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Super Lyrical"(feat. Black Thought
Big Punisher



Super Lyrical(feat. Black Thought


Ay-yo my murderous rap verbal attack is actual fact

Tactical tracks match perfectly with graphical stats

Half a you lack the magical dap of tragical rap

That tackles you back and shackles and laughs at you

That's...the mathematical madness I'm on, the savage, the strong

The marriage, a bond of havoc and song

This massacre's on as if Picasso laced you

There's lotsa hateful skeletons locked

in the closet of my castle of Grayskull

I'm possum at grade school, that's why I have to debate you

My raps are like Capel, slashin' your face, you

That's how a master degrades you

I'm battlin' Jesus (hay-soos) if he passes through my label

I'm snatchin' his halo

God I pray that you send my father back as an angel

Language is fatal and it's hypnotizin'

I'm only emphasizin', I'm still all about business and enterprisin'

I'm super lyrical, a brain boosts the chemicals

That's used contenicals inside of my mental projectable

[CHORUS] -- Lyrically I'm supposed to represent (Biggie)

Niggaz'll tell you that I'm nice with the

blah, blah, blah (Canibus)

Lyrically I'm...[scratches]...I'm supposed to represent


Black Thought the super lyricist, your arch-nemesis

Still with the Punisher, that's my accomplice

Stressin' to emcees how they don't really want this

Electrifying shit his excellency Thought spit

These cats they sentimental such with a gentle touch

Dancin' double dutch and all sayin' nothin' much

My sound wave liftin' your chin up like uppercuts

New found ways of rippin' shit up, I de-ve-lop

Your squad chest swell up, still you're mini-ay-ture to me

Nature-ally I bring the extremity

Musically intense with the globe in suspense

Contemplatin' where the world traveler been since

The Roots bless you with a strong record, long like a epic

Immerse you in some 'ol next shit, ill poetic

Thought from Illadelph somethin' like nothin' else

My talk stomp like elephants upon every elf, cause...what...

[CHORUS] -- Lyrically I'm supposed to represent

Niggaz'll tell you that I'm nice with the blah, blah, blah

Lyrically I'm supposed to represent

You will lose...I must break you [Ivan Drago from Rocky]

Lyrically I'm supposed to represent

Niggaz'll tell you that I'm nice with the blah, blah, blah

Lyrically I'm-I'm-I'm...[scratches]...

I'm supposed to represent


Ay-yo peace Roots east coast niggaz reppin' the streets most

With heat, toast, and keep close more Phillies than Pete Rose

These dos, niggaz that'll lift ya mentals

Lyrics'll twist your temples into pretzels

like the Triumph instrumental


My instrumental's the Renaissance, no resem-ba-lance

To nothin' you come across, lyrical holocaust

The crowd pleaser emcees freeze then catch seizure

They praise the Lord of rap thesis, true believers


Just call me Baby Jesus cuz lady niggaz be praisin' me

Just for the way I blaze to be crazily, tape to CD lasery

It pays to be amazingly flavery

Daaaaze 'em to my rhymes that basically hypnotize you occasionally


Occasionally as I focus on my next opus

The way it's all fucked up and emcees is hopeless

I leave your head wrecked as I erect scultpures

My thought's just a fortress, approach this ferocious up-closeness

[Chorus] -- Lyrically I'm supposed to represent

Niggaz'll tell you that I'm nice with the blah, blah, blah

Lyrically I'm-I'm-I'm...[scratches]...

I'm supposed to represent

Lyrically...It's suicide!

Lyrically...You've seen him, you know how strong he is!

Lyrically...You can't win!

Lyrically...It's suicide!

Lyrically...You've seen him, you know how strong he is!

Lyrically...You can't win!

Lyrically...You can't win!

Lyrically...You will lose...

Lyrically...I must break you...

Ly-ly-ly-lyrically [scratches]...

[fades out]

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