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Beast Ballad



I swear there's nobody in the industry fuckin with Chicago rap niggas

Believe me

I give it to you niggas if you want it

This for you, Va

What up, P


I'm the grimiest nigga

With the weapon I'm smackin ya

A Legend like Acura

Plus I'm ryhmin with vigor

With a better work ethic they say I mighta been Jigga

There's no regrets, the flow is wet, my nigga, cry me a river

Exceptional vernacular, weapons spectacular

And I'm never satisfied, somebody grab me a Snicker

Named J-U-ICE like the diamonds that glitter

When rhymin in a blizzard, seein me's like tryina get a lining with scissors

Plus I'm throwin back a fifth of that Dom, my nigga, it's fryin my liver

Supplyin the piff and ? infinite

I don't even gotta try to get ignorant

Like Theo and Vanessa dad I can deliver it

Plus I do it just to brag, I am a intricate rhymin wizard

Intravenous dope up in every rhyme and I'm spittin it

It's like I'm puttin coke in every line and you sniffin it

Plus I carry a nine, Terry Shine, I'm rippin it

[ VERSE 2: Rhymefest ]

I am not here to spit metaphors or create dances

I am a can of whoop-ass ready to open

Willin and hopin you would provoke him

Try to insult me, I will punch you in yo face until my fists start smokin

Till my hands start soakin in the blood from the wounds that was open

From the shit you was talkin out of motion

I'm emotionless, I beat you to a Pulp for yo Fictional

Some old John Travolta shit, hocus pocus, bitch

It's the magic show, spooks disappear down the rabbit hole

LJ guerilla warfare, my shit's tactical

I hold grudges, ? , do not touch it

Fuck with, walk away from me, man, say Fuck it

You don't want it, get stomped by the Brown Hornets

Vakill, Crooked I and J, we all on it

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

Fuck that, kill your enemies, yo, this ain't Oprah

We gon' ride

[ VERSE 3: Nino Bless ]

Look I don't give a fuck, my motto is live it up

Keep your glass half full, see mines, I fill up

You want war, please give it up, the gig is up

I'm sick enough to penetrate ?

Yes it's Brooklyn's crooked minister

Spit conscious shit, then push some kush when I finish up

I administer the sickest of scripts since

That Indian that wrote the script to the Sixth Sense

You lames spittin should quit and go back to 'caine, bitches

Is you insane, you must ? simpin

Got your blood on my blade drippin, I ain't kiddin

I pierce your chest like a ? , you lay stiffen

Dog, I stay trippin, you know I was playin, pimpin

I end his life cause this wasn't in G and Kane's vision

Yeah I'm game uptown for that same mission

Aim-clickin, bang-spittin, flame sick as Twain's diction

[ VERSE 4: Crooked I ]

Yeah, even though I'm holdin hot burners

This killer is colder than hyperthermia

A single round spin'll sit you down like a hernia

Me and Rihanna, we got a seperate definition for 'disturbia'

I'm mentaly disturbed, nigga, I murder ya

That prrrat put a peephole in your flesh

A keyhole in your chest

Then I open up your torso

Just like a door, so

Death can walk in

Negro, I'm depressed, please know I'm a mess

Send you right upstairs

Gun treat you like them Billie Jean sidewalks, the way they light up squares

Yeah, kill kickdrums, tie up snares

Wanna describe my flow in one word? Try 'unfair'

Tireless nights I spit fire into wireless mics

Till I expired its life, until my life expired I'm fly as a kite

And I'm firin iron that'll turn any Iron Mike into Brian McKnight

Mmmwwaaa, good night

[ VERSE 5: Vakill ]

I'm hate's Cupid on a poison-tipped arrow assignment

Strapped to the ?

My barrel alignments never minded enough exposin bone-marrow confinement

Non-rhymers' subsconcious is vicious

Only pussy gettin past these bars is conjugal visits

Ganja exquisit, when inhaled conjure a vision

Explicit as point blank with a rocket launcher ?

My physic's the Lord's best kept secret, swept under His rug

Cracked the earth with a thunderous tug

I work wonders with slugs, I'm a blunder with blood

It will spill until the angels come and plunge in the flood


This that new Chi, necks frosty, bars is Windex-glossy

Next costly mistake I'm squeezin Tecs ?

Any nigga that plans to ex-off me

Ain't got two snowballs chances on a anatomically correct Frosty

You ain't heard no bars that's inhuman and wild

Mushroomin a cloud till all you bitches consumed in a pile

God and Satan reunion is now

And if Obama gets shot there'll be more blood in crackers than fuckin communion allows

Can't shit breathin dishonour these verses

Only cracks you'll find in my arm is 2 for 5's if the fuckin economy worsens

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Lyrics by Vakill

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