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You Ain't Got Nothing On Me

I'm with a hundred and one niggas, we Dalmatian doggy deep

And fly with the tongue so if you feelin froggy leap

Kermit you better think before you ribbit

Don't be murdered over your song before you ad-lib it

I pop up like Xzibit

But givin' I'm at your crib it's

Not to put no fuckin' fish tanks in your Civics

Fuck getting your ride pimped

You'll get hog-tied whipped

Have you in the trunk curled up like fried shimp

It's been a good year maybe I should ride a blimp

Cause your boy just stay above the game

They tryna tag em, spray a brotha' frame

But your shots can't reach me I'm way above your aim

Go 'head nigga, say another name

Take this family for a joke play them Wayan Brothers games

And I'm a get you sucka I be scheming with dis keenin

Aimin with dis Damon

I'm puttin that major pain in

My lil man is on ya Marlon and Shawn ya

Lay the beef on this noodle

Make some noodle lasagna

40 cal fettuccine tres pound pasta

You reach for this medallion you must like Italian, nigga

You only see me pushin if the drivers tired

I work the S6 ever since the 5 retired

The drop top, they say it's Ocean Drive inspired

So you could call a cab once your bitch fall for Fab

Uh I get money like a *mufucka*

Shades darker than I bitch but I could see

I got everything

You got nothing

You ain't got nothin' on me

Uhhh I'm gettin money like a *mufucka*

Yeaa money u would never see yeaa

I got everything

You got nothing

You ain't got nothin' on me

I'm on the grind till the police come

With that pistol on the side boy don't be dumb

Or... I let that semi twirl ya

Now you could follow the drip

Cause one shot outta the clip will Jheri curl you

Leave you sloppy like seconds

Obey me like peasants

Or get opened up like presents

Please, my young boys whilin for respect

Slit your throat, have you smilinl witcha neck

Say cheese

My doughs a bit longer

My flow is just slaughter

My wrists look like frozen Poland Spring water

So tell me boys tell me boys who you think your messing with

I get money out the ass, that's some expensive shit

Haven't you all heard (what?)

Ya'll all herbs (yup)

I stick toothpicks(where)

In ya hors d'oeuvre


I'm a shark, ya'll just koi fish (what else)

Octopus(what else)



I got my eye on your wifey now (yea)

I'll have her lick me up(up)

And then wipe me down(down)

She told me you'se a nag, you'se a bug(ddaammn)

She told me I'm a blast I'm a stud*(daaamn)*

She told me you'd be beast and you'd be checkin for the burn

So I gave her knee pads for the rug(haha)

It's skull gang from the chain to the lifestyle

You surf-boy dudes get wiped out(totally)

Uh I get money like a *mufucka*

Shades darker than I bitch but I could see

I got everything

You got nothing

You ain't got nothin' on me

Uhhh I'm gettin money like a *mufucka*

Yeaa money u would never see yeaa

I got everything

You got nothing

You ain't got nothin' on me

Get you 3-4 get you like the number after 1 umma a get me 2

It's weezy f you now you gotta have a baby

My money don't fold nor bends

Mercedes Maybach, Grey black

And I gotta 4-4 and a k like 8-stacks

Fuck your city and your town, I state facts, take that

No, better yet like diddy take that

Wait rats, I hate rats

I clean them out like Ajax

Got paper like a fax machine


Damn I mean asinine

Dappa don

After mine there will be nine

Damn I mean there will be none

I will be one

Of the greatest things you ever felt you ever seen or

Heard carter Harvard ya'll scared

Not me

Not I

Call me young Popeye

Tell Bruno I'm a nuno

I'll bring rail to your funeral

Damn I mean funer-al funeral

You say tomato I say tomata

You say get 'em I say got 'em

Yea I got 'em

Man you better keep paying me cause you don't want my problems

I be wildin like Capital One... what is in your wallet?

You fly

But what is it to pilot?

Weezy I'm at the top foot up in your bottom

Damn I mean foot up in your ass

I kick that shit now gon put it in the trash


Uh I get money like a *mufucka*

Shades darker than I bitch but I could see

I got everything

You got nothing

You ain't got nothing on me

Uhhh I'm gettin money like a mutherfucka

Yeaa money you ain't never see *yeaa

Yeaa uh

You ain't got nothing on me

Yeaa I'm gettin' money like a mufucka

Shades darker than a bitch but I could see

I got everything

You got nothing

You ain't got nothing on me

Yeaa I'm gettin money like a mufucka

Big money nigga, big money nigga, big money nigga


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