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Turbulence (remix)
Del The Funky Homosapien

I envision turbulence and murder since it's an everyday occurrence

It's 3030, yo, I get my hands dirty

They think they the pure breed, medically insured weed

Fuck the system, non-conformist humans

Walk around because of their ordinance, just ornaments

Super-thugs use computer bugs, all ignoramuses

Reduced to savage half-beasts off a crack piece

Not me, I'm shit-faced, which way but loose

In a hovercraft, not no bubble-bath, turbo-boost

Fuck Earth, I want to live on Mars so I'm closer to the stars

And farther away from dumb civilization with no mental stimulation

They changed the constitution for your red white and blue friends

Exterminate nuisance, no one listens to what you said

The online is touching your head

With brainwashing, with propaganda about your fearless leader

Who got two hundred bodyguards so you can't touch him either

Bodies disappear, obviously of fear

Lobbyists can't get near shit

Everybody's spirits are under control

Computers run with the soul

Elitists defeat us, they live by the beaches

Bubbledome over the hemisphere, so you can't enter here

We live in the dumps with mutant rodents

With blood red eyes, saliva drips for opponents

Scratch your ID chip off 'cause everybody own it

I envision turbulence and murder since it's an everyday occurrence (3x)

They only teach high-tech in private portables

That float above commoners, they'd soon as bomb it first

Advanced safety features, from contact with creatures

Who either slave their lives away in outdated factories

Or may be bounty hunters in a land of apathy

I'm Butch Cassidy, style wild, uncontained

I steal computer disk files, drink water from drains

Metal detectors check ya, with reflectors in every sector

While I drink electric nectar

No one believes inspectors and spooks

They just lecture the youth about having respect and couth

Toward the US, and you guessed it

The rest get imprisoned or incisions in their medulla

No president, we have a ruler

You are to be inside by 9 o'clock or we will shoot ya

Missile launchers haunt ya in your nightmares

It ain't quite fair, little tykes ain't prepared

They've got your wife naked bare in the subway

For some thug play, neo-punks with cerebral pumps

For enhanced recognition of politicians and witches

Senior citizens are disposed against their wishes

Aliens landed and said our planet wasn't worth invadin

'cause all the natural resources are fadin

I envision turbulence and murder since it's an everyday occurrence (3x)


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Lyrics by Del The Funky Homosapien

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