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Thug Life
Snoop Dogg


Why is there suddenly a nigga trippin' when I do it?

Why do everybody else gon' have a war, have beef

Within the music, talkin' about differences and it's ok

It's music it's hip-hop it's groundbreaking

When I do it, it's war

[Verse 1: West West Cuh]

In the city watch how I'm getting head with it

She do it with no hands and I be ghost whippin'

Oops I think I meant ghost riding

When I get that vet watch how she let me slide in

In that pussy and you know I'm the livest

Introduced known to beat it up no crime man

And I might leave your bae crying

I'm so stressed out man all the homies fall in

And if she let me hit, the homies all can

And they get if I'm eating it's only one [?]

Cause I'mma be as hungry as the last man

A young [?] but I'm the nigga with the damn plan

I keep it G like a crip in the '80s

And then I beat your ass like a nigga in slavery

They say they're trying to help me but it sound like hate to me

A young nigga, but I'm wise like Dr. King

On my own shit, get your own [?]

Niggas think they gettin' handouts cause we damn friends

Nigga put that spoon down better use your hands

Better get that grind right before you life ends

And I ain't never had no love for a fake friend

Or a fuck nigga, better duck nigga

Better hope one of them things don't get stuck in ya

(Bbbbla) good luck nigga

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]

Slip this with the crip stick

Getting any nigga with the slick shit

In a room full of misfits

Plug it in get that thing yea my shit bitch

Get bread like bisquick

You're a soft ass nigga with a face full of lipstick

Let me show you how a crip dip

Get ships and flips and take low trips

I sipps that shit ain't talking 'bout lean

Down to Mississippi and New Orleans

Word is a motherfucka, let me verb that

Snoop Dogg is a hog, yea I heard that

You deserve that swerve that 'lac

Make it bang lets go bring that back

I blew they brain, nephew yea do that thang

[Verse 3: Spanky Danky]

Living life in the maze it's amazing

So high I can levitate it's crazy

I feel like I'm the nigga in the matrix

I'm sipping codine I feel like I'mma patient

I stay dosed down off a medical blunt this ain't new

Cop a [?] I blow it with lil Snoop

Blowing smoke out the roof hoes know we the truth

Get the bitch loose than I make her do what it do

Put the hole on the crew word to [Mc Duce?]

I'm chopping real game, other niggas is goose

When I pass by the bitch she gon' know we the truth

[He?] gang green and we're devoted to you

We brought base in your face for proof

The realest nigga out yo give me the juice

[Verse 4: West West Cuh]

They never hate a nigga when he spittin' the truth

I gotta keep it real gotta stick to my roots

Tu-Tune in you know my slang

Me and my niggas doing our thing and we all gon' win

Fucking these models and fucking they friends

Got more hoes than Snoop and prince

Pimpin' nigga, look at my hands

Gold rings on my fingers

Young nigga and I'm hella dangerous

Like a lethal injection, ballers on it

Yea that's me section, getting money

Yea that's the only objection

[?] everywhere so I see my reflections

West West, hold it down for Texas

Yellow diamonds on my necklace

Pretty bitches getting naked

Young nigga living reckless

Like 21 guns for protection

[Verse 5: Spanky Danky]

Been done with that fast life

So it was on to the thug life

Ain't no bet, but I could never love my wife

Like I love my life I never love ya twice

I fell in love one night still lost in the days in a major way

I be blazed for days, like Johnny

Mobbing in the [?] lane it's my hobby

We savvy, real nigga say savvy

Looking for them bitches take them at a track meet

Deep dig bandit she run into my canyon

Dappin' blowing like a candle

[?] whippin' in the valley

Real og I'm nothing like my daddy

Few kids on the way I'm happy

Raw dog, and I'm learning with a passion

Ohh, didn't y'all go to school

I'm reachin' and preachin' and teachin' to you

All in my business I'm feeling like Snoop

But I'm more like Pac learn a life lesson but I might get shot

I'm spreading the message that's all that I got

We pray for progression and stick to the plot

I'm feeling like yoda my knowledge is hot


I see myself changing the world

Because my thoughts are so opposite of the norm

So I will have to change the world

Or I will have to be changed by the world

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Double G   Snoop D.o.double G   Snoop DO Double G   Snoop Dogg   Snoop Dogg (What's My Name, Pt. 2)   Snoop Dogg (What's My Name, Pt2)   Snoop Dogg (What's My Name?, Pt. 2)   Snoop Dogg (What's My Name?, Pt. 2) [DVD][Live]   Snoop Dogg (What's My Name?, Pt.2) [DVD]   Snoop Dogg Gangsta Love featuring The Drea   Snoop Dogg Here Comes The King is Snoop Lion featu...   Snoop Dogg Is Out   Snoop Dogg Millionaire   Snoop St. Ide's Promo   Snoop World   Snoop World - Master P   Snoopafella   Snoops Upside Ya Head   Snoops Upside Ya Head (Soopafly Remix)   So Gangsta   So Low   So Low"(feat. Kokane, Lil' Mo   So Many Pros   Soldier Story (Intro)   Somethin Bout Yo Bidness   Somethin Bout Yo Bidness"(feat. Raphael Saadiq   Somethings Neva Change   Speaker   Special   Stacey Adams   Stacey Adams"(feat. Kokane   Staxxx In My Jeans   Step Ya Game Up   Step Yo Game Up   Sticky Fingers   Sticky Fingers"(feat. Kokane, Ric Rock   Still a 'G' Thang   Still a 'G' Thang [DVD]   Still a 'G' Thang [DVD][Live]   Still a G Thang   Still a G Thang - Snoop Dogg   Still a G Thang [DVD]   Stoner's Anthem   Stoner\u2019s Anthem   Stoplight   Story to Tell [Instrumental]   Stranded on Death Row   Suited N Booted   Sumthin Like This Night   Sumthing Like This Night   Super Crip   Super Crip [Explicit]   Supercrip   Superman   Sweat   Sweat (David Guetta Remix)   Sweat (Remix) (vs. David Guetta)   Sweat (Snoop Dogg Vs. David Guetta Remix)   Take It Back to '85   Take U Home   Take Yo Panties Off   Take Your Time   Talent Show   Talkin Loud   Ten Toes Down   Ten Toes Down [Explicit]   Tha Dogg In Me   Tha Doggfather   Tha Eastsidaz   Tha G in Deee   Tha Mac Bible   Tha Mac Ten Commandments   Tha Shiznit   Tha Shiznit [DVD]   Tha Shiznit [DVD][Live]   Thangs We Do   That   That Girl   That Girl [Hot]   That Good   That Tree   That's My Work   That's Tha Homie   That's That   That's That S***   That's That S*** [Clean]   That's That Shit   That's That Shit [Explicit]   That's The Shit   That's What This Dicc Will Do   That\u2019s My Work   That’s Tha Homie   That’s Tha Homie   The Bidness   The Bidness   The Broadus Boyz   The Cure   The Day The Niggaz Took Over   The Donque Song   The Fatha Figure   The Good Good   The Message   The Next Episode   The One and Only   The Root Of All Evil   The Shiznit   The Way Life Used to Be   The Weed Iz Mine   There Comes a Time   These Hoes Aint Loyal DPG   Think About It   Think About It [Clean]   Think I Love You   This City   This Weed Iz Mine   This Weed Iz Minee   Those Gurlz   Tired Of Running   Tommy Boy   Too Black   Too High (Poly High)   Toot It Boot It G-Mix   Top Down   Top Down (feat. October)   Torn Apart   Toyz n da Hood   Traffic Jam   Tru Tank Dogs   Tru Tank Dogs"(feat. Mystikal   True Lies   True Lies (Featuring Kokane)   True Lies"(feat. KoKane   Trust Me   Trust Me"(feat. Suga Free, Sylk E. Fine   Tune in to Doggy's Station   Twas The Night Before Xmas   Two or More   U Betta Recognize   U Betta Recognize (Pump Pump Intro)   U Betta Recognize (Pump Pump Intro)"(feat. Sam Sne...   U Better Recognize   U Dont Know Me Like Dat   Up Jump Tha Boogie   Up Jump Tha Boogie"(feat. Kurupt, Charlie Wilson, ...   Ups & Downs   Ups & Downs   Upside Down   Upside Down   Vapors   Vapors [DVD]   Vato   Vato [Album Version]   Vato [Explicit]   Vibe   W - Balls   W Balls   W-Balls (Tha Shiznit Intro)   Wake UP   Wanna Rock   Wanted Dead or Alive   Wanted Dead or Alive (Gangsta Party)   Wasn't Your Fault   Waste Of Time   Way I Am   WBALLZ   We be Puttin it Down   We Be Puttin' It Down!   We Just Wanna Party   We just wanna party with you   We Made It In Paris   We Rest In Cali   We Rest N Cali   We Want The Funk   We?ll Miss U   Weed N Wax   Weed Wars   Weekend Lovers   Welcome 2 Tha House - Nate Dogg   Welcome To The Majors   Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach   Wet   Wet (Single)   Wet G-Mix   Wet Remix   WFTV Millionaire (Freestyle)   Wha Cha Gon Do?   What a Job   What a Job [Screwed & Chopped]   What Cha Gon Do?   What Cha Gon Do?"(feat. Master P   What If   What We Do   What Would U Do   What Would You Do   What's My Name   What's My Name [LP Version]   What's the Difference   What's Ya Point   What\u2019s Your Pleasure   What’s The Difference   Whatcha Gon Do?   Whateva U Do   When I Grow Up   When Was Jesus Born?   Which One Of You   Which One Of You [Clean]   Whipping   White Boyz   Who Am I   Who Am I (What's My Name?) [REMIX]   Who Am I (What's My Name)   Who Am I (What's My Name) [DVD]   Who Am I (What's My Name)?   Who Am I (What's My Name)? [DVD]   Who Am I?   Who Am I? (What's My Name?)   Who Am I? (What's My Name?) (feat. Dr. Dre and Jew...   Who Am I? (What's My Name?) [DVD]   Who Got Some Gangsta Shit?   Who I Am (What's My Name) [DVD]   Why Did You Leave Me   Wiggle   Wild Thing   Winning (feat. Charlie Sheen)   With You   Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and Bruno Mars feature in ...   Wonder What It Do   Woof!   Woof!"(feat. Fiend, Mystikal   World Class   Wrong Idea   Wrong Idea [DVD]   Wrong Idea [DVD][Live]   Wrong Idea"(feat. Bad Azz / Kokane / Lil HD   Y'all Gone Miss Me   Y'all Gone Miss Me"(feat. KoKane   Yo' Sassy Ways   You & You   You and Your Friends [*]   You Betta Ask Somebody   You Betta Ask Somebody (Gz And Hustlas Intro)   You Can Put It In a Zag, I'mma Put It In a Blunt   You Got Nerve   You Got What I Eat   You Got What I Want   You Got What I Want (Featuring Ludacris & Uncle Ch...   You Got What I Want"(feat. Goldie Loc, Ludacris, C...   You Got What I Want(Ft. Ludacris,Goldie Loc, & Unc...   You Never Know   You Thought   You Thought"(feat. Too $hort, Soopafly   You're Gonna Luv Me   Young Wild & Free   Young, Wild & Free   Young, Wild And Free   Young, Wild, and Free   Your Sexy Sex

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