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Spin The Bottle W\/insane Clown Posse


Man fuck that shit man..


Man whats up wit this bitch man she better come suck my dick or somthing..



Who's Going Next?

I'm dying to see.

Spin the bottle baby and give it to me.


It's Pauly baby Pauly,

With nipple lickin' love,

Sportin' cowboy boots,

And a florescent glove,

I lasso you up and then I jump on your back,

I I I needs no saddle I just sit on my nutsack.


(Shaggy 2 Dope)

It's stretch nuts up the back,

And I'm fit to get this ho,

Bottle still spinnin',

And my sack about to blow,

Up in my pencil chippin',

Bitch stop the frontin',

Let's skip the game,

And get on to humpin'.



It's me Jamie Madrox creator of dreams,

I tap and touch and tickle till' you melt like ice cream,

I know you want my body,

Fat kids are so sexy,

Take off all your clothes,

Come over here and get next to me,



(Violent J)

It's Violent J baby,

The wizard of the streets,

Sportin' your panties,

Just to show you imma freak,

I slide in your bed for a cotton surprise,

You got,

clown make-up smeared,

on your inner thighs.

Give it to me (Repeats)


Man who's the bottle pointin' on?

Somebody better suck my dick in this mutha fucka,

I ain't playin' no more.


(Monoxide Child)

You can call me the plumber, 'cause I snake your drain

But buttermilk lovenugget, that be the name

I swings to the left, 'cause I'm swift with my meat

and I tickle, twisty, nippy nipples off....damn



Spin number 2, and my chances looking good

Already hit one neden, now I'm going for her friend

It don't make a difference, I really don't care

The size or the shape, as long as she gots neden hair


(Jamie Madrox)

All I heard was BANG BANG BANG, no I ain't tripping

Pink fun so wet that my thang was slippin'

But quicker than I bat my eyes, she replied

I could get better traction, if I hit it from the side

Now baby...bitch, lemme get some neden

I'm trying to leave this nut stain on your momma bed


(Violent J)

Its me again J!!!

I would love to turn you out

But, I think I'll pass, 'cause your shit is blew out

Just hold your shit together, or something, baby yo

Or maybe you can let me holla at your booty hole

Give it to me (Repeats through Madrox until Chorus) 8X

(Jamie Madrox)

Man, u goin suck Violent J's dick

Lick Shaggy's Balls

Fuck Monoxide

(Chorus through Madrox) 4X

and you can't even touch my butt?

Bitch, I'll choke your ass

Mothafucka, how many times do I not get some?

I ain't get no love in this mothafucka

Hey look, touch my butt

Touch my butt right now

I'ma pull it out

You betta touch my shit

Don't fuck with me girl, I know where you live

Touch my butt

Touch my ass right now

Look its on you....ooh ooh its touching you

Touch my ass

Girl, you betta touch my ass

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