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Shit Talkers
Del The Funky Homosapien

Hey whassup man, this is D-E-L once again

I'm here to tell you a little story about this motherfucker

who keep runnin his big ass mouth

You don't know me, motherfucker

Shut your ass up, 'fore I slap the lips off your motherfuckin face

Man, you got a big ass mouth!

You know what?


Fools is hella talkative, saying how I walk and live

Always trying to start the kid, wishin that we all can give

a small interview, just a subterfuge

Wanna hook up with you so they can say 'whatchu do'

Get your own life, live your own legacy

Why you wanna spread my rees, talking 'bout my girls pregnancy

Professor, I guess you never learned your lesson

When you saw me out drinkin at the bar,

you said I was sexin this other ho

Chuck D, what a brother know

about my beeswax, runnin off with your feedback

Who I smoked weed with? Who I smoked crack with? (false)

How I sexed every girl you know without no prophylactic

Fool, I'll be in the house and that's it

On the rap tip or studyin, unlike you

You quite new, no game

I understand you a youngster, wanna be hustler

Undercover buster

Can't believe I trusted ya - but that goes to show

how fools fold getting jelly off the dough, yo!

[Del's imitation]

Del's rich Del's bitch got zero, cause Del's a hero,

Del's a weirdo because he do heroin


Ain't got no idea where Teren's been

I should take it to pugilism so

I can fuse your vision with some realness

Instead of these fake phony stories you be glorifyin

Don't you know that many more are dyin?

From the fatal disease, called runnin them choppers

in front of females, or on front of the coppers

You only do this shit cause you be wanting your propers

Somebody's gonna get steamed and run up and pop ya

You exercise your choppers really, choo choo choo

You exercise your choppers off some brand new news

Your molars bite, your canines tear, whether it's false or true

You exercise your choppers like some gossipin fool

You know what?

You get your little notices from bumpin your gums

When you should be concentratin on lumpin your sums

Got to show your little ass when company comes

Cause We From The Crew That You Wanna Be From

You get your little notices from bumpin your gums

When you should be concentratin on lumpin your sums

Got to show your little ass when company comes

Cause We From The Crew That You Wanna Be From!



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