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What the Fuck
R.A. the Rugged Man

feat. Akinyele

Produced By: Marc Nigga Nilez

[Verse 1: Akinyele]

It's the Ak that rock that freaky beats

Staying on the job like them niggas home from work release

I hear rappers talk like they're the hardest

Well, I be in jails trying to get bails to come over from the real murder charges

I put you in a hearse, kid

Rock with vanity virgins so fuck her right in the rhyme without the cursive

Huh, I get illy ripping this shit like a villy

You fish ass niggas, you best go free Willy

I recite paragraphs that'll razor label rappers who bite

So I can rip it from their ass to their appetite

You not ready for this y'all, nope

You silly dopes know that I cut your throats like Stacy Lattisaw

Rugged Man


(Cause we was up in the prison, prison, prison

Up in the prison

Rugged Man, what the fuck is going on?

Come on, word bond)

What the fuck?

(Rugged Man, what the fuck?)

What the fuck?

(Akinyele, what the fuck?)

What the fuck?

(Rugged Man, what the fuck?)

Is going on?

(Up in the prison, prison)

What the fuck?

(What the fuck?

What the fuck?

(Up in the prison, prison)

What the fuck is going on?

(Up in the prison, prison)

[Verse 2: R.A. The Rugged Man]

Yo, down with my man Akinyele, rock well east in L.I

I know the spot well, when we die we go to Valhalla, not hell

We vikings, see the way I trill, spit the real shit, don't care about selling

That's how shit is, I don't need shit, remix

Larry Holmes, 81 inches, that's what the reach is

Eat this, lay down, face down, stay down, way down

It's too late now, you ain't safe now

It's getting crowded as Auschwitz

You fuck without shit

How's this on some hillbilly down south shit, acknowledge

Rugged Man always bring the wild shit

I'm sick of big budget videos and shiny outfits


[Verse 3: R.A. The Rugged Man]

Some people hate us, some people love us

See us in the club getting fat bitches' numbers

I'm scared to get tested cause I never wear rubbers

The basics, break it, race kids

See us spray kids, dangerousness, dangerousesses

People too scared to walk where we live

You got beef, I'm at the crib

And I'll be waiting with my shorts off

Sitting on the porch with the sawed off

Blow your balls off, you all soft

[Verse 4: Akinyele]

Guys, you better recognize

I'm one of the illest lyricists that ever exist

So watch your back like Zorro

I take a toll on your ass like the crown Burrough

Fuck it, I'm thorough

Niggas better face the facts or get smacked

In the face with the gat

I turned pretty boys into Craig Mack's

Sometime it be's like that

The name Akinyele remains a true remaining fact


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