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Realest Rhymin'"(feat. E.S.G., Slim Thug
Lil' Flip



Realest Rhymin'(feat. E.S.G., Slim Thug


Buy the car Buy the house

Pimp the wife Pimp the spouse

Throw the diamonds in her mouth Realest rhyming in the south

Back to back track to track none of yall can get with that

Lil' Flip and Slim Thug always making paper stacks

[Slim Thug]

What I want is what I'm buying thats bottom line I'm getting mine

Bump and pine buy the bimb my fifth recline trunk flying

I hit the strip with E and Flip with the mother ship in the 90 eclipse

Number 1 on the grain I grip got kool-aid left in the drank I sip

My candy drip when I buy a car we dranking when I buy the bar

If I could i'll boxed up cause I feel like running in the double car

Slim Thug is who I are I manaja twas with vcr not only a rapper I'm a

Porno star in a marble spa in panama

Needed a break so I bout my boss

Needed a lake so I bout a house

Needed sex so I bout a spouse

Until this day its my biggest loss

Cause I paid the cost to floss big whip me ESG and Lil' Flip

Gone shine behind our lip any mic(microphone) I grip I rip


Buy the car Buy the house

Pimp the wife Pimp the spouse

Throw the diamonds in her mouth Realest rhyming in the south

Back to Back Track to Track none of yall can get with that

Lil' Flip and Sucka free always making paper stack

[Lil' Flip]

In my mouth diamonds glaring

Wearing nothing but Donna Karen

Riden red turning heads always keep a yellow staring

Buy the house I buy the block

Buy the boat I buy the dock

Sitting sideways at ihop watch the trunk see it go pop

H-town players can't take loss

Playing football like Randy moss

Sippin codeine will clear my cough

Full time playa just like Big Hawk

Make them say ugh like Master P

Do the body like P-A-T

Swang and bang like E.S.G.

G's and ballers like HSE

If I'm chillin with a girl you got to be star

Sippin white cup it got to be the bar

Blue black and red don't touch my car

Screwed up click is who we are

25 lighters like DMD

20 inch rims on GMC

Space age pimping like MJG

Let the world know I'm sucka free

Like botany boys I'm just a g

Living the life of luxary

F-l-i-p is who I be

Hittin the switch scoopy lee

We millionaires and billionaires flying to shows to in rockets

The money you make in a year I got that in my pocket


Buy the car Buy the house

Pimp the wife Pimp the spouse

Throw the diamonds in her mouth Realest rhyming in the south

Back to back track to track none of yall can get with that

Lil' Flip and sucka free always making paper stacks


Like a teacher make a two plus let her know that I'm gon smash her

Heard how you done James Byrd down up in Jasper

Action prison baby its time to kill

E.S.G. and Solo thats ten-thousand x(times) a mill(million)

So wuz da deal all you fake snakes rider real

Better guard your grill and keep your steel nigga get killed on the battle

Field we poppin pill and paying bills make them make steel for the scrill

Then cock my pump back fuck a contract and see if you gone get killed

Sharing his skills on sex appeal how'd it feel get hit with this drill

Catch a pill fucking with the real tell what type of weapon you ain't seal

Cedric Hill I will reveal caught strill from here to Nashville

Flipping good game gripping with grain 84 glass wheel

I don't want no deal I'm a stay independent

I don't want no deal i'll make a mill(million) a minute

Hit the mall and spend it get bended with a top spot sparkle

Black hard to ball regardless as I fall through Neman Markus

They nautios and cautios I go to war on it

Tightest rapper from Houston since the face with the scar on it

Those are the dirty bonnetts opponetts bet buried dead

You should of told that it like its that com back with botany black libray

Red oh scary fed they see the big head I'm made on the last bundle

On a fubu mu goose puna maroo and glass jungle

Thats for my panther and parrots block full of ice and mascara

3 diamond stud young as thug we ain't worried marriage

[Chorus 2x]

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