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.38 Airweight

Bernie Goetz, I been thinkin bout Bernie Goetz

Bang, hit deck

D.B. Cooper and EasyJet

Bang, go west find me a place that time forgets

Bang, check out with the best

Get rest in a real way

Hangin off the chain back against the frame off the wall

Cut against the grain rub everything raw call it off

Come and get me mane number still the same give a call

Prolly let it rang playin a different game kill em all

Sinking ships, I've been thinking about sinking ships

Big risk, pink slips, point missed

Blame, I've been looking for someone to blame

Campaigns, big banks, close aim, point blank, bang

Flag raised out the barrel end reads you can't win it means you can't win

Bang, I've been looking for a new escape

Probably best if I burrow in opt out not cop out

I'm just trying to carve my slice but the game played is knives out

and there ain't nowhere hide so I guess it's time

No more taking the bait straight- laced complacent restraint

Got my wrists bent where they can't lift up

let me counter with this not with a whimper, with a bang


Hangin off the chain back against the frame off the wall

Cut against the grain rub everything raw call it off

Come and get me mane number still the same give a call

Prolly let it rang playin a different game kill em all

Yeah, vaguest threats I been thinkin bout Bernie Goetz

Charley Bronson, lay em wet

I been thinkin bout pulling out heart from chest plate, laid waste

I been thinkin bout saving face

I been thinkin my saving grace is claiming spaces and escaping

Slip slip slip in smoke and self-erasing

Not a trace, not a sketch etched in opal, held in place

Bang, I been thinkin bout safe

I been thinkin bout motives

I been runnin in place


Loaded, I've been drinking I'm loaded

consequences eroded, yeah I'm on the fence and they know it

all them politics have been quoted

ain't gonna call it quits or decode it

alright—all my chips will be thrown in sack of shit, I'm reloaded

Shots ring off in the distance, make no difference

driving in a car but there ain't no engine on instincts gone, instant song

it's been a long and winey road

Oh and the bottle's half gone and the throttle ain't responding no plans no land so...

Grown Man Syndrome, ex-Planeteer

you could grow out or grow up, just outlast your peers

and the children of the corn syrup got em by the ears

walk behind the fields, all the dreams reflect your fears

Ain't nothing else but pull the belt spread the wealth but who dusts the shelf?

Hell to pay but it sells itself

I ordered paradise

Born and raised without the help

Now it's shorter days, I couldn't tell flawed in all the ways, bottle holidays spend some time on myself

Pop quiz hot shot, quick fixer-upper

another notch and lock stock—bang you's a sucker

Blame it on my nature but I learned it from my mother

tattoos on my hands replace the lines inside my palms, gone

De-anxietized, heavy metal weighted joints play the parts but I'll pace my points

back to the crowd and I face the noise

Homebase, chase the ghost, nothing's never safe

I made a stick into a gun and stared right at the sun


Hangin off the chain back against the frame off the wall

Cut against the grain rub everything raw call it off

Come and get me mane number still the same give a call

Prolly let it rang playin a different game kill em all

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Lyrics by Doomtree

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