips

Otherwise we holdin' chips

Hittin' scores, kickin' doors

Pimpin' whores, rollin' whips

So we dip stun & we slide to them Screw tapes

Pistol in the waist line, money in the suit case

Drop it in a cool place

Everything's gravity

This is for streets 'cause my hood is my family.

[Chorus: Carolyn:]

Throw your hood up

All my G's represent

Turn up your deck

Dope House click came to wreck.

[Quota: Verse 9]

You can call me Mr. Break-a- Brick, take a trip

Tape a thousand grams to the bumper, Man & make it flip

I'm an interstate veteran, pedal to the max

I see the federal for my stash, my Beretta on my lap

'Cause I'm a street hustler, 20, 000 miles just this summer

Ever since the 1st day of June, nappin' on a cama

Got that Boomerang glow, once I throw it in the pot

Is comin' right back I promise, dawg I'm blowin' up the spot

Listen, it's only me I got a million dollar corner

Fed's tap my house phone & they still out of order

I'm the son of a preacher man, mama knows I'm thuggin'

& I should of been a chef the way I cook crack up your oven met

Teachers taught us Just say no. I had to hustle though

Even that I stayed broke, didn't want to struggle so

Buy half & 8 ball, hit the block runnin'

Thought the world was mine 'til I saw the cops comin'

& it's too late.

[Low-G: Verse 10]

My homey died & the cops called it drug related

I was standin' right there when his mother fainted

& I felt trapped, cause I know I gotta choose fate

I grabbed my nina & made that bitch lose weight

Since 88 with a nick in my tube socks

I been a G since you was tryin' to do the moonwalk

I'm from a place that they call Hondura's

Nothin' fake about my life except my car insurance

Bullet proof vest, my jefa sense stress

Nothin' positive about me, except my piss test

I grew up in a house full of empty stomachs

While other kids was at McDonald's gettin' 20 nuggets

& I'm known all across the ghetto's

Boy you think the fuckin' law, so don't pawn my huelo's

My chrome spits & I know to chase hoe clicks

Nate at the club dancin' with a glow sticks.

Throw your hood up

All my G's rep...

[Pain interrupts chorus:]

[Breakdown 1: Pain & Carolyn]

Pain: Carolyn.

Carolyn: Yeah what?

Pain: Uhm ... Los said he didn't want a hook at the end of the song.

Carolyn: Oh. You mean one at the end of the song?

Pain: Yeah, everybody's already done their rap that's the whole Dope House Family.

Carolyn: What you mean everybody? What about mine?

Pain: Girl you don't know how to rap.

Carolyn: Jaime, you got me fucked-up!

Pain: Okay... I'll let you try, but if Los doesn't like it I have to take you off.

Carolyn: Just tell me when to come in.

Pain: Right... right... now.

[Carolyn: Verse 11]

I ain't gon' lie Dope House 'til I die

With my niggas in the studio, chillin' gettin' high

Rollin' up sweets, breakin' these beats

Sippin' on skurrup & it slur my speech

Comin' out the H, where they bake cakes

I ain't talkin' 'bout the kind that your mama makes

I need a little space, Texas is the place

Ya tu sabes homes, I'm a represent my race

New to the scene, but not to the game

Blowin' purple skun & is fuckin' with my brain

Tryin' to stack change, up to the ceilin'

Lookin' out the window another neighborhood killin'.

When will they chill? I don't really know

Keepin' my mind on a 6 double O

Rims dripped in chrome & Benz dripped in paint

Just can't stop like a car with no brakes.


Pain: Man you wrecked.

Carolyn: I told you fool.

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