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Thunder In the Air
Terror Squad

[Intro - Prospect Park]


What up man, this yo boy Prospect right here man

T-Squad BX you know what it is man

It's been a long time man

Y'all niggaz think this shit is easy

Niggaz struggle for this shit right here man

Listen to this man

[Prospect Park]

Aye yo, they got me poisoned like ivy

Y'all been waiting for them boys to come try me

Quick on the draw, fast on the finger like Mike Lowrey

Niggaz funny, first they get your numbers

Then want to shout you

See you getting money

Now they want the guns to come out you

Well you see we all be having dreams about them cars and floors

With some of ? ? marry you, the call is yours

I was determined

My niggaz out will burn and chew you

Spit you out, like a shot from a German luger

Now who want it, test my peoples I'll blast the boy

Pull out them twin desert eagles, like I'm Pastor Troy

Man I've been through some rough winters

And plush like four summers

But I've made it over them rough roads like old hummers

Look I'm a, made man crook

Now see me in ?

But I'mma go this way and write rhymes in your Shakespeare book

Niggaz be scared to death, I can see in the face they shook

And they ain't want give me a shot, I had to make them look

It's Prosp'


(It's the upcoming success. Definition Of Prospect)

Yo mom, your baby boy became a man

(It's the upcoming success. Definition Of Prospect)

I'd rather die with them guns in my hands

(It's the upcoming success. Definition Of Prospect)

I move with no fear, the BX up in here

(It's the upcoming success. Definition Of Prospect)

And though I'm storming, there's thunder in the air

[Prospect Park]

Aye yo, they say the ? for this music I was cutting my classes

Stood up late night, a stanky nigga bustin my ass

Now my memory cake, and y'all niggaz cake is telling ain't me shitty

Y'all stressing misdemeanors, man I catch a felony quickly

Shit I deserved what I got

And yo them forms they be copyin

You tried to swerve in my spot

Go earn a war on your block

I just came to lay my name down, I work a hard shift

Show my talents to the world and expose my god gift

I was grown with hard end, many obstacles and fights

But I learned to heal my scars, like them doctors doing life

Keep it moving, cruising

Doing like a hundred and sixty

And I ain't stopping till them motherfucking cops come and get me

I survived my community

Took my opportunity

To get money and y'all mad cause I'm doing me (cut it out man)

I'm going south and I'm fishing

Stop that mouthing and bitching

Put your money on the table, I'll put you out of commission


[Prospect Park]

Big Pun whattup

My lil Brother Dee yeah

Uh huh
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