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Tonite - DJ Quik
DJ Quik

Here we go

Yo, a day in the life of a player named Quik

I'm just a stubborn kind of fellow with a head like a brick

And just because I drink the 8, they say that I'm hopeless

But I don't give a fuck, so blame it on the loc-est

Now this is how we do it when we checkin a grip

Teddy Bear's in the house, so don't even trip

We're bustin funky compositions as smooth as a prism

So check it while I kick it to this funky ass rhythm

It's Friday morning, the phone is ringin off the hook *brrrrrring*

And AMG is puttin down girl rhymes in his notebook

Or should I say dope sack, because we don't bust wack *brrrrrring*

I pick up the phone and it's the D (whassup nigga?)

He said he's comin down at about two on the dot

So I'm about to rush the tub while my water's still hot

And now I'm soakin, a brother like the devestatin DJ Quik ain't jokin

Fuck with me on DSP and you'll get broken

My name is Quik, but you can call me Daddy

Yo open up the door, they think I'm Freak Man in a Caddy

Now Freaky's in an El doggin shabbies in at Alco

And everybody's sippin on a quart (here we go)

D just came with a forty and a quart

In addition to the three that Greedy just brought

But I don't wanna start early, so I just might

Put my forty in the freezer cause I wanna get bent *tonite

Tonight's the nite (yeah) *tonite*

Tonight is the nite *tonite*

Tonight's the nite (yo when we gon get bent) *tonite*

Tonight is the nite (aww yeah)

And now I'm out of the tub up in a fancy freak

Spray on some serious and put on my Girbaud jeans

Sweatsuit, the gray one with the burgundy trim

And it's a medium, fit me proper cause I'm nice and slim

Five thirty on the clock and the sun is steadily sinkin

And I am steadily thinkin about the 8 that I'll be drinkin

You know I ain't ashamed and you know I ain't bashful

So go on and pop the forty so I can pour me a glassful

Ham is in the bedroom rollin up a stencil

Fatter than a pinky and the length of a pencil

Freakie lit it up and hit it one two three

Shabby took a hit and then they pass it to me

It's the bomb

Yo I can feel my senses Get numb

Yo fuck the forty ounce I need some rum

I'm chillin like a villain Here I come

And that's how I'm livin

Tonight is the nite and I'm lookin real sporty

Proper Friday evening and I'm ready to party

Crusher came in with a handful of snaps

Fuck it, let's shoot some craps

(Yo what they in fo') A fin or a half

(Yo shoot that ten nigga) Don't make me laugh

Hi-C want a dove and he think that shit is funny

But I'm seven and eleven and I'm takin niggaz money *tonite*

Tonight's the nite (yeah watch me fuck the hoe) *tonite*

Tonight is the nite (passin naturals on motherfuckers) *tonite*

Tonight's the nite (yo, I'm unfadable) *tonite*

Tonight is the nite (ahh let's break it down, so I can get funky)

Ahh yeah

Givin em somethin they can roll on, hold on

Wake up Saturday morning and I got a headache

I can't believe that I'm sick from all the shit that I drank

*Last nite* Soon as I felt it comin on

I should quit, it's true that a drunk ain't shit

To the man up above, the whole thanks I give

I'll never drink again if you just let me live

Mike P spoke to me and I said I couldn't call it

Call it Earl like a mother while I'm grippin the toilet

I need a 7-Up, because my head is spinnin

Round and round I think I better sit down

My homey Shot is alright, but I'm feeling faint

I guess he's used to it, but a nigga like Quik ain't

K is on the phone, and Teddy's at the door

Some fine ass bitches comin over at four

(I thought you ain't drinkin no more) Yeah right

Because as soon as they come, we doin the same ol shit *tonite*

Tonight's the nite (yeah) *tonite*

Tonight is the nite (straight gettin fucked up, heyyy) *tonite*

Tonight's the nite (fuck that pass me that pina colada) *tonite*

(Man I don't wanna fade that 8 Ball no mo)

Tonight is the nite (that shit be fuckin a nigga up) *tonite*

Tonight's the nite (ahh yeah nothin but a party and I'm kickin it)

(What's up Pete and Greg) *tonite*

Tonight is the nite (how you livin?) *tonite*

Tonight's the nite (hey somebody get that nigga a Genuine Draft)

(Yeah) *tonite*

Tonight is the nite (and on that motherfuckin note, I'm outta here)

(See-ya) *tonite*











We out (what about peace?) Fuck peace nigga, give me another brew

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