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Rolllin (urban Assault Vehicle)



Rolllin (urban Assault Vehicle)

Play the fucking track!

Play that fucking track!!

Oh there it is

Limp bizkit, dmx, redman, method man

That's right y'all

We just keep on rollin baby

Are you ready...

Are you ready...

Are you ready!!!


Move in now move out!

Hands up, now hands down!

Back up! back up!

Tell me what you gonna do now!

Breathe in, now breathe out!

Hands up, now hands down!

Back up! back up!

Tell me what you gonna do now! [c'mon!]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [uh!]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [what!]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [uh!]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin

[fred durst]

Now i know y'all be lovin this shit right here

L i m p bizkit is right here

People in the house put them hands in the air

Cuz if you don't care, than we don't care

See i, aint givin a fuck, quit pressin your luck

Untouchable, branded unfuckable

So keep me in this tape, until you run that mouth

Then i'ma hafta play, and break the fuck out

And then we'll see you slept after one round wit x

And what am i bringin next, just know it's red and meth

So where the fuck you at punk, shut the fuck up

And back the fuck up, while we fuck this track up

Are you ready...

Are you ready...

Are you ready!!!


[method man]

Oh what, y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me?

Check my, dangerous slang atrocious

When i let these nuts hang, focus, it's wu tang

What the fuck's a hootie and the blowfish

I wave my black flag at the roaches

Who approaches, these twin, supersoakers

Who have poisonous darts for culprits

Too late to get your blow gun un-holstered

You're left buttered up and lightly toasted

So what, i drink and smoke too much

So what i cuss too much, *shut the fuck up!*


Yo, yo, now when we roll

You motherfuckers tuck in your gold

Cuz for the platinum, i'm jackin niggas up in limos

It aint nothin, for bullets to unbutton your clothes

Description, yellow male, tissue up in his nose

You bitches, swing the vine on the bathroom nuts

I'm hairy as hell, outta hell and tattoed up

I'm a dog only fuck in the bathroom, what

In high school, i dealt only with the classroom sluts

[method man]

My name is, johnny, donnie, brasco

Tuck the gat low, cut your cash flow

Yell if you want money, funny

A hungry dummy snatch crumbs from me

Doc and hot niks, bodies in the mosh pit


Yo, and i'm the d.o., you lookin at the raw invented

On friday, i spit 35 to 40 minutes

Smell up, the bathroom like craig paul was in it

Endin up, on your back, wu swords up in it

Anyone can match me i crack 'em all to guinness

Fuck how many thugs, players, and ballers in it

Brick city, shaolin, better call us sinners

Boys that'll run up in your wife, maul and spill it

Ppppppp p- p- pow!


Yo we said c'mon!!


[dmx] it just don't get no darker than that kid with the barker

Bald head with the boots who shoots to make it spark

I'm a fair nigga, but aint nann nigga

Quicker than the hand trigga, so if you dare nigga

It'll be like your man tryin to hold your brain to your head

But you'll be shittin on yourslef cuz you already dead

And at the funeral you won't need a casket

Leavin just enough of him to stuff in a basket

Just get the casket, i really need my ass kicked

My mom never let me forget, that i'm a bastard

I aint never been shit, and aint gon' be shit

That's why i taste shit, whenever i see shit

It's just that d shit, d's short for do what i wanna do

And that's what i'm gonna do, right here in front of you

And i'll be runnin you and your man straight up out

And y'all niggas aint runnin a fuckin thing but your mouth

[dmx bark]




You, wanna mess with limp bizkit [yeah]

You can't mess with limp bizkit [why?]

Because we get it on, [when?] every day and every night [oh]

See this platinum thing right here? [uh huh]

Well we doin it all the time [what?]

So you better get some better beats

And uh, get some better rhymes [oooh!]

You really, really, really wanna get shit started

Well people everywhere just get retarded

Get retarded, get retarded, people everywhere just get retarded!


That's right baby!

Watch out punk!

Limp bizkit! dmx! method man! redman!

And swizz beatz!

Where the fuck you at?! [dmx bark]

Bump that shit! bump that shit! bump that shit! bump that shit!

Ruff ryders! punk!

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