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'n Thugs We Trust

(Shots being fired)

Yeah, that'll do it

Yeah, I love hip hop

I love this muthafuckin hip hop game

This nigga here is a little nigga man

Stay in your motherfucking lane nigga

You fucking with the Don nigga

Folow me


Fifty me, Fifty, he's the fakest that you've ever seen

Curtis, Curtis Jackson, how come you can never been seen

Once I got you, I'm gonna get give you

My, My, for for for for

My, My, for for for for

My, My, for for for for

I'm going to give it to you baby, nice and slow

Fifty you goin to end up dead when you fuckin with crack

Talk about your girl pop off, where the fuck you be at

I see mj in the hood more than Curtis

Matter of fact, this beef shit is making niggaz nervous

It's gonna be families grieving every sunday service

End up with your head popped off thanks to Curtis

But he don't care, he's still locked up in his house and shit

Steroid up and he wont come about that bitch

Is it me or does candy shop sound like magic stick?

In the video, this nigga fifty bout to strip

Shaking his ass, what the fuck is wrong with this nigga

Fifty don't make me

Oh yeah, you got sixty-five niggaz on your team

And they're not from Southside Jamaica, Queens

They're the boys in blue, and I'm just speaking the truth

Yeah we all see the bitch in you

Follow me


Fifty me, Fifty, he's the fakest that you've ever seen

Curtis, Curtis Jackson, how come you can never been seen

Once I got you, I'm gonna get give you

My, My, for for for for

My, My, for for for for

My, My, for for for for

I'm going to give it to you baby, nice and slow

Now let's take it back to Vibe awards

Where that nigga disrespect and then snuffed your balls

A minute ago, all I heard was G-G-G-G-Unit

Fifty niggaz ran and they didn't even do shit

That's a shame, I was sitting right in the front

Waiting for you niggaz to dunk

Where are all your guns and them teflon vests?

We them terror squad boys

You should know not to test us

Hate it or love it, The Game's on top

Now you jealous of him, when your shit going to stop?

You've seen me before

Yous a bitch nigga straight out of low cash

And they don't believe him, this nigga is so ass

You dissed lean back, said my shit was a dud

Now tell me, have you ever seen 'em up in the club?

No, no, no shawty

That's right, you see them more than you rappin

Now Fifty that ain't right


Fifty me, Fifty, he's the fakest that you've ever seen

Curtis, Curtis Jackson, how come you can never been seen

Once I got you, I'm gonna get give you

My, My, for for for for

My, My, for for for for

My, My, for for for for

I'm going to give it to you baby, nice and slow

I know what y'all thinkin man

Y'all thinkin jd gonna slam lyrically

This nigga be crazy for dissin' Fat Joe man

He really crazy tho

This nigga be walkin around with twenty cops talking shit on records

And never be comin out of his house

Feel like he can't get touched man

I'm gonna respond one time, one time only

It ain't gonna be more songs for me man

This is for all the mutha fuckers who die crack

Trust me, make a response ten thousand times

I ain't talkin back to that nigga

One thing I will promise you

That's it man

This is crack bitch

It's gonna be a real ugly summer man

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Lyrics by Yukmouth

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