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225 Rounds

At 3:47, more than 150 rounds of ammunition

Were fired into your apartment, which was about 200 yards away

A few moments later, another fifty to seventy five rounds

Were fired in the street and you're gonna stand here

And tell me you didn't see a goddamn thing?

I live life lavish and my chain is carats

The last flame on the train to Paris

Used to be lame then I changed to maverick

So many clothes, can't name the fabrics

Dynamics, I want the fame

And my name engraved in granites

This the land and I came to grab it

Yeah, you movin' sideways, change your habits

Yeah, used to rock minks, then I change to rabbit

From out the garbage, I came from Abbott's

Used to be righteous then changed to savage

Bang my ratchet like Bangkok Dangerous

36 Chamber Fists, trianglist

Watch me mangle this, star spangle this

Rock cowboy, wrangle it, create mega hits

I'm from the grain, game at my fingertips

Yeah, Killah Hill, lay it down

Killa Bees on the swarm


Aiyo, I plow down tracks like I'm out for revenge

Fuck it, it seems like the drama never ends

Be in the projects like I never left out

Might be on odds good, see a nigga stressed out

I can't take it, seems like my hood is cursed

Bad niggas, I thought that the good was first

My old hawk, she march with a foul parade

Don't learn shit 'til another child is sprayed

I'm out here, fuck it like I live on Targhee

And Rico keep a low cut like laundry

I don't give a fuck, y'all made me bitter

I'ma whip your kids out like a babysitter

I'm a grown man but I'm young in the mind state

Live in every borough but New York, my tri state

Test me, you nothin' but a bitch on the tour bus

Pour piss on you, leave you stuck with four months

My head fucked up, I'm off my clean streak

Don't make me pick the nines up, I come from mean streets

My unit snitched on me, ratted me out

They all ganged up on me, try to take my mouth

However the cause, I'ma chill and get bent

That cut from dirty cloth who cut from cement

Original Tarzeen got the crazy glow

Them devils try to jump me, I'm crazy though

Absolut Vodka rap, crushin' that Goose

O.G. all day like I be on the deuce

Pop off with it, get your army in order

State in Africa, Islam across that water

Yeah, what you talkin' about, nigga?

Word up, you think it can't happen?

Nigga, I smack all y'all niggas

This Big Don from the groupies

Nigga, I be where the Stoupe is

Yeah, told 'em, Afghan will travel

Blowin' earth metals, black sons spills gravel

Bronze man, Oblong javelins in my cabinet

Detroit submit seeds, salutation from the missile plant

Quick to the hollow point, it ain't no olive branch

My low cal, four-oh cal in the cardigan

Tempted by Satan, put a bullet in his diaphragm

Walk around black clouds and quiet violins

Italian fire blends, poet and violent pens

Illest ill, scotch deal, plots and iron winds

Up hill near the ghetto spill the sirens sing

Street dreams, black seed and the inspired kings

From fire water veins, still rain mystery

And chains due to my roots, no doubt in the ring

On the road to riches and diamond speech

I might turn a bag and wash sand in the mountain peaks

Yo, I don't text to send messages

My testosterone stimulate her oestrogens

Whether black, Caucasian or the Mexican, Asians

She get the message and she comin' back for sex again

Organic drugs, my natural persuasion

You under the influence of 36 invasion

Spider-Man, amazin' but I'm darker than Parker

Skin got abrasions from Maria and Tasha's

Slidin' down a street pole, pull up to your party

Stimulated with a jeep full of cherry gap honeys

And bottles of Vodka plus the weed bowls

Here we go

Meditatin', never jealous, overzealous

Wu-Tang Clan's my fellowship, fans massive acapellas

Of our lyrics would be with tracks embellishes

The idea clearer that Wu-Tang forever

This way of life is art, rhymes and cleverness

Enjoyin' by God, no man could sever this

I complete jobs, free and effortless

Use Tiger Crane, Snake Style plus the Leopard Fist

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Lyrics by Wu-Tang

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