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The Soul Receiver
Old Man's Child

- Felonies Of The Christian Art

Lyrics by Galder

Death in it's purest form

Welcome to the sacrificed world

Those beneath the holy ground

Buried in the dirt of the mortal's sin

Just like a dream in mysterious splendour

Cross the line to dimensional glory

Absorb the light of heaven's messenger

Arise and feel the sensation of monotony

As you grow old and reluctant to fall

Believing a lie of immortality

Life as you know it, soon you shall crawl

Beg for your soul and your sanity

Ignorance, devotion for God

Educated in the art of fraud

Imprinted in minds, they all want more

Let's engage in the art of war

With all means infiltrate and destroy

Make the weaklings suffer

Kill the traitors kill them all at once

Summon the beast and crush'em

- Agony Of Fallen Grace

Lyrics by Galder

Spread the words no time to dwell

Stop denying your inner self

Forced into a religious cell

The agony of fallen grace

At once, come forth

Deny the facts of life

Destroy their gods

And blame it on the weak

Several miles of death's formation

They march towards his grace

To the cliffs and the abyss of the damned

The loss of man, and fall of God

And now you will die

While suffering from within

The aspire to rule

Will faint away with you

We come for you

With the devil's assent

Creeping up from behind

Tearing you down

- Black Seeds On Virgin Soil

Lyrics by Galder

Trapped in a fire that burns in my soul

Like parasites infesting my skin

Screaming for vengeance, and vengeance is mine

With my faith I will prevail

Chained to times of despair

As the end is close and my demons are here

Craving for my inner thoughts

As I die, I'm losing myself

For blood I hunger, possessed by the dark

No remorse, I'll tear your flesh apart

Through my veins the poison runs cold

As you die your faith is left untold

Preachers of life, opposing the dark side

Deceived from the birth

Mission of lies, betrayed from the inside

Seeds of the unfertile earth

Wounds so deep, come heal my soul

Come predict, what has been foretold

- In Defiance Of Existence

Lyrics by Galder

Wake up to another day in solitude

Awaken from a trance of despair

Fear of the animal within

Unleashed from emotions buried deep

Forced into the human age

Despite denial of life

Devoured and concealed

In flesh of mortal breed

Captives in dungeons of the flourishing society

Weakened by thoughts and mentally seduced

Redeem me my burden my father I await thee

Come fulfill my call

Summon the force

Make the others bleed

Let them drown in blood

The trail of tears

Follow the path and conquer

In agony they will die

- Sacrifice Of Vengeance

Lyrics by Galder

Suffer the weak, enhance the strong

Unite the tribes of the fallen troops

Guide the blind lead them towards

The path of war and the martyr's hands

Blood shall spill and the ancient shall feast

Upon the throne of the angel beast

Poison seed shall grow beneath

The ruins of the christian beliefs

In heroic killings children will die

Enchant the world with seduction and lies

Pave the way for the sinner

And make them scream

Empty faces staring through bars

Trapped in faith, illusion that scars

Human hybrid, fake and impure

Seduce the crippled, and we shall endure

I will overcome, as you will be extinct

We shall ravage the poor

Raping your gods

And we shall lust for more

- The Soul Receiver

Lyrics by Galder

I surrender my soul

To the dark and the old

I break free his delusions I crave

I'm waiting on those who release me my grave

Visions bright as the dawn

His wishes enlighten me making me strong

The ancient ones call me upon

He whispers my name, come join us my son

Father, come alter my virtual sense

Release me I'm caught between the mortal's fence

Evolution set free, humans are proud

Erase me my past, come liberate my soul

To a world where my enemies will fall

I'll rejoice, as my spirit is complete

Unmask me my ghosts, my future is yours

... All yours

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Lyrics by Old Man's Child

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