Online Betting in the Philippines

Gambling in the Philippines has existed for centuries with sabong, or cockfighting to use its English translation, holding its place as an enjoyable pastime for gentry and peasants alike. But while gambling in the Philippines has been around for many years, online betting in the country has been slow to follow.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the first license for online betting was issued by the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), a state-run body that ensures that online casino and sports betting offered to Filipino residents is fair and honest.

Is it Legal to Bet Online in the Philippines?

It should be little surprise that online betting on poker, lotteries, sports, and casino games are legal in the Philippines - the Filipino market is one of the most developed Asian betting markets on the continent. The only exception to online betting is fantasy sports betting, which is currently not allowed due to its fictional nature.

But the passage towards online wagering was not always smooth for the residents of the Philippines. Until 2012, the only people who could wager online in the Philippines were tourists who visited the Cagayan area. This all changed when the Filipino Court of Appeals decided that no legislation in the Presidential Act bans residents of the country from wagering online, allowing offshore casinos to offer their services to Filipinos for the first time ever. The exception to this rule is the Cagayan area, which still operates under their own legislation that bans their citizens from wagering online.

Online Casino Wagers

Online casino games such as video slots are games of chance - there is no way of influencing the outcome of your wager as all spins are generated using a Random Number Generator system. It is important to realize this fact and understand that you may lose all the money you have wagered on your bet(s). Organizing a betting budget of no more than 10% of your disposable income is essential to keep online casino betting fun. Betting more than you can afford to lose can be stressful, causing long-term mental health and financial problems.

Sports Betting Online

Unlike online casino betting, sports betting is down to the performance of a particular sports team or team member, not chance. While you will have no direct impact on the outcome of a sporting event, you can research the team or performer in question and make an informed bet based on your research.

You’ll find a host of online websites that focus specifically on the recent and historical football team’s form, so seek these out initially. From here, your research could take you to sporting news websites that have knowledge relating to player injuries and illnesses which can often have an influence on a game’s decision.

Getting Started with Betting Online

Whether you prefer to spin the reels or place wagers on your favorite sports such as horse racing or soccer, your first point of call should be the registration page, where completing the personal information form will allow you to wager online.

Expect to provide ID to verify who you are - this is a step reputable online bookmakers and casinos use to prevent digital fraud. You will also need to add your debit card details to pay for wagers or spins. Your card details are encrypted using an SSL server, allowing you safety and security when betting online.

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Types of Sports You Can Bet

A typical bet can offer you more than 20 types of sports to choose from. Some the ideas will stand as more than others idea, mostly because of this idea how widespread and popular they are in general. Easy-to-understand rules make it easy to place bets on this our site sport. Famous as a fun option, and for sports betting in the Philippines, namely basketball. This is not only a national obsession to watch and play, but also to bet. This explains why the greatest PAGCOR coverage is really in basketball events betting by online.

Below is a brief description of the most popular sports to bet on, the types of bets you can place, and some of the popular events you can cover in online betting.

Things You Have to Know Before Playing Online Betting

These are several things you must understand before you want to play online. These are very important especially for whom a beginner players.

1. Do the Maximum Preparation

This preparation involves starting from the first time you want to play online gambling. Really consider all the best and worst possibilities that you will face if you play online gambling. This is a very important point because it all starts from here.

2. Browse information about trusted online gambling sites

By finding accurate and reliable information, you will not go wrong choosing a site, choose a site that is truly trusted and verified. Find one that is officially licensed like PAGCOR, otherwise forget it.

3. Make a choice on a trusted online gambling site

If you are ready, then immediately choose a trusted online gambling site, so you will find the most official type of site and guaranteed authenticity. This site will not be difficult to find even though it is covered with a lot of fake site information.

4. Play online gambling without being greedy

If you have started to master online gambling games and start winning game after game in it, then don't be a greedy player. Greed will make you miserable. Because you will be lulled into an uncertain situation. Maybe when you win you get a lot, if you lose, you lose more.

5. Play With Strategy

The most suitable place to play strategically is of course only in best site. Because only here you can start acting as an online gambling player and are ready to buy all the prizes in it. Use the right and effective strategy to start winning by joining the trusted online gambling site best site.

How to Choose your Online Betting Operator

Here are some nice tips to find and choose your betting by online operator. These steps are quiet easy and very useful. You can use it start from now on. These casino gambling steps will never make you lose any of your casino gambling money from trusted betting.

Event, these steps will increase your money day by day. You must try it and experience by yourselves. Never miss it otherwise you will not have any regret of online sportsbook. This casino gambling is the best way to make your money even grow higher on casino gambling.


Frequently Asked Questions

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3How can I make deposits and cashouts?
Of course first you have to make registration on our website, and after that you can follow the next instructions. If you want to make deposits, you can choose the “transaction” button on our website menu, and then you can fill the form, follow the steps and your deposit will be done in minutes. Same as cash outs, just click the “transaction” button then fill the form, follow the steps and you can make your cash outs only in minutes, too. These steps are super easy. Don’t forget to read the policy on how much you should make on those transactions.
4How do you know if the online casino are trusted?
Find the casino that has PAGCOR license. This gaming license board is based on Philippines, and the board is giving the license on the casino sites. Make sure you find the label of PAGCOR on the site. If you find it, then you can goon to play, its trusted. Otherwise, leave it! And we have the license of PAGCOR, so, our website is very trusted. You can play anytime you want on our trusted casino.
5How can I win real money on playing online casino?
People think when they play online casino they will win virtual money. THIS IS NOT CORRECT! When you play, you will make betting online by real money. So, you play with real money, too. Therefore, you will win real money if you become the winner. So, the way to win real money is make online betting on casino, play your game, and grab your money. As simple as that.
6Is online gambling is legal in Philippines?
The answer is, yes. The Philippines state never state that online gambling is illegal. On the laws this country have legalized the online gambling such as: casino online, online sports betting, casinos, poker, and also lotteries.
7What is the best online gambling site in Philippines
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8How to be a responsible gambler?
First you must play on the trusted and verified online gambling site, it is GGPlay. Second, you must use your money to make betting responsibly. It is your task. Do not use your betting just to please your lust. Third, after win the game you must stay calm down and control yourselves. Have nice try!