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Round 1 (gucci Mane Vs Jeezy)
Gucci Mane


Ay man check this shit out,
This just for da record man,
The nigga young jeezy, the nigga fakin' man
That nigga is not a thug man,
That nigga's a wanksta, I mean gangsta
Actor, I mean rapper
NBC, I mean CTE
Fuck them Niggaz


The dope game hard,
The rap game easy,
This is round 1 of Gucci Man vs jeezy,
Gucci Mane vs jeezy,
This is round 1 of Gucci Man vs....(x 2)

verse 1:
The east Atlanta boss,
Dirty south like Slim Thuga,
Jeezy couldn't make a hit with a Louisville slugga,
slapped Coach K, pissed on Slick pulla, Punch Kinky B dead in his dick sucka,
Poppin' on the radio,
Boy thats a bitch there,
Ridin round with HB, smokin' on the cheap junk,
Played you on a verse, cause i know you was a big crab,
Main lil wheels in the hood for a 50 slap,
Did investigations, now I know ya background,
Heard you from Hawkinsville,
30 miles from Mac Town,
Think u got a buzz cause u known at strokerz?
Got 3 Deals but tha nigga still local,

The dope game hard,
The rap game easy,
This is round 1 of Gucci Man vs jeezy,
Gucci Mane vs jeezy,
This is round 1 of Gucci Man vs....(x 2)

Yous a perfect example of what a crab is,
Choppa hit ya make ya scream out ya adlibs, yeeeaahhhh
Let's get it, Gucci voice on it then the hood gon' feel it
(x 2)
Verse 2:
That 645 he leasin' it,
In Icy video wearin cheesy shit,
3 cents off a album what jeezy gets,
Put a dress on nigga, you meech's bitch,
You a thug imposta,
You deserve an Oscar,
Album aint hot Def Jam finna drop ya,
Hangin round the Ball Park,
Claimin' you from boulevard,
Old ass ferrari... you bought that shit from Pull-A-Part,
Nuttin to lose,
Nuttin to prove,
Might as well Beef with ya.. nothin betta to do,
Think ya on cause ya probably sold a bird or 2?
Outside 285 no one has heard of you

Black Magic:
You can check my glock work, pussy u aint got dese,
Mak 11's, A.K's, Carbon 15's,
I got some lil niggaz shootin, only 16,
They don't ask questions,
They just shoot till the clip clean,
Now let me tell yall somethin quick,
That fat nigga he dissed,
Fuck around and say the word,
His ass is 6 foot 6,
And ima treat his ass just like a bitch,
So all that text message bangin aint the trade of a crip,
I got the hundred round clip, with the mack 10 under my treanch coat,
If i don't find jeezy,
I can always catch coach,
Poppin all that shit, spreadin he say, she say,
Gon' earn u a gangsta in ya grill like ya DJ,
My whole team RD, flags on the leftside,
Gucci got the east,
Black Mag on the westside,
You Def Jammin' with that fat limp nigga,
Ya both a.s.s so u belong with jigga....

The dope game hard,
The rap game easy,
This is round 1 of Gucci Man vs jeezy,
Gucci Mane vs jeezy,
This is round 1 of Gucci Man vs....(x 2)

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Chief Keef)   Tore Up   Tragedy   Translation   Trap Back   Trap Boomin   Trap Girl   Trap God Trap God   Trap Goddess (Outro)   Trap Goin Crazy   Trap Gurl   Trap House   Trap House   Trap House 3   Trap House Bunkin   Trap Money (Remix)   Trap Money Remix   Trap Numbers   Trap On Wheels   Trap On Wheels (Ft. Young Scoot Scooter)   Trap Star   Trap Starz   Trap Talk   Traphouse 3   Trick Or Treat   Trick Or Treat (Mixtape)   Trouble   Truth   Truth (Young Jeezy Diss)   Turn Around   Turn Back Time   Turntup   Twitter That   Two Dope Boys   Two Thangs   Umm Hmm   Unfreakable Girl   Up & Down   Up My Alley   Uptown Bird Flu   Us Fuck Them (feat. OJ da Juiceman)   Use A Nobody   Use Me   Use Me feat. 2 Chainz   Vampire   Vampire (Feat. Trina)   Vibrator   Virgin   Volume   Wait Your Turn   Waka Flocka Flame   Walk In With Me   Walking Lick   War ft Lil Durk Wit Us (Remix)   War Ready (Remix)   Wasted   Wasted (Remix)   Wasted (Remix) [feat. Lil Wayne, Jadakiss & Birdma...   Wasted [feat. Plies]   Wasted [Instrumental]   Way Ova Here   Way Over Here   Waybach   Waybach [Explicit]   We Cocky   We Go Hard   We Live This   Weekend Boyfriend   Weekend Boyfriend (feat. Waka Flocka)   Weird   Weirdo   Weirdo   What Did You Expect   What I Do   What I'm Talking Bout   What Is You Sayin’   What It Takes   What It's Gonna Be   What They Do   What You Doin   What You Mean (feat. Waka Flocka)   When I Was Water Wippin   When I Was Water Wippin'   Whip Appeal   White Girl   White Girl (I Think I Love Her) Feat. Esther Dean   Whoa (feat. Wicced)   Whole Lot of It (feat. Young Fresh)   Wild Girl   Wish You Was Me   Wish You Would   Without Me   Wonderful   Wop   Woptober Freestyle   Work   Work Ya Wrist   Work Ya Wrist (feat. Yo Gotti)   Worst Enemy   Worth Something (feat. Phil)   Wouldn’t Believe   Yeahhh   Yeahhh (Pop Your Back)   Yella Diamonds   Yellow Diamonds   Yelp   Yesterday   Yorkie   You a Drug   You Da Best (feat. Lil Bee & Young Thug)   You Gon Love Me   You Know What It Is   You the Best   You's A Nobody   Young N****s   Young Nigga   Young Niggas   Young Niggas (feat. Jadakiss, Fetty Wap)   Zone 6

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