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Watcha Wanna Do
Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne
Tha Block Is Hot
Watcha Wanna Do
Nigga, huh?
Nigga, what?

I'm shootin', flee
Pollutin' you and your niggas, betta run from me
Comin' through in a strap... with a 223
You be losin' your life when you caught up... in beef
What? Nigga nigga, shiiiit!
Now, I'm ridin', ride
With a K on my side
50 shots flyin', fly
Nigga, you want beef with I?
I hope you lyin', but why?
In the middle of tha night, I be fatigued, camouflagin' by
Huh? Nigga, what? Takin' me for a joke, and watch me hurt cha
Boys there, they be commercial... I beat 'em 'til they purple
I'm a lil' bitty nigga, but I got a big ole chop, 2's that'll kill 50 niggas
Didja do it? Thought it was cool?
But cha still in it, nigga
Your so ugly with your boys, but I'm still pretty, nigga
Lil' Wayne representin'
I cut like blades, I bust heads, and break legs
I tear up dreads, take our breads, now go figure
What? From tha 17th, I back down from no nigga
Had me four deep in four cars on your block with four triggas
Man... ya'll niggas ain't up for this!!
Ya'll hatin' on me, you can suck my dick!
Didn't I tell ya ta chill?
Guerrilla, you can play if you want
Find yourself in tha back-a my trunk
Ho, feminine punk!

Now, nigga, what?! Huh?! (What?!)
Nigga, watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, huh?! What?! What?!
Watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, I say what?! Huh?! Huh?!
Watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, huh?! What?! What?!
Watcha wanna do?!

Now I be Wayne Wayne Wayne... from CMB
50 shots, flame flame flame... from artillery
Bullets, they stain stain stain... burn like rubber on tha streets
(Screech!) If you can't hang, find your way from 'round me
Lil' soldier in all black off-a A.N.E.
I pullin' ego, my nigga, so ain't no playin' me
Yeah, I may be... a lil' small and all that
But I'm 'bout war, totin' a gat, flippin' a car and all that
Now freeze! Me and my g's hitchyour hood like fleas
Soldier rag, black 'Bauds, white T's, and Ree's
Please, tell me that you was fulla weed
When you said you want beef
'Cause I don't think nonna ya'll famileez wan' see ya'll bleed
I know what tha hell it be
Ya'll niggas don't listen up when we speak
I be ten-deep
Lettin' 223's chop trees
(?) told me not ta be weak, and let a nigga play me
So he... who take tha biggest bite, lose all-a his teeth
Hook up wit Juve, Turk, and B.G.
Open niggas like ki'
G... I bet some g's, boy, can't wet a HB
Or Steve's... CMB's make tha scene off tha heez
All ya'll beef-b's be seized when we ride... g's!

Nigga, what! Huh! What!
Watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, what, nigga, what?! Nigga, huh?!
Watcha wanna do?!
I say what! Huh! What!
Watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, what! Huh?!
Nigga, watcha wanna do?!

Look, dog... you can be stupid if want, watch, it be war
Or all you drive tha car, I hit tha block and.. cut 'em off
Whole nation gon' fall... when Wayne spins tha cut
Guns up, nigga, what!... I clutch and bust
Niggas duck and hide... when.. I.. ride
I load tha forty-five, and explode on your side
My niggas, Mike and Mario, they got some 2's for me
And I spin a nigga ben until he use ta me
I'm on a 3000-dollar duck.. on your block, just waitin'
Nonna dem niggas could take me, I was too in-tox-i-cat-ed
But, nigga, if you want war with me, besta be 'bout your issue
Hit your set with.. my nigga with them things ta split cha
Picture a lil' nigga dressed in black... with a big ole gun
In front'chyour house, shootin', 'baahhh!!!'.. hollerin' out, 'Nigga,

Nigga, what! Huh! What?!
Watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, what! Huh! What?!
Watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, I say huh?! What?!
Nigga, watcha wanna do?!
Have me in all black, bustin' back at your crew!
Now I say, what! Huh! What?!
Watcha wanna do?!
I say, huh?! What?!
Nigga, watcha wanna do?!
Nigga, what?! Huh?!
Nigga, watcha wanna do?!
Have me in all black, bustin' at your crew!
What! What! What!
Huh?! Huh?!
Nigga nigga nigga, what ch'all want?
Nigga, what ch'all niggas wan' do?
Nigga, what?!... Huh?!... Huh?!

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Pharell]   Smoke Sumthin' (Remix)   Smokin Section   Snap Your Fingaz   Snitch   So Dedicated   So Gone   So Good   So Over You   So Sophisticated   So Special   Some Say   Someone To Love Me   Someone To Love Me (Naked Remix)   Something You Forgot   Somthing You Forgot   Soo Woo   Soo Woop   Sorry 4 The Wait   Sorry For The Wait   South Muzik   Southside   Space Jam   Spit   Spit From The Heart   Spitter   Sportscenter   Staring at the World   Start a Fire   Start This Shit Off Right   Started   Stay Schemin'   Steady Mobbin'   Still Got That Rock   Still I Rise   Strage Clouds   Strange Clouds   Street Chains   Street Life   Stunt Hard   Stunt When I See You   Stuntin   Stuntin Like my Daddy   Stuntin'   Stupid (Remix) (feat. Playaz Circle Young Jeezy)   Su Woo   Successful   Sucker For Pain   Sure Thing   Sure Thing (Freestyle)   Sure Thing Freestyle   Swag Surf   Swag Surfin   Swag Surfin'   Swagger From Us   Swagger Like Us   Sweat   Sweet Dreams   Swizzy (Remix)   Swizzy(Remix)   Tailor Made   Take It Slow   Take Kare   Talk 2 Me   Talk That   Talk To The Pillow   Talkin About It   Talkin' About It   Tap Out   Tapout   Tha Block Is Hot   Tha Blues   Tha Carter IV   Tha Heat   Tha Mobb   Thank You   That Ain't Me   That Ain\u2019t Me   That Aint Me   That Was Easy   That's All I Have   That's Not Love   That's Not Luv   That's What Niggas Do   That's What Niggas Do [feat. 2Pac]   That's What They Call   That's What We Do   That’s Not Luv   Thats What They Call   The American Dream   The Archetypal Rock Sound (ft Gudda Gudda)   The Bad Side   The Bandits   The Bandits [feat. Lloyd]   The Carter 3 (Intro)   The Flower Song   The Fourth Of July   The Game My Life   The Heat   The Hills   The Martian   The Motto   The Only Reason   The Other Side   The Price Is Wrong   The Real Her   The Wager (Outro)   The Way She Walks   They Still Like Me   Thinkin About You   Thinkin bout yu   Thinking Bout You   Thinking Of U   Thinking To Myself [feat. Young Money]   This Is Tha Carter   This Is The Carter   This Is The Carter - (with Mannie Fresh)   This Is The Carter Ft. Mannie Fresh   This What I Call Her   Throw It Back   Throw It In The Bag   Throw It In The Bag (Remix)   Throw It In The Bag Remix   Throwed Off   Throwed Off (Freestyle)   Throwed Off Freestyle   Thug Cry   Tie My Hands   Tiggerman   Time For Us To Fuck   Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up   Told Y'all   Too Young   Top Back   Top Back Freestyle   Transformer   Trap House   Triggaman   Trigger Finger   Triggerman   Trippy   Tropical Thunder   Trouble   Troublemaker   Try Me   Tunechi's Back   Tunechi's Back   Turn Off   Turn On The Lights   Turn On the Lights (Remix)   Turning Me On (Remix)   Two Shots   Typa Of Way   Typa Way   U Aint Got Nothin   Unstoppable   Unstoppable (Remix)   UOENO   Up To Me   Up Up & Away   Up Up And Away   Upgrade   Upgrade You   Uptown   Used To   Vans Blow   Vans Freestyle   Waist Of A Wasp   Walk   Walk In   Walk It Off   Walk It Out   Walk Out   Want This Forever   Warrior   Wasted   Watch My Shoes   Watch Them People   Watch Them People (Intro)   Watever   Way Im Ballin   Way Of Life (F. Big Tymers)   Wayne Convos   Wayne Down On Me   Wayne On Me   Waynes World   We Alright   We Back Soon   We Be Steady Mobbin   We Be Steady Mobbin (Feat. Gucci Mane)   We Be Steady Mobbin''   We Come And See About It   We Don't   We Don't - (with Baby)   We Don't Ft. Baby   We Gon' Get Paid   We Like Her To   We Outchea   We Ready Freestyle   We Takin Over (Remix)   Weezy Baby   Welcome 2 My Hood Remix   Welcome Back   Welcome To My Hood   Welcome To My Hood (Remix)   Welcome To The Concrete Jungle   Wetter   Wezzy Baby Baby Baby   What Does Life Mean To Me   What Else Is There To Do   What He Does   What U Kno   What We Need   What's Wrong With Them   What\u2019s Wrong With Them   Whatcha Wanna Do   When I Sleep   When They Come For Me   Where It At   Where The Cash At   Where Ya At   Where you at   Whip It   White Girl   Who Wanna   Whoever You Like   Wish You Would   With Me   With You   With You (Feat Drake)   Without You   Words Of Advice   Workin em   World Of Fantasy   Worry Me   Wowzers   Y U Mad   Y.U. Mad   Yao Ming   Yeah   Yes   YM Banger   YM Salute   You Ain't Got Nothing On Me   You Ain't Got Nuthin   You Ain't Got Nuthin'   You Ain't Know   You Aint Got Nothin On Me   You And I   You Guessed It   You Know What   You Love Me, You Hate Me   You Song   You The Shit   You Want War   Young Money   Young Money World   Young Playa   Young'n Blues   Yuck!   Zoo   Zoom Freestle

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