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Still Ain't Forgave Myself


[T. I. Talking:] Still ain't forgave myself.. Damn

It's a lotta fucked up shit that go down man..

You don't even know the half..


Man I been in and outta trouble since an adolescents

Spoiled rotten, dead fresh, wit no daddy present

I got two uncles, Quint and Man and they keep me straight

7 and 8, I'm countin money while they movin weight

My daddy send me clothes and always tell me come and see him

I say aiight but still I feelin like my momma need him

They sendin letters home from school, nobody read mines

And plus my uncles, doin 10 years F. E. D. Time

Then I started rebellin, began crack sellin

Tha littlest thang on the corner wit a Mac 11

After school I hear my momma holla homework

I say aiight ma, but look I got my own work

Started interactin wit fiends at the age of 13

Now my momma findin rocks in my socks, glocks in my toy box

Like damn, why do trouble come to me like this

But on the real, it ain't even have to be like this (fuck)


Mistakes made on this road to wealth

I still ain't forgave myself

Ay, what I am today

I made myself but I still ain't forgave myself

For runnin to the grave getting closer to death

I still ain't forgave my self

For anyone who ever wondered how I felt

I still ain't forgave myself

[Verse 2:]

At 14 man, thought I knew everything

I'm slangin slabs, trappin hard, movin heavy Cain

I bought an '85 cutlass on some dane-a-danes

Now I'm the shit, huh, the motor blew in 30 days

Hardheaded man I ain't listen to anything

I'm getting money so, I'm right and I got plenty game

Besides why I need school, Im'ma be rappin momma

If that don't work, then I guess Im'ma be trappin momma

But hey I promise Im'ma make it cause I'm damn good

Im'ma get us out this hood and off these can goods

School just a white man game, and it's ran good

At 16, here's my introduction to manhood

Blue lights behind me, damn what I'm gonna do

Cause I got 2 pounds of weed and a 3. 80 too

I guess everything'll be aiight if I just keep it cool

How ya doin officer, what ya mean why I ain't in school

Can you search the car?? Yea but, I rather that you didn't

Besides it's just a waste of yo time cause ain't nutthin in it

[Laugh] I guess that's when I seen, that I ain't know shit

When stuck in a place wit freedom I ain't gone get.. (Damn!)


Mistakes made on this road to wealth

I still ain't forgave myself

Ay, what I am today, I made myself

But I still ain't forgave myself

Guess these the chances ya take, when dealt the cards I was dealt

But I still ain't forgave myself

For anyone who ever wondered how I felt

I still ain't forgave myself

[Verse 3:]

Outta all the niggaz I was wit when I was doin wrong

3 in the fed, 1 doin life, and 2 dead and gone

Knew there was more to life than sellin blow and chopper bustin

But what's the good in knowin' better if I ain't tell 'em nutthin

I knew I coulda told Cap not to kill shawty

Put down the gun, get in the car let 'em live shawty

You'll probably get locked up, and I'll probably have a deal shawty

Naw, I ain't scared, I'm just telling ya like it is shawty

Coulda told Endae, Quint, and Kern, man ya covers blow

Leave that country town alone, yall needa come back home

Bankhead and J-Rue, I just feel like if I was wit 'em

They woulda never got killed that night if I was 'em

Seem like I coulda done mo', said mo'

Why all my partners gotta be dead or in the fed fo'??

All the time, I just wish that yall could ball wit me

Sometimes at night I close my eyes, and dream that yall wit me (damn.)


And even though they say I can't blame myself

I still ain't forgave myself

For all the mistakes made on this road to wealth

I still ain't forgave myself

What I am today, I made myself

But I still ain't forgave myself

For anybody who ever wondered how I felt

I still ain't forgave myself

And yea they say I can't blame myself

But I still ain't forgave myself

For the mistakes made on this road to wealth

I still ain't forgave myself

Guess this the chance that you take, when dealt the cards I was dealt

But I still ain't forgave myself

For anybody who ever wondered how I felt

I still ain't forgave myself (Ain't Forgave myself)


Yea, for anybody who ever wondered how I felt

Anybody who ever wondered what's wrong wit me, here it is..

3 16's of what's in the heart of T. I. P.

This song is dedicated to everybody who ain't here wit me

Cap, damn.. You fucked up shawty, but when you get out

If I live to see it, it's gone be on again ya know what I'm sayin

And we ain't gotta worry bout goin to jail shawty we legit now

Ya know what I'm sayin.. Cern, Quint, Endae, yall gone get out man

And when you do I'll be there shawty.. Always

Bankhead, J-rue, I'm sorry man, some shit I can't change

When I get up there, we gone ball again, open the gates shawty let me in..

We gone ball. J-Rue man I know money ain't worth a friend shawty..

I fucked up bad man.. I still ain't forgave myself

My momma, sorry I ain't graduate but

Hell we rich now it don't matter. My uncles shit,

It don't matter either.. Yall back.

Well hell.. My Lil' boy (music stops)

You betta not do the same shit I did

Or Im'ma whoop yo muthafuckin ass..

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