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The Blue Stare
A New Found Glory

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Lyrics by A New Found Glory

  (Everything I Do) I Do It for You   (Everything I do) I do it for You   [Hidden Track #1]   [Hidden Track #2]   2's & 3's   2's and 3's   3rd and long   47   A New Found Glory - Dressed To Kill   A New Found Glory - Sincerely Me   All About Her   All About Her   All Down Hill From Here   All Down Hill From Here   All Downhill From Here   Anniversary   Anniversary   Anthem For The Unwanted   At Least I'm Known For Something   Back That Thing Up(punk cover)   Ballad for the lost Romantics   Ballad for the lost Romantics   Belated   Belated   Better off Dead   Better off Dead   Black and Blue   Black and Blue   Blitzkrieg Bop   Blue Stare   Boulders   Boy Crazy   Boy Crazy   Broken Sound   Build Me Up Buttercup   Caught In The Act   Certain   Certain   Come Back Bon Jovi   Coming Home   Congratulations Smack & Katy   Connect The Dots   Connected   Constant Static   Crazy For You   Cut The Tension   Dig My Own Grave   Don't You Forget About Me   Doubt Full   Dressed to Kill   Dressed to Kill   Drill It In My Brain   Dumped   Ending In Tragedy   Everything I Do I Do It For U   Ex-Miss   Ex-Miss   Eye Sore   Eyesore   Eyesore   Eyesore(Acoustic)   Failure's Not Flattering   Faithfully   Familiar Landscapes   For The World   Forget Everything   Forget Everything   Forget My Name   Forget My Name   Ghostbusters   Ghostbusters   Golden   Goodbye Song   Goonies 'R' Good Enough   Goonies 'R' Good Enough   Head On Collision   Head On Collison   Head On Collison   Head Over Heels   Heartless At Best   Heaven   Heaven Isn't Too Far Away   Here We Go   Hidden Track   Hidden Track 1 (in album Catalyst)   Hit or Miss   Hit Or Miss   Hold My Hand   Hungry Eyes   I Do It For You   I Don't Wanna Know   I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing   I Don't Want to Miss a Thing   I Don't Want To Miss A Thing   I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing   I Want It That Way   I'd Kill To Fall Asleep   Intro   Intro (Catalyst )   Intro (New Found Glory Album)   Iris   It Ain't Me Babe   It never snows in Florida   It's Been A Summer   It's Been A Summer   It's Not Your Fault   J.B.   J'y Suis Jamais Allé   Jb   JB   Joga   Kiss Me   Listen To Your Friends   Love And Pain   Love Fool   Lovefool   Make It Right   Make Your Move   Making Plans   Map Of Your Body   Memories and Battle Scars   My Friends Over You   My Friends Over You   My Heart Will Go On   My Solution   My Solution   Never Ending Story   Never Ending Story   Never Ending Story Theme   Never Ending Story Theme Song   Never Give Up   Never Give Up   Never Snows In Florida   Never Sometimes   Never sometimes   No News Is Good News   No Reason Why   On My Mind   Over Again   Over Me   Over The Head, Below The Knees   Oxygen   Passing Time   Passing time   Radio Adelaide   Radiosurgery   Ready, Aim, Fire!   Reasons   Right Where We Left Off   Sadness   Scraped Knees   Scraped Knees   Second to Last   Second to Last   Separate Beds   Shadow   Shadow   Sincerely Me   Sincerely Me   Singled Out   Singled Out   Situations   So Happy Together   So Happy Together(punk cover)   So Many Ways   So Many Ways   Something I Call Personality   Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Son Of A Gun   Sonny   Sonny   Standstill   Standstill   Stay   Stay (I Missed You)   Such A Mess   Sucker   Sucker   Taken Back By You   Tangled Up   Tell tale heart   Tell tale heart   Tennessee   That Thing You Do   That Thing You Do   That Thing You Do!   That Winter Of '95   The Blue Stare   The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open ...   The Friendship Song   The Glory of Love   The Glory of Love   The goodbye song   The goodbye song   The Goonies 'R' Good Enough   The Goonies R Good Enough   The Great Houdini   The Great Houdini   The King Of Wishful Thinking   The Minute I Met You   The Minute I Met You   The Promise   The Story So Far   The Story So Far   The Toothpick Song   The winter of 95   The winter of 95   This Disaster   This Disaster   Time After Time   Time After Time   Tip Of The Iceberg   Too Good To Be   Trainwreck   Truck Stop Blues   Truth Of My Youth   Understatement   Understatement   Uptown Girl   Vegas   When I Die   Whiskey Rose   Whiskey Rose   Who Am I   Who I Am   Winter Of '95   You've Got A Friend In Pennsylvania   You've got a friend in Pennsylvania   Your Biggest Mistake

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