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Worldwide Choppers
Tech N9ne


Sen kalk bir minik mikrofonunu getir bak jak

Burda diktafonuna tak kaľıt kalem bir de ilham

Alınacak tam gaz choppers havada düžman avına çıkalım

Akalım hadi bu battle'ı kazanalım

We started in the Midwest

Now we 'bout to take it all over the world, baby

This is the pinnacle, yeah, Tech N9ne

Follow me, all around the planet, I run the gamut on Sickology

They can never manage, we do damage with no apology

Pick 'em out the panic, a little manic 'cause I gotta be

Frantic, I'ma jam it 'cause I'm an oddity

Gobble the track up like I'm grubbin' at Mama Nacka's

I could pop at you, papa 'cause I'm partners of Waka Flocka

Gimme the top of hip hop and watch 'em make 'em rock

With a show stopper, chakras poppin' off the

(Worldwide choppers)

If you or anybody you notice it

Tech is the pinnacle, now the identical solos it

Little coders to pull again, wrote it quick and they quoted it

Yo, when exposed, the flow be hold it, 'cause when the motor spit

A-bi-de-a, bi-de-a, never did get free of the rear

Better to get just near the mirror, ready to get near my hairs

Gimme the knock and I'ma chop it, he came and it went tomorrow

But I'ma lock it down and hop in the pocket like empanadas

Hit 'em up and get 'em up, I ain't done, I ain't did enough

Trippin' when I rip it, I be the X when I split 'em up

Sorta like I was liquored up and backin' up in the cup

Everybody be knowin' I be actin' up when I bust

From Missouri to Canada, I be keepin' the stamina

If you never been a fan of the man, the planet's unanimous

Can I cuss, fuck anybody, Tech is calamitous

Leave 'em in the dust, anybody, Tech when I'm standin', uh

Tech is hostile, he's awful

He really be wicked when he off in the bottle

You with it, you dig it? You never lost the apostle

He's thinkin' he can give it the Poe and toss it, Picasso

Killin' everybody off is the motto

And I be the only chopper that's tossed in the brothel

You said it's pathetic, my head is off in the taco

I sped and you bled and you in the coffin when I go

I'm light years ahead of my peers

Want some? You can come bring it right here

(Worldwide choppers)

Can't clown me, don't come 'round me

Bow down, I was crowned when they found me


Check it, I'm ahead of 'em, chop it up with the veteran

The legend developin', they gotta tell 'em it's evident

Gotta notice an elephant, none of you niggas relevant

You delicate, I'm lovin' every second of this


De vil alle tjekke når vi ligger det

Kommer ind og smækker det beatet jeg vækker det

I ved hvad der kommer ud af min mund

Hanger med de vildeste gutter

Det minder mig om vi stikker det af

For de kalder mig alle vild worldwide chopper


What if I ran into you with a Pogo stick?

Hopped up on top of you rappers like a Jehovah's Witness?

With a photo of Jesus and a paper pamphlet

And I threw up more tracks shit like I was playin' Hamlet?

Syllable burnin' that internal damage

Swing, batter, batter but then I lay back on a hammock

Under an oak tree like I was peelin' pecans

But instead I'm peelin' rappers' heads, makin' a sam-a-wich

Pick up a .22 and put a bullet inside

Of a motherfucker from Westside, a 1987 box

I'm headed up, yeah, headed for bucks

Fuck 'em all, make 'em feel my dread like I had a head of locks

Feel every bump like you had dead shocks

But I hopped on the fuckin' beat and I worldwide chopped

Wanna fuck with Tech N9ne, twist up the pine

And smoke a beat with Mr. Busta Rhymes, well, sure, why not?

Really don't need to show any more of my cock

But I run across the stadium in a pair of your socks

In a trench coat with the pencil and a watch

Then drop a verse before you can focus to read the clocks

Slumerican is out of control

Heat it up, beat it up then I gotta go

But I'm a dump truck, just send another load

Peter Piper dump a pile of peppers in your throat with an alien probe

I'm light years ahead of my peers

Want some? You can come bring it right here

(Worldwide choppers)

Can't clown me, don't come 'round me

Bow down, I was crowned when they found me



Well, I gotta focus up in my rhythm or loosen the venom

And hit 'em and give 'em a stigmatism and then I'ma spit 'em

Somethin' so full of vengeance that everybody'll wanna devour

The pieces of my enemies 'causin' cannibalism

Breakin' 'em off into particles like they get in a predicament

That be never reversible 'cause a nigga be too versatile

Makin' you nervous, you could never compete with the colonel

I burn you, I'm an immortal and that's the reason I murder you

Focus on my hocus pocus and make a likkle magic

After I wreck and check ya, then ya best pick a better habit

'Cause I'm an anomaly, able to give a lobotomy

To any motherfucker challengin' my astronomy

Hop and I don't stop with the violence when the flame's thrown

Now one of the most popular choppers and my name's known

Throwin' it up in the air, takin' it there

We W-W-C, if you can't keep up, should've stayed home

My alien knowledge be makin' other astronomers

Welcome to this Angeles, a discovery of paleontology

So play me and I'ma be shinin' on them haters

I'm finna be usin' it as energy, watch how radiant I'ma be

Like a helicopter when the words fly

Entire families all the way out to your girl die

If I catch you fuckin' with the most intricate lyricists

Or even try to stop us 'cause we choppers and we worldwide and I'm

I'm light years ahead of my peers

Want some? You can come bring it right here

(Worldwide choppers)

Can't clown me, don't come 'round me

Bow down, I was crowned when they found me

New York

See how they ask when I'ma stop it, my dude

And when I'ma cock it and pop it and what I'ma drop on my dude

Inevitably is that I'ma be the most incredible dude

To ever spit on the record and put it together, my dude

(Worldwide choppers)

And then they ask, What in the world is you provin'?

What, when you already the best and what the hell is he doin'?

Well, I'ma be choppin' and cuttin' and breakin' and beatin' and shakin'

And fuckin' everything up until there ain't no further mistakin'

And bustin' everything up like a fuckin' angry Jamaican

And shuttin' everything up, 'specially the ones who be hatin'

They lovin' everything until I got 'em stutterin' stupid

You hear 'em now? D-d-d-d-don't do-do-do-do it

P-p-p-please? Wh-wh-wh-why you gotta t-try us?

W-w-w-w-we already know that you be the nicest

And now I'ma come and kill 'em, get 'em, hit 'em, and finish 'em

And bang 'em in the head and diminish 'em and then I'll

Hit 'em again at a minimum, repeat comin' to kill 'em

Then he be gotta be drillin' 'em, thinkin' They gotta be feelin' 'em

Spittin' lithium, see the way a nigga be spillin' 'em?

And gettin' 'em stupid to the point where there's no forgivin' 'em?

Hopin' you're listenin' and you're payin' attention

And you're witnessin' the way that I be christenin' the mic

And gettin' in the zone, I be flattenin' and packin' in

People from the front to the back and

They got me actin' a fool, I'm blackin', nigga, now I'm home

I'm light years ahead of my peers

Want some? You can come bring it right here

(Worldwide choppers)

Can't clown me, don't come 'round me

Bow down, I was crowned when they found me


My fire annihilate, make fighters retire instantly

I'm choppin', don't call me Michael Myers in my vicinity

The way I be killin' 'em with rhythm, it get illegitimate

The iller will finish any end of predicament

And the enemies in the vicinity, I gotta mack up

They know they can never get with me whenever they mention me

The hands of a young lyrical criminal, more deadly than chemicals

Check my resume, they say that your boy's biblical


[Incomprehensible] I dead 'em, I set 'em, and you can feel me

Diggin' up in your brain and bringin' the pain, and y'all fin' wanna kill me

Fillin' 'em with that fury, get up and hurry, you can feel the Remy

Comin' up with that shit, I'm havin' a fit, and you will never peel me

Offin' you when I'm on top of you, we got the drop on you

You been poppin' off, I'ma hit 'em up with a bullet to the


You can look into the eyes of a heathen, breathin', you're fiendin'

And dreamin' to find a demon named Insane, I'm a worldwide


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