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The Grain"(feat. RZA
Ghostface Killah



The Grain(feat. RZA


Do you wanna see it?

Do you wanna see it?

I'm gonna do it for ya

I'm gonna do it for ya

I'm gonna do it for ya

I'm gonna do it for ya

New Ghostface!

[Ghostface Killah]

Yo deep in the trenches

Wig, young black green beret

Chrome laser guns blazing at spades

Wallabies, cherry noose, kool-aid

10 niggas call it Tai-Chi

Black blades, one hundred dollar seats

Hold up, we at the opera

Queen Elizabeth rub on my leg

Had ketchup on her dress from a whopper

Chunky ass necklace

Must be her birthstone

John Paul cop the biggest stones outta Rome

Told ya eyes up on her prince

Fucking with Diana

Two rows across, Dirty giving hickeys to Vianna White

Fingering Pamela Lee

We on the balcony

Dare one of ya'll to Malcolm X me

Somebody might catch a Kennedy

Yo let me adjust my lens

Through these binoculars

I paid 5 g's sliding off like Kid Vitamin


Patriot of Broad Street

Bet you think I'm laying like a hyphen


Tony Starks make the narc's dogs bark

With the Benz parked

Up against the boulevard

Starks had the bone sparked

One cop tapped the window glass

Like a cymbal crash,

What the fuck son! You trying to break glass?

He flashed his badge,

License and registrations

At that moment

His fat partner started chasin'

Chicken heads they was racing wit' they hearts pacin'

For snatching gold

Trying' to dip into the god's basement

Our location

Lead steel shed spread

Cracked shorty head

Left sweetie there for dead

Ghetto poodles

Fingers sticky from cheese doodles

Starving' for a 50 cent bag of Oodles and Noodles

Neighborhood sick wit' it

Clinton 'bout to cut WIC

Maybe one ya'll rich rap niggas need to politic

Reach for the sky

They throw bleach in your eye

Don't teach you why

You be keeping 'em high

Dipped like an Oreo cookie

In cold milk, bold silk

Gold-filled cap, Wu wear hat,

Low tilt

True Islamic

We speak verbal rhyme phonics

Why ya'll trying to change this hip hop to technotronics?


Don't go against the grain (the grain)

Don't go against the grain (the grain)

Don't go against the grain (the grain)




Because of you I'm hurting

Within my within my heart

I know it's not right to be flirting

But a relationship has to start

You're the one that I'm clocking

It's time for you to start jocking

Don't want you to see me cry

This is why this is why this is why


I met this girl named Rhonda from way down yonder


Hey yo god don't fuck with her!


I met this girl named Liz she was all in the biz


Hey yo lord don't fuck with her!


I rocked a hoe named Tina from the heart of Medina


Hey yo kid don't fuck with her!


Yea that girl Kit Kat she got the good poodle cat


Hey yo nigga you better fuck with her!

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