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Del The Funky Homosapien


Who is the two like the Blues Brothers?


Yeah, who does it?


Me & you kid

we bruise dozens

& hundreds of kids

havin' fun with the wiz

that's me and,


Unicron, the inhuman on the mic

Yikes! (Zoinks!)


Lazer zaps saps who can't rap

they sound like beginners

I slam then I pin ya

send ya to the hospital

I gots the flow

no nigga dare step

you'll get your hair swept

off the floor when I clip ya

button ya lip ya

even if the record skips

I still rip (Damn that nigga still rips!)

total rivers

equip ya punk posse

ya got lots to see

days to come

before you raise from dumb to smarter

rippin' apart a poser

bend 'em

inside out, like Yoga

I'm a nice person on the inside

but men hide

when you and your friend die

but a hand to the strangler

the Beni Hanna chopper

and we oughtta pop ya

and crop ya

cause we're sick of that shit (Sick of it!)

I'm about to have a fit

& split ya head

& kick ya bitch, in the tits

they're tender

mixin' niggas brains like a blender

I kick rhymes like these to inja

and end ya

off ya

never comin' softer

this is not the best I can offer

I'ma save some for later

you ain't greater

than the man

with a plan

and the brand that his name

and I hate ya.



I'm the youngsta

with the swift tongue,

and the kid that lives up the street

over Jon's beat

I make rappers eat turds and hay

it doesn't matter what version you play

I will still slay

a crowd a rhymers

and Del how'd I find ya?


That one summer years ago I shoulda signed ya.


Just a quick reminder

for those who find a

problem with me

I'll put you on noid like a T & T timer

and there's only 20 seconds

now I'm 16

and yes fiend to wreck shit

I throw temper tantrums

that's my anthem

I'm not very big

but you phuck with me, you'll be like Jerry's kids

phucked up, & that's tough luck

Unicron has never backed down from a tough phuck

that's what lubricated Trojans are for

cause I know, when the corn hits the tip

I got the dip

flip & they suckin' on my nipples

and I will have a fut, too

cause I get excited when I ride it

fun while it lasted

Cas, did you like

when I did a song, back in the day with the Del-a-ray? (That's me!)

Get a patna

I'm glad you got the chance

to enhance the Jive roster

I'm a foster kid

but Del hooked me

now I look free when I'm out,

Del: And I'm out...



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