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Rican Johnny
Kevin Gates


Murder For Hire

Bread Winner Association

Comission guys are ithere

We got it for the next two summers, nigga

Take her backseat watch this

It's Holiday Season, bitch

Money count don't stop

Foreign cars, bad bitches

Suitcase full of money

(Holiday Season)

Nigga I don't get tired


Money really make me feel like I could be somebody

When I pull up in that Benz, boku freaks surround me

I was born with a plug who am I to lie

You know I let them fly like Puerto Rican Johnny

Money comin' to me ridin' round with duffel bags

Stacks of dirty money wrapped in boku rubber bands

I was born with a plug who am I to lie

You know I let them fly like Puerto Rican Johnny

[Verse 1]

My bitch is Tahoe, this whip came equipped with Moscado my driver be drivin' me a'round

Gunner and Boobie my clique full or shooters look stupid they sendin' them rounds

While I'm in bounds, awkwardly I got an ounce, groupies be followin' me around

Want me the take off the rubbers, you tell me its nothin' you fuck with a few of my rounds

Bitches ain't baggy, but my pants are saggin', this time I go ahead and just turn it backwards

What's up with the clique they like don't fuck with rappers, I'm not into swaggin' but they love my swagger

Your bitch is an animal, fuck from the back and it's somewhat degradin' the way I behave with her

Want me to stick with her, I could just play with her hard enough feelings won't kiss, won't lay with her


Bitch I got paper, to get if I'm broke then I'd probably end up unhappy

I'm a ceramic, pull up on carbon ceramics my bitch didn't deliver a package

The neighbor was snoopin' he threatened to take me to court and you know we look at it like rattin'

Nigga out in front of his home felt like aiming this long, but that shit wasn't even effective


[Verse 2]

Where the benz at, rubber band that

Caught money givin' orders to a bitch, excuse me?

Fynna say orders to your bitch

I ain't really even really wanna argue this shit I got a condo and a crib

And the people that I own it check, now nigga come get it how you live

Put that on the RIP, Rest in Peace to my nigga [?] got a feelin' that I'm on a muthafuckin' [?]

Carve a pussy not at all a pussy, would it bother you or can I call you pussy?

On the phone with a bitch I can off a pussy, I ain't feed her no dick Im'ma starve the pussy

Ball with the balls and my arms in the pause, run a nigga up with his arms in the car

In the car unalarm, in the car withas alarm I was talkin' bout the feds if your offed then your on


I'm in love with the way the money come off of these drugs

My conversations addictive some people might catch 'em a buzz

While you was in jail this nigga was fuckin' your fionce

That bitch gon' love and she gon' kik but she not Beyonce



Niggas playin' with my niggas when they not here

You know you owe some niggas money its gon' sound fair

Treat my nigga like he [?] you a pussy nigga

And don't be rappin' on his name with all you pussy niggas

Ball, welcome to Puerto Rico

Ball, ball, welcome to Puerto Rico

Ball, ball, welcome to Puerto Rico

Ball, ball, welcome to Puerto Rico

You got that in there?

Let me hear that nigga

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Lyrics by Kevin Gates

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