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U Would If U Could

I had thought I heard u laughin', talkin' trash

Bitch, whats happenin'? Start shit but don't take it

Pull it out, put it on your ass

Some of y'all niggaz still got the game fucked up this year

But I ain't gonna have it

Tryna talk about another mother fucker on a record

And the bitch ain't got no cabbage

Hopin' somebody can tell me whats wrong with this picture

Don't think you can put out what ever you want

And I ain't gonna come back in the bitch and come getcha

I'mma find out where ya hang at

Where ya old lady live and what time you be there

Go scope out ya ride

Follow ya to work and bring that heat

Duck and woo from this fuckin' fool

Monkey see, monkey do

Nigga so you can't be the man right chea too

There's none after this not another livin' M.C. as hazardous

And as talented and handsome, ghetto fabulous

Keep em off my back whenever they comin' I bring that double

In a minute y'all niggaz don't show no love its gonna be trouble

These niggaz here get ya name bent

Washed up anybody y'all sent

Gotta watch these niggaz, they get outta line

Gotta put 'em in they place every time they nut up

Gotta stop 'em from spreadin' them lies

Bust 'em in they mouth and make em shut up

Get up, come here never seen me cut up, you must not be from here

Im four and none here

Don't have me to bring up the shit I've done here

Reach blazin' temperatures

So please come with ya sun gear

Whoop the sleeves off of mutherfuckers that try to run in here

Serious look on my face and a boot in my mouth and balled up fists

These niggaz don't want my trouble

But its too late for 'em, gotta accept this shit

Tryna like me

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

Tryna be like me

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

You wanna do what I do?

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

You wanna take my style?

You would, if you could nigga

You would, but you can't, so u ain't

From the moment that I slid in the door

They know I'm back 'cause you can hear it in the floor

But after I rap bitches ain't feelin' it no more

Wanna talk that shit, better know what to come with

If you jump in the water

Then ya ass better throw up before I start ballin'

And if you ever fuck with what I be recording

I'm ma flush you down the toilet

And if you ever come at me wrong with a mike

I'mma throw you in the gutter

I cant be scared these niggaz

And they disrespect me 'cause I'm from New Orleans

We don't play that shit

When these niggaz and they really want me to get started

Make it painful I don't think so

I be bustin' till I can't

Thats what I where that tank for

Hittin' with the speed of Roy Jones Jr.

And the strength of iron Mike Tyson

Triflin, exciting, well precise

And I gotta let 'em know that I still been right

You talk on me strong

Just 'cause I'm rich don't mean that it don t sound hungry

Count if you wanna

Hope you think 'cause you little I won't jump on ya

You better remember that

When you be droppin' that bullshit

You lucky I'm in a good mood right now

But I'm lettin' you know how it could get

If I was the preacher

Y'all niggaz would run when I step off the pulpit

If I was you I'd leave me alone

'Cause bitch I ain't nothin' to fool with

But if it is on ya mind

You got somethin' to prove, then go head and do it

I get so vivid, I wouldn't be able to make a better picture if I could

You understand my platinum then fuck up my raps, semi tracks

No matter whether kickin' a verse or smokin' a sack

I'll fuck over you, yea

I'm makin' a habit of hurtin' they head and busting' they ass

Fuckin' they woman and takin' they spotlight, makin' 'em mad

Tryna like me

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

Tryna be like me

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

You wanna do what I do?

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

You wanna take my style?

You would, if you could nigga

You would, but you can't, so u ain't

Tryna sound like me

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

Tryna be like me

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

You wanna do what I do?

You would, if you could nigga

You would, if you could nigga

You wanna take my style?

You would, if you could nigga

You would, but you can't, so u ain't

You would, if you could

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