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She's Not Me - Pt. 1
Zara Larsson

She doesn't love you like I do

She doesn't have my name

However she tries to act like it

She'll never be the same

But she's new and she's beautiful

You've never been in a fight

Yeah it's awfully perfect now

But you just know deep inside

She's not me

She's not me

She's not me


She's not me

Does she make you feel wanted like I did

Make you feel like you're the one thing that matters

You let her head rest on your chest

But when you close your eyes

You'll be seeing my face again

I'll be crossing your mind

You'll be dreaming of places we went

And then you'll wake up to find

That she's not me

She's not me

She's not me


That she's not me, eh

Mmh, ooh, yeah

She's not me

She's not me

Said I wonder now

Yeah I wonder how you've been

Are you happy?

Is she still the one?

Are you having fun?

Is it for real?


'Cause I'll be waiting here

Another week, or month or year

If you're lonely

God I wish I knew everything

About the two of you

Won't you tell me

Does she have any humor?

Does she laugh at your jokes?

Can she look past the rumors?

Does she know how it goes?

Eh, or is it none of my business?

Do you go to the movies?

Do you make out in the park?

Do you stay up for hours?

And just talk and talk?

Eh, or is it none of my business?

Does she know bout the bracelets?

There were two of a kind

Did you save did you save it?

Like I did mine

Eh, or is it none of my business?

Would it make any difference

If I got you alone?

If I called would you listen?

Would you hang up the phone?

Eh, or is it none of my business? (oh, ah, oh, ah, eh)

None of my business (oh, ah, oh, ah, eh)

Is it none of my business? (oh, ah, oh, ah, eh)

None of my business (oh, ah, oh, ah, eh)

Is it none of my business? (oh, ah, oh, ah, eh)

She's not me and she'll never be, never be, never be

She's not me and she'll never be, never be, never be

She's not me and she'll never be, never be, never be

She's not me and she'll never be, never be, never be

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Lyrics by Zara Larsson

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