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Tonight I'm Coming Through (the Border)
The Doobie Brothers

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Lyrics by The Doobie Brothers

  45th Floor   A Brighter Day   Angels Of Madness   Beehive State   Black Water   Can't Let It Get Away   Can't Stand To Lose   Chateau   China Grove   Chinatown   Cotton Mouth   Dangerous   Dedicate This Heart   Dependin' on You   Disciple   Don't Be Afraid   Don't Say Goodbye   Don't Start Me Talkin'   Don't Start Me to Talkin'   Don't Stop To Watch The Wheels   Double Dealin' Four Flusher   Drift Away   Far From Home   Feelin' Down Farther   For Someone Special   Gates Of Eden   Greenwood Creek   Growin' A Little Each Day   Here to Love You   I Been Workin' on You   I Can Read Your Mind   I Know We Won   Is Love Enough   It Keeps You Runnin'   It Won't Be Right   Jericho   Jesus is Just Alright   Just in Time   Keep This Train a - Rollin'   Keep This Train A-Rollin'   Law Dogs   Leave My Heartache Behind   Listen To The Music   Little Darling   Little Darling (I Need You) [*]   Little Prayer   Livin' on The Fault Line   Long Train Running   Loosin' End   Losin' End   Mamaloi   Music Man   My Baby   Neal's Fandango   New York Dream   No Stoppin' Us Now   Nothin' but a Heartache   Old Juarez   One By One   One Chain   One Chain (don't Make No Prison)   Ordinary Man   People Gotta Love Again   Pursuit on 53rd Street   Real Love [*]   Rockin' Down The Highway   Rocking Horse   Rollin' On   Running On Empty   Showdown   Slat Key Soquel Rag   Slow Burn   South City Midnight Lady   South City Midnight Lady [DVD]   South of The Border   Steamer Lane [DVD][Instrumental]   Steamer Lane [Instrumental]   Sweet Feelin'   Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me) [DVD]   Takin' It To The Streets   Tell Me What You Want (and I'll Give You What You ...   Texas Lullaby   Thank You Love   The Master   There's A Light   This Train I'm On   Time is Here & Gone   Travelin' Man   Turn It Loose   What A Fool Believes   What a Fool Believes [Album Version]   World Gone Crazy   Wrong Number   You Belong To Me   You Just Can't Stop It   You Never Change   You're Made That Way   Young Man's Game

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