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I want a playmate
I said I want a playmate
I want a playmate
I said I want a playmate

My playboy bunny
My money don got kinda low
The day was sunny,
So I just decided she would go,

Out to the movies and maybe much later we would kiss
Jumped in the water
'Cause all I received was cold fish
Lookin' for some action, and out on my two wheels I would seek

I need a freak, and someone who ain't afraid of the E
want to have some fun? The run by my way, you can cum
Come with me, and we'll walk right up into the sun
Neva knew no one, in the Y2K who ain't packin' no gun

Baby come and get some
If you givin' up cause you gets no weed funds
You gets no weed funds
My playboy bunny, her turn-ons include

Pony rides
want to spank that monkey
She's tellin' you to come inside
Want to have some carrot cake

I have always wanted a playmate
Could it be my fate, to pick you up around 8, 20-inch rim skate
It's a dream date
I want a playmate

I said I want a playmate
Let's play
I want a playmate
I said I want a playmate

My playboy bunny
To the president there's a lesson we all learn
In time everyone will get a intern
I saw your picture, you posin' just like a magazine

No one would ever know that you was a sexual fiend
Want to be my queen?
We could walk to the park and eat jellybeans
You the girl of my dreams

Make all the other women look like dope fiends
Movie screens, porno stars goin' far in cars
Centerfolds, dirty dancing up in titty bars
I want a playmate

I want a playmate
I said I want a playmate
I want a playmate
I said I want a playmate

I want a playmate

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