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Splah Waterfalls (Edited)

Splash Waterfalls Lyrics


Oh, oh, oh, say it


Make love to me


Oh, oh, oh, wut?




Oh, oh, oh, say it


Make love to me


Oh, oh, oh, wut?


F*** me



Im bout to throw some game, they both wantin tha same

Cupidz tha one to blame, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

Im bout to shed some light, 'cause each and every night

You've got to do it right, wut? (Girl) F***me



They want it nice and slow, kiss them from head to toe

Relax and let it go, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

They want it now and fast, grabbin and smackin ass

You gotta make it lazt, wut? (Girl) F*** Me

Together holdin handz, you out there spendin grandz

And makin family planz, say it (Girl) Make love to me

Don't have to straighten factz, don't want no stringz attached

Juzt scratchez on yo back, wut? (Girl) F***me

Ex'z aint actin right, and you so glad to fight

Dinnerz by candlelight, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

She got a nigga whipped, down to your fingertipz

Tryin that freaky shit, wut? (Girl) ToF***me

Turn on some baby face, Juzt for your lady'z sake

You call her baby cakez, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

Know how to mack a broad, she'z on your sack and ballz

You call her jabber jawz, wut? (Girl) Touch me



You bout to buy a ring, she wantz tha finer thangz

Gucci designer framez, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

Purchaze a nazty flick, wrap up and tie her quick

Know how to drive a stick, wut? (Girl) Touch me

You both unite az one, you tha moon and she'z your sun

Your heart'z a beatin drum, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

You better not have came, she wanna feel tha pain

Then hear her scream ya name, wut? (Girl) touch me

Follow thiz dictionary, you both some vizionariez

And doin missionariez, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

I hear him call tha wild, and do it all tha while

Doggy and froggy style, wut? (Girl) touch me

You in-between tha sheetz, lickin and eatin sweetz

And wutchu find you keep, say it (Girl) Make love to me

You do it standin up, orgasimz hand em up

Yall juzt don't give a f**k, wut? (Girl) Touch me



You wanna tell tha world, that she'z your favorite girl

Your diamond and your pearl, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

Nobody haz to know, juzt keep it on tha low

And leave em righted fo, wut? (Girl) touch me

Nothin but fightz and fussin, pluz there'z a lot of cussin

Juzt grab a hold of somethin, say it, (Girl) Make love to me

Yall do that bad stuff, she like it rammed up

Ropez and handcuffz, wut? (Girl)Touch me


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