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Ultra Blue

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Lyrics by Thrice

  A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds   A Song For Milly Michaelson   A Subtle Dagger   Abolition of Man   All Eyes   All That's Left   All The World Is Mad   Answered   Anthology   As The Crow Flies   As the Ruin Falls   At The Last   Atlantic   Backdraft   Bad Things To Such Good People   Beggars   Better Days   Between the End and Where We Lie   Black Honey   Blame It On Cain   Blinded   Blood Clots And Black Holes   Blood on the Sand   Blur   Broken Lungs   Burn the Fleet   Call It in the Air   Carol Of The Bells   Cataracts   Child of Dust   Circles   Cold Cash and Colder Hearts   Come All You Weary   Creep   Daedalus   Deadbolt   Deadbolt [*][Multimedia Track]   Death From Above   Digging My Own Grave   Digital Sea   Disarmed   Don't Tell and We Won't Ask   Doublespeak   Eclipse   Eclipse \/ Motion Isn't Meaning   Eleanor Rigby   Firebreather   Flags of Dawn   Folk   For Miles   For Miles [Live]   Freedom   Genie In A Bottle   Great Exchange   Happy Christmas War Is Over   Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)   Happy Xmas (War Is Over)   Helter Skelter (Beatles cover)   Hold Fast Hope   Hoods on Peregrine   Hurricane   I've Just Seen A Face   Identity Crisis   Image of the Invisible   In Exile   In Years To Come   In Your Hands   Kill Me Quickly   Kings Upon The Main   Like Moths To Flame   Listen Through Me   Lockdown   Lockstep   Lost Continent   Lullaby   Madman   Melting Point of Wax   Motion Isn't Meaning   Motion Without Meaning   Motion Without Meaning [*]   Motion Without Meaning [#]   Moving Mountains   Music Box   Night Diving   Night Diving [Instrumental]   Of Dust And Nations   Of Dust and Nations [Live]   Oh! Darling   Opaque   Open Water   Paper Tigers   Phoenix Ignition   Promises   Radio Radio   Radio, Radio   Red Sky   Red Sky [Live]   Red Telephone   Round Here   Salt And Shadow   Second Sight   Secret Of The Easy Yoke   See You In The Shallows   Seeing Red \/ Screaming At A Wall   Seeing Red/Screaming at a Wall   Send Me An Angel   Silhouette   Silver Wings   Silver Wings (Acoustic version)   Silver Wings (Live version)   So Strange I Remember You   So Strange I Remember You (Bootleg from PNC Arts C...   Stand And Feel Your Worth   Star at the Sun   Stare at the Sun   Stare at the Sun [#]   Stare at the Sun [Acoustic]   Stay With Me   Talking Through Glass   That Hideous Strength   The Arsonist   The Beltsville Crucible   The Earth Isn't Humming   The Earth Will Shake   The Flame Deluge   The Great Exchange   The Lion and the Wolf   The Messenger   The Sky Is Falling   The Weight   The Weight of Glory   The Whaler   To Awake And Avenge The Dead   To Awake and Avenge the Dead [*]   To What End   Torch to End All Torches   Treading Paper   Trust   Under A Killing Moon   Under a Killing Moon [Live]   Under Par   Unquestioned Answers   Wake Up   Weary Saints   Weight   Weight Of Glory   Where Idols Once Stood   Wood and Wire   Words In The Water   Yellow Belly

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