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32 Flavas


I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

[Verse 1]

Once upon a time not long ago

It was a high yellow chick and she had some flow

Little coke bottle body had it trained ago

Hair looking Portorican sweetest cinnamon roll

The boys kinda cookie up, check out her swag

Cherry diamonds in the wrists and Emilio bag

Blue berry, strawberry, something better than that

Cotton candy lipstick, she don’t play with them men

She lived in Harlem, but front in the seat

She liked to shop a 125th, whipping to be

Candy upper red bottom, Alexander McQueen

Shid a cookie on the looky y’all head to the queen


My milkshake brings all the boys in New York

Damn right, it’s better than yours

Banana and butter scotch,

Chocolate and lollipops, come on


I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

[Verse 2]

The next day she met a fellow on the block

The watch couple of minutes, he responds by his watch

He knew she love the shot money and the limo drop

Eenie meenie mini, every trying to get the cherry popped

Been running from the cops, everything is stolen

Trunk full of works and that beats, beats rolling

They headed west, pineapple express,

Vanilla chinchilla on a honey bun crisp

He smell gum drop satisfy sweet tooth

Peach color attitude, he’da wish to save ya

On yesterday news, hitting every store next I

Next stop is Willy Wonka and the chocolate store

They brought another, another and another

Only to discover that this cop was undercover

(We go the place surrounded, come out with your hands up)

Lil miss cookie and her man was in handcuffs


Whoa, come on

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours

[Verse 3]

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar

Cookie monster with the crooked arm

With the cookies in the car

That’s how she banged them,

Skittles and a rainbow,

Pepper mint chocolate, peach fruit mango

Cherries on top, cherries on top

Ice cream cone with the cherries on top

With a white whip cream and a bubble yum box

And the way she kissed snicker part


My milkshake brings all the boys in New York

Damn right, it’s better than yours

Banana and butter scotch,

Chocolate and lollipops


I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours (worldwide)

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours (too pretty)

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours (come on)

I got 32 flavours, I got 32 flavours (come on yea yea yea)

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Lyrics by Diamond

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