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1 - 800
Spice 1

The number you have reached 4x

[ verse 1 ]

We used to piss on the floors in the bathroom

In elementary

I never thought you'd end up in the penitentiary

Readin these letters you've sendin me

Sippin hennesey watchin my back for enemies

They wanna see me burried

I heard you had to put some work in

When you got there

Don't wanna rott there

Heard niggas plot there

So what you're doin bout 5 to 10

Collect for robert green from the federal pen

Nigga what you do to get yourself in jail

He said I'm fightin double murder

25 with an l

Can you help me with my lawyer

I'm gettin kinda broke

Good girl gone bad

Niggas got smoked

Can't talk too much about it on the phone

Po-po'd listen peep game

Your ass'd never come home , see

Damn you can't escape the drama

Don't be stressin imma give the scrilla

To your baby momma

I seen your baby boy and he's doin o.k.

Lil' playa lookin more and more like you everyday


You just keep pumpin that iron and watch your back

Up on the main line

I make sure that your family's doin fine

Comrads since the age of 3

And I know my patna will do the same for me

Collect from the pen

[ chorus ] 3x

They are dialin 1-800-c-o-l-l-e-c-t

Straight from the state penitentiary

They are dialin 1-800-c-o-l-l-e-c-t

From the federal penitentiary

[ verse 2 ]

They are dialin 1-800-c-o-l-l-e-c-t

It's dollar bill susanville collect for me

Said he was glad that I'm in the rap game

Cause in the concrete zoo you livin life like the crap game

We used to be 2 lil' bad ass kids

Reminiscin on the dirt that we did

Back in the day we had to stick together , man

Gettin the hustle on in any type of weather , man

Takin the turns

While we used to keep watch out for the cops

Never no squabble we was compromisin tradin knots

Said he was seein all the homies up inside stressin

Havin suicidal thoughts over lifes lessons

My people was tryin to call and see if I'm in home yet

With hella niggas in the back yellin phone checks

( get out the phone befo' you get stole on )

They send my patna to the hole again

Before the conversation even began

Collect from the pen

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3 ]

Hello you reached the east bay gangster s-p-i-c-e

Well it's the homie from the federal penitentiary

What you have doin black

You call your momma back

She's stressin hard as you off where you at

I seen your sendin pictures with your yokes on

Braided hair with them crazy black locks on

Mad dog and ? ? hog throwin up the hood

Be right here smokin broccoli with me if you could

Peep this

My little patna been in jail so long

That he ain't even thinkin bout comin home

You got the only family that he know besides

His momma in the pen with him

And all the oldschool comrads is in with him

I didn't have to ask him what he pulled them licks for

You get them pictures that I send you of my '64

Yeah , you know the one we always used to ride in

The one them suckers try to run up on the side in

We strapped quick as soon as he tried to get in

Never forget the dirty work you put in

Collect from the pen

[ chorus ]

The number you have reached :


Has been disconnected

You stupid muthafucka !!

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