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T.H.U.G. (True Hero Under God)

24/7, I'm in trouble for nothing

To the laws on the topic, of they daily discussion

Blood pumping and rushing, I gotta struggle to survive

I be rapping but I can do with a nine to five

Long as it be legal, I be willin' to try

All I need is a pair of wings, I be willing to fly

Trying to get a piece of the pie and ain't I taking I work for it

I be doing right, but I'm being punished on earth for it

What else can I do, to make it on this scene?

Seem like whatever I do, will get me up in prison

Never see me on the corner, never caught me with crack

Got a dream of leaving the ghetto and ain't coming back

Homicide detectives trying to threaten me with some time

Only thing I ever murdered, was college ruled lines

It's a patent punishment, in America's design

Arrested and incarcerated for other peoples crimes, it's so amazing

Oh, sometime, one time, stereotype me

Jewelry, jewelry and gold teeth

They swear, swear, I've got to be running drugs

But I am just a, just a man

Trying to stay Satan free

Through hell is where they're taking me

I swore, so amazing, to be a thug

A true, true hero under God's sight, from above

Everyday, everyday I see my people in poverty

And when I say my people, I mean everybody I see

And no discrimination, on Caucasian or Asian

Or Mexican, Samoan, lesbians or the gay men

Everybody got a day to die and they won't miss it

Better be ready for company when death come visit

Man, I wish Adam and Eve, wouldn't been in the garden

Now, the devil swinging at me, got me weaving and bobbing

Homies are being murdered by lieutenants to sergeants

Like weez, we uprooted just as soon we harvest

Searching for sunshines, suffocated by darkness

Looking for Gods, in the God's heavenly fortress

They tell me when I make it, there'll be no more pain

Ain't gotta be nervous, about somebody knowing your name

Everybody is your family, it's love around you

Even on earth, God is your upper when people down you so amazing

Am I cursed, while on this earth

'Cause I can't find, better days

But still, I give the Lord praise

Even though, though, these pirates request my blood

But I am just a, just a man, tryin' to, tryin' to stay Satan free

Through hell is where they're taking me

I swore, it's so amazing, to be a thug

A true, true hero under God's sight, from above

The weight of, weight of my stress is like a fifty ton boulder

Making my head heavy, can't be lifted by my shoulders

No wonder why my head down, I be thinking too hard

And be smoking like a tail pipe and drinking too hard

I decided to give it up and give it to God

Instead of living in the world, I'ma live in the Lord

Gave up cussing this time while I'm spitting my bars

With a vision of me in prison that vision is fraud

Investigators cookin', cookin' the case, cookin' too hard

I know they know, I didn't do it 'cause they looking for Claude

Nobody hollin' at me, got me feeling like an outlaw

Had a case against a brother but I broke it apart

No weapon formed against me shall prosper, if it's written

Even though machetes be cutting and guns be spitting

I got a Satan proof vest on, stopping the devil head on

With Jesus I'ma stop him but that's some'ing you can bet on, amazing

Oh, sometime, one, one time, stereotype me

The jewelry and gold teeth

Swear, swear, I've got to be running drugs

But I am just a, just a man, trying to stay Satan free

Through hell is where they're taking me

I swore, it's so amazing, to be a thug

A true, true hero under God's sight, from above
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